Aug 312011
Bartolucci concert for Benedict XVI Castel Gandolfo

Click here for a video clip from 'Rome Reports' of the Bartolucci concert

by Anura Guruge

Domenico Bartolucci [dob: May 17, 1917], Maestro Emeritus of the Cappella Musicale Pontificia Sistina (Sistine Papal Choir), was created a non-bishop, cardinal deacon at the November 20, 2010 consistory. At 94 he is now the 3rd oldest cardinal, behind Tonini (97) and Angelini (95).

Cardinal Bartolucci has organized a customized concert, in the pope’s honor, to he held at 6 pm (Rome time), at the pope’s Summer residence, Castel Gandolfo, on Wednesday, August 31, 2011. The concert will include four compositions by the cardinal — one of which is a poem ‘Benedictus.’

Cardinal Deaths 2011

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Aug 272011

by Anura Guruge

1/ March 24, 2011 post – Life expectancy of contemporary cardinals, the decade 2001 to 2010.
2/ March 23, 2011 post — Trends re. cardinal deaths, 1950 to 2011 (62 years).
3/ March 21, 2011 post — Death of cardinals — the trends.

With the death of 81-year old Canadian Cardinal Priest Aloysius Matthew Ambrozic, Archbishop Emeritus of Toronto, Canada, yesterday, we have now had 7 cardinals die in 2011.

Seven deaths is basically ‘par’ for the College, particularly given its current size and the ages of the members [viz. average age of the College 77.8 years]. Between 2005 and 2010 the average per year was 7.5. What was atypical this year was that we didn’t get the first death till April 1. That is unusual as the chart below confirms. This late ‘start’ also meant that we went 120 days at the start of the year between cardinal deaths — that is about three times the normal. We also had a cardinal elector die in 2011. That too is rare.

Here is the list of the seven cardinals that have died so far in 2011.

cardinals to die in 2011 by Anura Guruge

Click to enlarge chart.

A comparison over the last 11 years:

death of cardinals by Anura Guruge

The Guruge charts …

Anura Guruge cardinal deaths

Anura Guruge when the cardinals died

Aug 252011
Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley

Bearded Cardinal O'Malley the non-papabile; his list 2 years late and still incomplete

by Anura Guruge

1/ John Paul II’s (#265) blood relic taken to Mexico displayed in a glass ‘coffin’ with a wax figure of the late pope. My heads-up. Picture. Link to story and another picture.

2/ The bearded O’Malley, two years after he said in writing that ‘it was on the verge of publishing a list of priests accused of abuse (in the Boston archdiocese),’ finally gets around the publishing an incomplete of 159 priests — with the names of another 91 withheld. In addition, he also omitted about 40 names of priests from religious orders — he himself belonging to an order. So the actual list of pedophiles is closer to 290, if not greater. Read the Boston Globe article which also deals with criticism of O’Malley’s handling of this issue. Here is the list of the 159 named pedophiles. To get to the entire report go here. The list was supposedly made available on the Boston Archdiocese Web site at 2 pm, Eastern on Thursday, August 25. I couldn’t get through to the Web site till close to 3:30. Yes, I was obviously not the only one trying. But, I also suspect that they throttled down their network access to limit the volume. His fans, with Father John in the foe, tell me that the bearded will be the one that tries to curtail this crime in Boston and in Ireland. Well, I for one, am not impressed given that the Irish situation, with rogue bishop Magee in the forefront, is going from bad to diabolical. Here is the take by the The New York Times.

Denis O'Callaghan

Denis O'Callaghan, who shielded the pedophiles on his own volition.

3/ Rogue bishop John Magee’s ‘deputy,’ Denis O’Callaghan, who was directly responsible for investigating child abuse by priests BUT decided that he would use his OWN ‘pastoral guidelines’ for dealing with the pedophiles is now saying that MAYBE be should have resigned! God help us. He is now being told by his new boss to shut-up. Link. But, as with Magee, he is still a free man, with all that talk of arrests being but talk. The BBC.

4/ Another comment on Magee’s flaccid apology, this one by the Irish Independent.

5/ The pope has announced the theme for World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — it being ‘Go and make disciples of all nations’ per the call of Jesus.

