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Cardinal Désiré-Joseph Mercier from ‘vultus.stblogs.org’ (with thanks.)

Desiré-Félicien-François-Joseph Mercier was born in a château in Belgium on November 21, 1851. He had six siblings, three of his sisters becoming nuns.

He was ordained in 1874, aged 22. Much of his early career was in academia. In 1906 he was became the Archbishop of Mechelen, Belgium. he was created a cardinal priest in April 1907.

At the outbreak of WW I the Germans opened the Western Front by invading neutral Belgium and Luxembourg on their way to France. Brussels, the capital of Belgium, fell to the Germans on August 20, 1914. That was the day that Pius X (#258).

The 1914 conclave to elect Pius X’s successor began on August 31, 1914. 57 cardinals participated, 2 from Germany, Mercier from Belgium, 6 from France, 2 from England and one from Ireland.

Mercier, per the ballot for accommodation, was billeted one cell away from German Cardinal Felix von Hartmann [dob: December 15, 1851], Archbishop of Cologne, created a cardinal in May 1914.

As they were going to their cells for the first time, von Hartmann turned to Mercier and said: ‘Let’s not talk about war‘.

Mercier, without missing a beat, retorted with: ‘Let’s NOT talk about peace‘.

Jul 302012

For other stories from this series refer to ‘Cardinal Stories‘ category from the sidebar (>>>) … scroll down, quite a bit.

Cardinal Luigi Maglione.

Luigi Maglione was born in Naples on March 2, 1877, exactly a year junior to Eugenio Marìa Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli (future Pius XII (#261)) who was born in Rome March 2, 1876 — he getting elected on his birthday 63 years later; the only pope known to have had that birthday present. The two met when they were fellow students at Almo Collegio Capranica, Rome [Rome’s oldest College named after its founding Cardinal]. They both went onto become curialist, and like Pacelli he would become Secretary of State — Pacelli’s Secretary of State, the only one that Pacelli had.

In 1938, with Pacelli now Secretary of State, Maglione was appointed Prefect of the Congregation of the Council which was responsible for the diocesan clergy (today it is the Congregation for the Clergy).

The lead up to WW II started soon after that. Pacelli, as S.S., had a stressful meeting with Joachim von Ribbentrop, Hitler’s Foreign Minister.

After the meeting Pacelli confided in Maglione that: ‘our spirits met, although our wolds clashed. I pray that God will open his eyes’.

Maglione, to his eternal credit, riposted: ‘Let’s hope God closes them soon‘.

Jul 292012

From ‘The Nevada Daily Mail’, May 2, 1982. Click to access.

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U.S. John Patrick Cody [dob: Christmas Eve 1907] indubitably was one of the most colorful of U.S. cardinals — even investigated by the FBI for his questionable financial dealings and his inseparable relationship with Mrs. Helen Dolan Wilson. [I need to check whether the other infamous Dolan is related to her.]

He was, however, adored by the Rome crowd. Ever since he became the Archbishop of New Orleans, and as such had access to the coffers, he was noted for making the rounds of the Vatican with long white envelopes, each containing a fresh, U.S. $1,000 bill, stuffed in his pockets. When he met a curialist he would immediately give them one of the envelopes and say: ‘here, please say a Mass for my mother‘. There would be a special envelope for the pope, typically with 10 such bills. They couldn’t wait to create him a cardinal and make sure he visited more often. More stories of him as we go along.

He was the Archbishop of Chicago from June 1965 to his death in April 1982. He was created a Cardinal Priest in June 1967.

Here is a story from People about this one of a kind Cardinal.

Jul 272012

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Cardinal Spellman from ‘coverbrowser.com’ (with thanks).

U.S. Francis Joseph Spellman [dob: May 4, 1889] was the Archbishop of New York  (April 1939 to his death, Dec. 1967) and Military Vicar of United States Armed Forces (from 1939 to death). As a young priest in Boston he had tried to serve as a military chaplain but was turned down, even after appeals, as being too short! Some interesting information here as to him being first American assistant to the papal Secretariat of State and being asked to smuggle antifascist encyclical out of Italy.

He was created a cardinal priest in February 1946.

Back in the days when Brooklyn had a baseball team, Cardinal Spellman was watching a World Series games at Ebbets Field.

During the course of the game, a high foul was hit towards his box seat. Catcher Roy Campanella tried to reach it but missed, and the ball hit the cardinal’s knee. Campanella quickly asked whether he had been hurt.

Don’t worry about it, Roy‘, the cardinal said. ‘A priest’s knees are the toughest part of his anatomy‘.

From page 380 of ‘The Reader’s Digest Treasury of American Humor’, 1972. ISBN: 0-07-051290-6.

Jul 272012

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Puts Pope Benedict XVI (#266) In A Hard Spot; A Palace Coup — July 24, 2012.

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Interesting to see who else was present. Very telling. No Lord Bertone; but his deputy. Georg Gaenswein who has been repeatedly implicated was there as was the new Fox guy Burke, but, thank God, no Lombardi (who might in his inimitable bumbling way had a hand in exacerbating much of this).

Click for ‘Vatican Information Service’ (VIS) original.

Jul 262012

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Agnelo Rossi

…. Brazilian Agnelo Rossi [dob: May 4, 1913] was the Archbishop of São Paulo from 1964 to 1970. He was created a cardinal priest in February 1965. He was appointed Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples in October 1970.

…. He was Camerlengo of the College of Cardinals from May 1976 to 1977.

…. He attended both of the 1978 conclaves. In theory the Brazilians were supposed to have been in favor of the election of a non-Italian pope at the second conclave.

…. When the cardinals were finally leaving the ‘conclave’ after the October 1978 conclave, having spent an extra night with the new pope and concelbrating Mass with the new pope at the Sistine the next morning, reporters outside of the Sistine asked the cardinals about the new pope and what had happened at the conclave.

…. Agnelo Rossi, shrugged his shoulders and said: ‘I am not able to reveal anything beside that the conclave was longer than the last time‘.

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