Nov 022010

by Anura Guruge

Louis, as you might see in the comments, has been concerned about this AGE BULGE of the electors. He is already looking as far as the end of 2016, by which point we will have another 33 past — and all of this is not counting other attrition. So new popes will have to be created within the next 2 years.

Anyway, here is the list of the 34 that will turn 80 between now and Christmas day 2013.

34 cardinals electors tuning 80 by 2014 by Anura Guruge

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  9 Responses to “34 Cardinal Electors, Including A New Presumptive, Will Turn 80 By Christmas 2013”

  1. That’s new cardinals one would expect within two years…and what happened to Cardinal Garcia y Gasco Vicente’s position?

  2. Need to fix that title. I must have typed in ‘Nov’ while that field was selected. With two monitors, two instances of FireFox with ~17 open tabs, and multiple copies of Word, Excel and PowerPoint open at one time (I have 12GB of memory to be on the safe side with a 8-thread i7) I sometimes type in the wrong Window.
    But, also discovered some NEAT tricks, that I have documented in my Windows 7 blog, how with Word and Adobe Acrobat you can swap between two instances on separate monitors without having to select the open Window.
    OK. I will fix this stuff and post your list.

  3. After Christmas 2013 there would be no more cardinal electors from the 1980s. Cardinal Joachim Meisner would be the last. The youngest cardinal elector from the 1970s turned 80 on May 20 2007. that would be Cardinal Franchiszek Macharski, The last living cardinal elector from the 1960s is Cardinal Eugenio de Araujo Sales turned 80 on November 8 2000. For the 1990s it would be Cardinal Vinko Puljic which would still be in 15 years and for the first decade of the 21st Century it would be Reinhard Marx in 23 years time. That is if all 3 of them would reach 80 years old.

  4. Thank you. Good observation.
    Inspired by YOUR comment and just went and checked something. Who will be the LAST of John Paul II’s (#265) to turn 80 and when would it be?
    Do you know ….

    He created Erdo in 2003, when Erdo was 51. Erdo won’t turn 80 till 2032! Another 22 years. WOW.

    My once papabile Barbarin would have turned 80 in 2030. He too was a JP II creation. In my Excel spreadsheet I have the creation dates plus the creating pope … the creating pope is color coded with a green background for B16. So as I scroll down I can see more greens and less whites (JP II). It is amazing how many he created. We still have 72 ELECTORS created by him. Even after the next consistory there will still be more electors created by JP II than B16. WOW.

    I am just going to post the list till 2016 thanks to Louis!

    Thanks for this. It was good. Cheers.

  5. Why are Law (who has had a birthday since the upload) and Simonis (who hasn’t) in reverse order?

  6. Maybe now Law is breaking the laws of physics. Some kind of electromagnetic disturbance in your neck of the woods distorting what you see. Law, as ever, seems to be on top.
    Let me know. Maybe it was just a temp. blip of lawlessness on the Web.
    Thanks. Cheers

  7. Revision noted.But I wonder when he will be relieved of the archpriest job.

  8. You sure, I revised and it wasn’t just a minor blip in the space/time quantum in NY state.
    As to when he will be relieved … Louis … standard answer … when God sees fit. God is obviously very happy with HIS LAW.

    You did alert me of a BAD habit I had fallen into (or I should say ANOTHER bad habit). As you can see, I have three adjacent fields on my Excel spread sheet related to age. I assume you don’t use Excel. Excel has some annoying anomalies when it comes to handling dates … which as you must KNOW they store as an integer based on the number of days since Pius X was elected. Some good things. But, some annoying things … ONE I found when trying to format your latest list. Too complicated to explain. I thought about reporting it to MS, but they won’t understand either. ANYWAY, given the intrinsic problems with the date formatted fields I, subconsciously, stay away from them. So, I realized, that over the last few months I sort on the AgeY and AgeM fields, using a two-tier sort. In this case, the month was the SAME. And Excel, quite rightly knew, that Law should never get precedence. Some sad things about Excel. Has a very useful function called =DATEFIF(). That is what I use for calculating years and months. They no longer document that function (and I mean as of about 2002), though it still works. Anyway … MS and Adobe. Together they have taken 25 years from my life. Which is why I don’t have much life left.

  9. If an application isn’t in the FreeBSD Ports Collection,I am unlikely to use it.

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