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by Anura Guruge   

The New
'The Next Pope 2011' book by Anura Guruge

The definitive, no stones left unturned handbook for the next papal election
expanded, updated & revised.

New Chapter 1 and an additional 29 pages on the 2005 sede vacante.


The Next Pope 2011 by Anura Guruge


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Table of Contents (ToC), shown above, and Preamble & Notes as a 6 page PDF. Click here.



'The Next Pope' book from 2010 is now the OLD book.

No one who is intrigued by papal
history (as I am) should be without
this book.

This book represents the most
comprehensive scholarship to date
on the analysis of how popes have
been and will be selected.

It is truly one of the jewels in a resplendent narrative of the Papacy.

Anura's research and familiarity with the topic as well as his love of the subject matter shines through in this groundbreaking work, which through modern technology and the internet, truly becomes a living work!

This book will be of interest to scholar and general reader and it is a must for those interested in anything about the Papacy.

Now at 'Revision 1' as of 19 August 2010

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Errata for 'The Next Pope'




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Table of Contents:

PDF of the actual 'table of contents' from the book <54KB PDF>


Fly pages


Table of Contents

2 pages



2 pages



2 pages


Essential Vocabulary

6 pages


Chapter 1: Papabili (The Contenders)

29 pages

15,132 words

Chapter 2: Eligibility For Election

23 pages

10,740 words

Chapter 3: The Apostolic Constitution

28 pages

14,030 words

Chapter 4: Catholic Cardinals & The College of Cardinals

56 pages

30,006 words

Chapter 5: The Conclave

49 pages

28,081 words

Chapter 6: The Voting

25 pages

13,963 words

Chapter 7: Papal Names

25 pages

12,343 words

Appendix A: List of Popes In Chronological Order

8 pages


Appendix B: Popes From The Religious Orders

2 pages


Appendix C: The Last Nine Conclaves 1903 To 2005

34 pages

20,018 words

Appendix D: The Roman Curia

3 pages


Appendix E: Papal Names, Their Meanings & Rationales

12 pages


Painting & Photographic Credits

1/2 page


Select References

1/2 page


Partial Index

6 pages


Back pages

3 pages




1. 33 page preview, inc. covers. Rather large. <11MB PDF>

2. 2 page Preamble in its entirety. <64KB PDF>




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1. The Citizen of Laconia, February 22, 2010.

2. The Baysider, March 18, 2010. <For the entire newspaper issue>


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