Sep 302012

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Paolo Gabriele’s Vatileaks Trial: Day 1 – Saturday, September 29, 2012 — Sept. 29, 2012.

Even if you don’t watch the video, which is quite good (even if you may know all the salient aspects already), READ the COMMENTS to see what the YouTube generation thinks of this whole mess.

Click image to view the YouTube video and READ THE COMMENTS.

Sep 292012

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Paolo Gabriele’s Vatileaks Trial On Saturday: More Details By Reuters — Sept. 28, 2012.

1/ Next hearing is on Tuesday, October 2, 2012.

2/ Trial may conclude after a total of 5 hearings, so four more expected.

3/ Not that many cited as yet as witnesses. So far: Georg Gaenswein, the pope’s personal secretary, one of the 4 nuns that work in the papal apartment, a monsignor in the Vatican Secretary of State, #2 commander in the Swiss Guard and the head of the Vatican police. Eight guards present on Saturday as potential witnesses were excused. No cardinals.

4/ None of the journalist that published the leaked documents have been called, the Vatican not having earthly jurisdiction over them.

5/ The pope may still get around to issuing a pardon.

6/ The second layman charged, Claudio Sciarpelletti, the computer programmer from the Secretary of State is to be tried separately from the butler.

7/ The butler already confessed prior to the trial.

Click for YouTube video from this morning … with a knowledgeable Italian journalist. Some good insights. Well worth watching.

Click to read, as ever decent, coverage by the ‘AP’.


Sep 282012

Reminds me of the story of John Paul II (#265) on arriving in heaven asking #1 if he can see the originals of the Bible … they find him crying uncontrollably a few hours later … when they ask him why … he sobs: ‘it does NOT say celibate, it says celebrate‘!

To me it is crucial that this statement by the Vatican is not coming from the pope nor his trusted companion. To me this is doctrine, so the pope should make an infallible statement. The pope MUST know whether Jesus had a wife or not. So he should rule on this. So the key here is that the Vatican is not being categorical. They are hedging their bets. Hhhmmmm. Didn’t somebody at the Vatican, I think he might have even been ‘a GREAT‘, claim that Mary Magdalene was ‘sinful’ only to have that statement totally overturned in 1969? So, excuse me if I remain skeptical and cynical about statements like this.

Click to read ‘The New York Times’ coverage.

Sep 282012

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Primer on Paolo Gabriele’s Vatileaks Trial That Starts September 29, 2012 — by Rome Reports — Sept. 27, 2012.

I am still aghast that this trial is taking place. In my opinion it really demeans the the pope’s stature and calls into question is judgement and credibility. That only two layman are being tried, when it is patently clear that others, in particular clerics, were involved is a travesty. The pope permits convicted pedophile facilitator robert finn to continue as a bishop but refused to accept the plea for a pardon from the man that dressed him, nearly every day, for 4 years. I had hoped for better from this pope, but I have come to realize of late, to my cost, that this pope is all about EGO and his obvious vanity is just another manifestation of it. History will paint the legacy of this pope similar to that of of the 43rd Presdient pf the United States (President Barack Obama the 44th).

Click to read a very useful article by ‘Reuters’.

Sep 262012

See update and clarification below:

Click image for the excellent ‘Rome Reports’ coverage and video. It will make your day.

I was covering a BIG unfolding local story yesterday, which got 700 hits in the day (cf. to 340 on this blog), and literally only had 4 minutes to do a post here — I having to carefully allocate my time between all of my projects and duties, homeschooling my 11 year old and making preparations for her birthday also taking up some significant chunks of my time. So, I dashed off the Lord Bertone story based on what I saw Rome Report. They said and still say that the award TRANSLATES into ‘Count of Barcelona’. Edward T. S. (our regular contributor), who is a master of many things European (while most of my expertise limited to U.K.), send me an e-mail this morning putting me right on a whole bunch of issues. His e-mail reproduced next. I did some quick Googling. Yes, it is the ‘Count of Barcelona’ award. So WHO is going to tell R.R. that they need to update THEIR post. Yet again today I don’t have much time for this blog. The circus is in town and I need to cover that. When it is a choice between cardinals or circus, the circus always wins unless there is a clear story of another cardinal playing the clown. And I will lose a lot of time tonight because I have to take 11 year old for her Chorale practice. That is a blast, though. Priorities and discipline — and I need to go for my run in 1 hour 46 minutes.

Go check. Go bust their chops too, they are bigger than mine.

Edward T. S. e-mail:
“He can’t be Count of Barcelona. That is a hereditary title of the King of Spain. He was given an award by the Count of Barcelona Foundation. So Schonborn is still a “graf”. European titles differ from English titles — even if you are the second, third, etc. you are still a ‘full’ count. The advantage of the eldest is head of the family plus the money. Schonborn is chaplain of the Order of the Golden Fleece. One must have six quarters of nobility to belong. It is recognized by International law. The Grand Master is the head of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine, it’s meeting place and treasure is in the Hofburg Palace, Vienna. The Spanish Order is a whole different ballgame. The Bourbons claim wasn’t as legitimate because it wasn’t a title of the Spanish Crown, but the Archduchy of Austria. When the Bourbons took over in Spain they had no claim to Austrian titles as the Austrian titles co-existed with the Spanish Habsburgs. When the Spanish Habsburgs ceased—- the Austrian continued.”

Thanks Ed. Hope this clears up this matter. Cheers.

Sep 262012

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Archdiocese Of Colombo, The Domain Of The ‘Tanned Ratzinger’, Is Hacked — Sept. 25, 2012.

The Archdiocese website was up this morning with, obviously, not mention of the hacking.

But if you do a Google, as Google is wont to do, you will see the hacked messages from last night!

You will also see that we get 3 mentions — when I only did 1 post and that was on this blog as opposed to my ‘NH Life‘ blog which also got cited.

Click to ENLARGE.

Sep 252012

I got a heads-up and this screen shot from ‘my man’ in Canada. He appears to have spotted it around 8:42 pm Eastern U.S./Canada. I checked Google news. Nothing there. Appears that Catholic churches in Goa are also getting hacked. Then I went to access the site. Got a ‘White Screen’ that said under maintenance.

Click to ENLARGE. The hacked text appear in the TEXT BOXES.

Website at 11:10 pm Eastern … ~ 3 hours after original screen shot from Canada.

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