6/ A US conservative accuses the pope of being a socialist. Link. That probably isn’t a bad thing.


Aug 232011

Kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland.

Anura Guruge

Please refer to yesterday’s post on how Magee finally resurfaced, at his home in Mitchelstown, County Cork, Ireland, and acted really contrite — like the Catholic he is supposed to be.

Well, I am glad and relieved that I was not alone in thinking that his brief, predictable comments were flaccid, to say the least — given all that had gone ahead.

The Association Of Catholic Priests (ACP), a group of Irish priests, were very forthright in saying that Magee’s comments were inadequate. You can read their statement here. Here is the BBC take on that.

A priest from Magee’s ex-diocese, Cloyne, Fr. Michael Mernagh, has also piped in, calling Magee’s words hollow. Link.

At this juncture, all I can add is that Magee rather than kissing that 17 year old boy on his forehead (and telling him that he dreams about him), may have been better off kissing Ireland’s famed Blarney Stone.

Aug 222011

They found him at the end of the rainbow. Right at home.

by Anura Guruge

1/ July 23, 2011 post on — Ireland’s Magee, Secretary to Three Pope, Now In Very Hot Water, Does Indeed Do A Bolt — Thought To Be Hiding In the USA.
2/ July 25, 2011 post on — Vatican Aggravates Irish ‘John Magee’ Sex Abuse Brouhaha By Recalling Nuncio.
3/ July 26, 2011 post on — Irish Press Openly Accusing John Magee Of Falsehood.
4/ July 27, 2001 post on — The Small Irish Schism?
5/ August 4, 2011 post — The Irish, at last, take decisive action against rogue bishop, John Magee.
6/ May 21, 2010 post — John Magee, the alleged discover of John Paul I’s body, resigns over the Irish clerical scandal.

Five weeks after it was claimed by the Irish that the truth-challenged former bishop was ‘lying low’ in the U.S., after the publication of an official report of sex abuse in his dioceses damned him and also raised questions as to him sexual morality (and possibly even orientation), the local ‘Sunday Independent‘ found him in his home in Mitchelstown, County Cork, Ireland. Ah!

Link 1, link 2 and the BBC.

Talk about the competence and commitment of the Irish authorities. So the implication is that a well known bishop can leave as well as return to Ireland without the authorities having any clue as to his movements. And they have the audacity to belittle lax security at airports in Africa. And the 3,000 odd (and must be very odd, indeed) folks in Mitchelstown did not notice that they had a fugitive amongst them or were they just so happy to have such a celebrity gracing their presence?

Where he was.

Oh, the bishop, no doubt having taken thousands of confessions in his time, is acting all contrite.

He apologizes. He is willing to take responsibility. He has even offered to meet with the abuse victims. What a guy.

He says he is ashamed.

So what happened to all that talk about having him arrested?

Amazing. For all I know he could have just got back from World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, Spain, going their to impart his blessings on kids.

Aug 212011

by Anura Guruge

Here is one link.

This USA Today article says that the tent collapsed during the storm — the one that the pope said was a blessing from the Lord! Quite a blessing, indeed. I hoped the injured thanked the Lord for this their very personal blessing. I wonder how many close by were truly bummed that they too were not better blessed.

For those that were irked by my ‘free pass’ statement might want to read this from the gravitas-filled UK Guardian that refers to it as a ‘special concession.’ It must be a British thing. Free pass, special concession both allude to the same thing. This article also has a nice picture of the temporary confessionals — though don’t ask me why they show a priest in partial undress, right at the front. Hhmm.

Here is another good article on the whole papal trip from The New York Times.

The next World Youth Day will be in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, in 2013. The pope, 86 by then, no doubt plans to attend.

The world famous beaches of Rio, the site of the 2013 World Youth Day. They will definitely need more confessional booths.


Aug 212011

Papabile Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga

Anura Guruge

Texas-resident, Juan Carrillo, the author of ‘As I Passed Him: A Prophecy within Our Times,‘ send me an e-mail last night (just after my post on the Lord’s rain on the pope’s parade) about Honduran, papabile cardinal Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga’s three catecheses for the World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, Spain. You can ‘Look Inside‘ Juan’s book at Amazon.

