Oct 202010

Please scroll down for all the RELATED posts on the 24 new cardinals that will be created at the Saturday, November 20, 2010 consistory — Consistory 2010.

I note, with dismay, that at least one site, that really should know better, has already listed the 24 prelates named today as cardinals.

That is WRONG.

It is also misleading and unsavory.

Those named today are NOT cardinals until they are named at the consistory on Saturday, November 20, 2010.

We have had prospective cardinals die between the announcement and consistory.

Also, a consistory will NOT take place if the pope is unable to perform it. [Since somebody already asked, you can NOT have a consistory of ANY KIND during a sede vacante. A consistory, by definition, requires the presence of a pope. OK?]

Given that we try to be pedantic, we will NOT list those named, as cardinals, until they are NAMED.

OK? Got that?

If you see folks listing those named as cardinals ALREADY, please tell them to cease and desist.

Anura Guruge

  14 Responses to “Announcement vs. Consistory 2010, November 20, 2010”

  1. Question: should a pope die between the announcement and the consistory, would the “cardinal-elects” still be elevated at the announced consistory or would the elevation – and consistory be canceled?

  2. You are a SMART cookie. Bravo.
    No … they will NOT be cardinals.
    Creating cardinals is the prerogative of each pope.
    Thank YOU. Very, very good point.

    Louis, can YOU please check to see if this ever happened. Pope dying before a consistory.

    PLEASE come back and read a new post … will post it shortly … ‘Is the Pope playing God?’

    Has to do with this consistory and the 20, rather than 19, electors.

  3. I know I’ve been told that even if the Pope dies the morning of the planned consistory,if it hasn’t happened yet the new men don’t get to join the conclave and have to wait to see if whoever it elects cares to elevate any of them.

  4. That is INDEED consistent with what I think and believe.

    I just realized. Here is where it gets stated. In the Apostolic Constitution, Universi …

    Creating cardinals is a function of the pope. No pope. No consistory.

    Thank you. That nails that. So are YOU going to tell Miranda that he has jumped the gun. [[ Did YOU know he took part in the Bay of Pigs? ]]

  5. His bios all conclude with “will be created cardinal…” and they’re not in his active College catalogues.I see no gun-jumping.

  6. So, the website of my hometown Archdiocese of Warsaw, too early calls our Bishop Cardinal Nycz?

  7. I think they should be called quasi-cardinals if the consistory has not happened yet. That was how Ignacy Jez, the latest case of a person dying before being elevated to the cardinalate was titled.

  8. I am calling them presumptive cardinals.
    In the US, we call presidents etc., president-elect.
    But these guys weren’t elected.
    I am VERY UPSET, that my dear friend Salvador Miranda, who knows better, is already referring to these 24 as cardinals. But, I don’t want to tell him directly. He is in his 70s. He always listens to what I say. Because, of that, I am not going to say anything to him directly. I know what is argument would be. That he is just PREPARING everything.
    But, it is not kosher.
    Thanks & Cheers,

  9. Do you mean as a papabile?

    If so NO CHANCE. <> It is already done, Ranjit Don.

    Jokes apart, seriously. You already had a pope for nearly 30 years. Spread the wealth. <>

    I will NOT accept papabile nominations for cardinals from USA, Germany, Poland and Africa. Yep. Africa …. Obama factor.

    I personally wouldn’t mind another pope from Poland … IF he would be like JP II … prior to him turning 60. But, you have to face the facts.

    Thanks. Cheers

  10. Salvador Miranda’s catalogues of cardinals do not include the nominees as yet,he only lists them in a separate file that describes them as people who “will be created cardinal”.(He just turned 71 this week).

  11. Look at this page: http://www2.fiu.edu/~mirandas/consistories-xxi.htm
    Yes, dated Nov. 20 etc.
    But see bottom: The last four cardinals were older than 80 years at the time of their elevation, and, therefore, do not have the right to participate in the conclave.

    Well, they are not cardinals yet.

  12. He also says:
    Benedict XVI (2005-) – has created 62 cardinals in 3 consistories
    Total – 62 cardinals in 3 consistories


  13. Not being cardinals yet,they CERTAINLY don’t have the right to participate in the conclave!

  14. Amen,
    I know. So tell your buddy Salvador.

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