Oct 252012

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The same format that has been used for the last couple of consistories.

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November 2012 consistory data by Anura Guruge

  4 Responses to “Cardinal Creating Consistory November 24, 2012: Snapshot Of All The Data by Anura Guruge”

  1. Only an additional thought concerning the first cardinal after the forthcoming consistory who exactly two weeks after this event will lose the right to participate in a conclave: Bearing in mind the fact that Benedict XVI had the probable intention to complete the cardinal electors´ assembly up to its well known though also ,notorious´ 120-limit I ask myself if the pope thinks that he will die between November 25 and December 7 ? This seems to me a quite probable conclusion, otherwise would it not be much more reasonable that on this occasion should be added a seventh cardinal to this list so that the aging out process within the College of Cardinals would continue not before 2013 ?

  2. What you are thinking is ONLY possible if he and Lord Bertone have already formed a pact!

  3. Intriguing but as most conspiracy theories too clever by half.
    For one, as Anura said in the newest post, he should have made the 7th new cardinal regardless because the gap between the consistory date and Scheid turning 80 is too small to matter anyway.
    Secondly, the pope is not necessarily (and I think the likelihood is low) planning his imminent demise but it is very reasonable for him to see the handwriting on the wall that he is not too long for this world. So he plans to replenish the electors more regularly and in smaller batched because he can never know how long he’ll live. Expect another small consistory around min 2013 if B16 lives until then.

  4. I screwed up on that last post. Darien pointed that out. I was NOT thinking clearly. Rather distracted by having a Mormon President. I want out.
    Pope would have to live for 15 days after consistory. I forgot that. My fault. I am beside my self re. election.
    Then we have Sandy. That means no power for 2 weeks.
    How are YOU. All the best. Cheers, Anura

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