Juan’s book is based on a Maradiaga apparition while he was on a 100 km bike race in Mexico (though I am not expert enough to determine whether in reality it was a doppelgänger rather than an apparition — which still begs the question as to what a Honduran was doing, surreptitiously, in Mexico). Juan is totally convinced that what he saw was the next pope. [Some of you, if you look at Juan’s book or the blurb might think that it was the heat in the dessert, à la the Road to Damascus, or possibly even that his racing shorts were too tight — though I really don’t want to go there. But, you may want to check out his patented bicycle seat. Anybody think that these bicycle racing shorts should be in black or more accommodating?]

So this was a papabile apparition (or doppelgänger) and I, with my insatiable fascination with all things papabili, am all in favor of this contemporary genre of visions. So if anybody else has had papabile apparitions please let me know and I will give you all the publicity you seek — and as with Juan even ‘help’ you write a book.

Given that I had the piano playing, psychologist cum psychotherapist Maradiaga as my #7 papabile in 2009 I was quite happy with Juan’s vision of him as the next pope. Currently, in ‘The Next Pope 2011,’ I have Maradiaga, thought to be a ‘closet moderate,’ at #9 — as a dark-horse, Latin American, upset candidate that may be favored by electors from the developing countries (though I am not sure whether the ‘Tanned Ratzinger‘ will see himself as from such a nation). Many in the U.S., however, know him best for his claim in May 2002, to an Italian publication, that the Jews were fanning the flames of the clergy sexual abuse crisis to divert attention from the Israeli-Palestinian crisis!

Where Juan and I disagree, fundamentally and vehemently, is that Juan believes that Maradiaga, per the ‘Malarkey’ prophecy (see this link) will chose to ‘Peter the Roman’! Yes, and pigs will fly over St. Peter’s. He also is a believer in the tribulation etc.

Well, given his ‘Peter the Rock’ belief, Juan cites the many ‘rock’ references in Maradiaga’s planned catecheses. You can read the article, as sent to me by Juan, here. Juan said this in his e-mail:
Just wanted to share this article from World Youth Day in Madrid Spain.  This Cardinal is the one I saw during a 100 Km race in Juarez Mex. in bilocation and whom I didnt know it was him at the time, and 3 weeks or so later triggered me, by the Holy Spirit, to know him as “Peter it is you Peter”. 

Anu, you may better understand this, but in the Cardinal’s article link below, he makes mention to “solid foundation” and “building on rock” a few times which is indicative of Petrus or Peter which in Greek means “Rock”; Peter (physical name Simon) the first Pope, was called by Christ Peter as the the rock upon which Christ’s Church was to be founded. The following may be far fetched, but is his mention of this foundation indicating a possible name? 

I am obviously far from convinced. To say that Maradiaga is dropping hints as to the name he intends to take when pope actually breaks the law and insults the other electors — particularly with the Peter the Roman malarkey with its implication of Rome in flames. Cardinals, in particular, per John Paul II’s Universi Dominici Gregis, Chapter VI, Clause #79 & #82, are not permitted to ‘openly plan’ on the pope’s successor while the pope is still alive. So, IF Maradiaga is dropping hints that he will be ‘Peter’ when elected pope he definitely is making plans while poor, old Benedict XVI is still alive and giving speeches in the rain. I, rightly or wrongly, also believe that most of the cardinal electors are quite savvy. So, in my opinion, they will NOT be impressed with this malarkey about the next pope being the last pope etc. Ruins job security.

So, I don’t buy that Maradiaga was in any way dropping hints that he will be Peter II. No way, Jose.

Here is an interesting interview by the cardinal, where he does, at the very end, talk about his papabile status.

But, here is what caught my attention, in Maradiaga’s prepared statements for Madrid. “Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga is recommending a spiritual GPS for young people in Madrid for World Youth Day. It should be tuned to the Word of God, the Bread of Life, and the Virgin Mary, the cardinal suggested.”

Now Maradiaga wanted to be a pilot and has taken flying lessons. He talks about this in the above mentioned interview and I have written about it in my book. So he of all people will know a bit about GPS. That is what got me. If the Pope made this statement I would just laugh because I don’t expect the pope to know that much about modern technology. But Maradiaga. Come on, he has to know better.

