Oct 012011

by Anura Guruge

1/ Next Cardinal Creating Consistory — November 2011 Will Be Tight! — October 1, 2011 post.
2/ Newly Created Zambian Cardinal Priest Medardo Joseph Mazombwe Turns 80; Electors Down To 113 — September 24, 2011 post.

Well cardinal creating consistory talks are again flavor of the month and with that speculations are rife as to how many cardinals will indeed be created — with the Philippines rightly, but deludingly, expecting three.

Cardinal cartoon number electors

Yes, the pope, as he naughtily did last time, can emulate his hero John Paul II (#265) and brazenly ignore the 120 limit (though if he had the gumption he would just do away with the limit altogether). Yes, as I made it very clear last time, I am not in favor of having more than 120 electors, as long as the 120 limit is said to apply. That just seems duplicitous even for the Vatican. I actually devote a couple of pages to this in the new Appendix F ofThe Next Pope 2011.

Right now, as of September 24, 2011, we have 7 vacancies; i.e., 113 electors on the books.

Here is how these 113 will age over the next 15 months, so that you can do your own sums, depending on when you think the consistory might fall.

Aging of the cardinal electors by Anura Guruge

Click to Enlarge it. From my master Excel spreadsheet.

I have also added a countdown clock to when the next elector, in this case ‘The OutLaw’ turns 80. Scroll down on right >>>. Below the ‘College’ box.

Anura Guruge cardinal electors turning 80 countdown clock

  6 Responses to “Cardinal Elector Aging Till 2013”

  1. The options are 8 in Nov (Christ the King), 12 in Feb (Chair of Peter), 16 in June (Feast of St. Peter) or 22 in Nov. 12.

    I think he will either do it in Feb and go over 12 (anticipate) or wait until Nov. June just seems too close to the Pallium give away.

    I think the Philippines should get 3, but I think they will only get 2 by Nov.

    The only interesting thing will be to see if he starts to do . . . and get this . . . drum roll please . . . . alternative years in November . . . odd for curial cardinals, even for residential bishops.

    Right now, he can easily make 8 curial cardinals this November.

    1. João Bráz de Aviz (64)
    Prefect for the Congregation of Institutes of Consecrated Life & Societies of Apostolic Life
    2. Fernando Filoni (65)
    Prefect for the Congregation for the Evangelization of People
    3. Domenico Calcagno (68)
    President, Patrimony of the Apostolic See
    4. Giuseppe Bertello (69)
    President, Governatorate of Vatican City State
    5. Edwin O’Brien (72)
    Pro-Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
    6. Giuseppe Versaldi (68)
    President, Prefecture of the Economic Affairs of the Holy See
    7. Francesco Coccopalmerio (73)
    President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts
    8. Salvatore Fisichella (60)
    President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization

    Others he can do, if he doesn’t do all these, are Zygmunt Zimowski (62) or
    Antonio Maria Vegliò (73)

    Next November, he can then make 14 Residential Archbishops new Princes of the Church. Additionally, if any Red Hats under 80 kick the bucket, he can add them to the number of Residential Cardinals who, as a group tend to get more backed up on the waiting list than Curial Cardinalibili. They seem to get a scholarship of early admittance to the College of Cardinals than do the Ordinaries.

    By next November also, some big Red Hat Sees will be due to their Emeritus turning 80. These include the Sees of New York, Manila, