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Albert Malcolm Ranjith Patabendige Don of Sri Lanka, The Next Pope? post by Anura Guruge on October 21, 2010.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith returns to Sri Lanka

YouTube video. PLEASE click to play.

I found a video on YouTube. You will enjoy it. We have always been good at this ceremonial stuff. See below.

Shame they didn’t have a few decorated elephants pulling it … but some might have worried that that would blur the lines between the religions. Buddhist ceremonies invariably involving gaudily lit-up elephants. Yes, they pull along a generator. Great example, given that the Buddhist President was there to greet him, of the ethnic and religious tolerance the country was justifiable proud of.

There is also a good article on the Sri Lankan homecoming in ‘Whispers in the Loggia’.

Well I really should show you what a real procession Sri Lanka style is all about, since Rome could pick up some useful pointers. I am sure they will be happy to provide those whip crackers for papal processions. I used to go to watch this perahera and a smaller version closer to Colombo. Last time, alas, was in 1983. As it happened, it was the first perahera of the new Lay Chief. He had recently gone back to Ceylon to assume this elected role, having lived with my parents as their surrogate son (because I was far away) for many years in Paris. So sit back, turn the volume down and click here.

Andrew Greeley's Making of the Pope 2005 errors by Anura GurugeP.P.S., I also updatedErrors in books about popes,‘ today, to include Andrew M. Greeley’s ‘The Making of the Popes 2005’.

  One Response to “Cardinal Albert Malcolm Ranjith Patabendige Don’s Gala Homecoming in Sri Lanka, In A Giant Motorized Galero”

  1. Dear Father,
    Very well said. Yes, right on the mark. Yes, Greeley’s frustration comes out over and over again.
    The only other thing I can add is that he writes TOO MUCH — volume vs. quality. He must have known that the 2005 book was half-hearted. I think he was writing two books a year. [Yes, I am jealous. My father aims for 2 a year and calls me IDLE because I can only manage one book every FEW years.] To sacrifice on research, facts and fact checking just to pump out books is to me … unbecoming. Also not sure what he dose with his money. I hope it goes to good causes.
    I just visited Greeley’s Web site. There is an update from Oct. 20, 2010. Here is what it said: ‘Almost two years after the Father Andrew Greeley fractured his skull in an accident involving a taxi, the best-selling author and former Chicago Sun-Times columnist is no longer able to write, but he gets around with the help of a walker and remains upbeat, a family spokesman said.’ That is a shame. That has to be hard for him. 82.
    Thank you, father.
    I haven’t heard from Marko yet whether he will accept my request and put together a small history of how the electoral process for the Coptic Patriarch changed over time … starting at the beginning. As you pointed out the difference with ‘Rome’ is staggering given that both sides started off with the same process for electing bishops.
    All the best.

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