So, what is my problem. Tuning a GPS! No there is no dial or up/down buttons on a GPS to ‘tune’ in desired frequencies. So this was a very bad and poor analogy. If he carries on like this he will be #11 in my 2012 list.

Aug 202011

Click on image for YouTube video.

by Anura Guruge

Here is the AFP article with that headline.

Even appears that the poor, old pope had his white, silk, papal zucchetto blown off — and not recovered. It should make somebody a wonderful souvenir and will most likely be a Class II relic in a few years — if the next pope rushes through this pope’s beatification as he did for his predecessor. link. Guido Marini, who looks like a geek’s geek, does not appear to have even tried to make a dive to catch the hat. {Poor guy, he looks a bit bewildered.] If not for the fact that the ‘Tanned Ratzinger‘ looks amazingly unfit, I would have said that if we had a cardinal from a cricket playing country on stage, such as Sri Lanka, that maybe he would have caught it. But, c’est la vie.

Here is the BBC take on it along with their video coverage. Another good article with a great picture of Guido looking for the flying zucchetto.

Well given that I know how superstitious people think, some thoughts did cross my mind, BUT I was willing to hold my tongue.

But, the pope decided to interject. Check the video. The pope said:

Click for video (same as above). See 1:56/3:00 for this amazing statement.

Well, he is THE expert. So the pope drags the Lord into this. OK, I will go along with that, since it is the pope and as Christ’s vicar on earth he must know about these things.

I am old fashioned. So it seems to me that this storm that lashes at the pope seems a STRANGE way for the Lord to send a blessing. At least there were no thunderbolts. I am thinking that maybe the pope is putting some Vatican spin into this. Well, we know, per the pope, that the Lord had a hand in this … but, was it possible that it was not a blessing? Strange.

Aug 202011
Saint John of Avila, Apostle of Andalusia

Saint John of Avila, Apostle of Andalusia

by Anura Guruge

Benedict XVI (#266), in Madrid (Spain) for World Youth Day 2011 (amidst continuing protests even by some Catholic priests), set out to curry favor with the boisterous locals by announcing, today, in Madrid’s Cathedral, in front of 6,000 Mass celebrants that he will make Spain’s St. John of Ávila (1500 – 1569) the 34th Doctor of the Church. He will become the second person from Ávila (Spain) to receive this uncommon distinction — it also having been given to Saint Teresa of Ávila, also called Saint Teresa of Jesus, baptized as Teresa Sánchez de Cepeda y Ahumada, (1515 – 1582) in 1970. She is the one immortalized in Bernini’s stunning ‘Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.

‘Doctor of the Church,’ per Catholicism, is a rare, select honor that can only be bestowed upon a Saint. [San Juan de Ávila, as he is known in Spain, was cannonized by Paul VI (#263) in 1970.] The title signifies that the Saints corpus of work showed exceptional scholarship and piety, was particularly pivotal to the Church’s understanding of the faith. St. Gregory the Great I (#64), the author of the Liber Regulæ Pastoralis (Pastoral Rules) among a large body of other work, was the first Doctor of the Church — designated as such in 1298, 694 years after his death by Boniface VIII (#194) — the same pope that summarily duped the saintly Celestine V (#193), the Godfather of today’s conclaves. St. Ambrose, St. Augustine and St. Jerome were also made Doctors of the Church in 1298 — by Boniface. Then there was a 270 year gap before the next one, the golden tongued  St. John Chrysostom. The last to receive this honor, prior to today’s announcement, was St. Thérèse de Lisieux, Doctor Amoris (Doctor of Love) of France in 1997 — the only one given this honor by John Paul II (#265).

St. John Of Avila will Benedict XVI’s first Doctor of the Church.

Aug 192011

by Anura Guruge

There is no end to the hypocrisy, double standards and shamelessness!

This Church that wanted to excommunicate US Senators such as Kennedy and Kerry for supporting a woman’s right to abortion has now granted a 6-day, no questions asked amnesty for World Youth Day 2011 female participants who want absolution on abortion!

Here is one link.

Do a Google for more.

It is amazing.


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