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Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

  by Anura Guruge

Refer to the ‘Consistory‘ TAB right at the top, above the banner ((↑)), for all the requisite links, including  those for the February 18, 2012 consistory.

Last night I finally got around to updating all of the statistics I maintain for recent consistories. I was immediately struck by two things. I had created my own ‘number of cardinals/months as pope‘ metric to allow me to do meaningful comparisons as to the rate at which each pope created cardinals. Benedict’s new index is the highest for a ‘contemporary pope’

1/ This pope, Benedict XVI (#266) has jumped to the fore when it comes to rate of cardinal creation (per my ‘number of cardinals/months as pope’ metric), even overtaking John XXIII (#258) who really was in a hurry given that he knew his health was compromised. This pope, when it comes to cardinal creation during the first 7 years of a papacy, is leaving John Paul II (#265) in the dust. John Paul II in his first 7 years created 61 cardinals. However, he is close to par with Paul VI (#263) who created 88 in his first seven years.

2/ This consistory, like the last, will most likely have a unusually high number of cardinal deacons given the curialists involved. Please read this post from the last consistory

Here, per what I did for the November 20, 2010 cardinal creating consistory, are all the necessary data and statistics to keep the February 18, 2012 cardinal creating consistory in perspective. As before, tets start by looking at Pope Benedict XVI’s cardinal creating record:

Pope Benedict XVI's (#266) cardinal creating record, by Anura Guruge. CLICK.

Then for the cardinal creating trends as of Pius X (#258):

Consistory trends Part I -- by Anura Guruge


Consistory trends Part II -- by Anura Guruge


The progression of cardinal creating consistories as of 1903:

Cardinal creating consistories as of 1903 -- by Anura Guruge. CLICK.

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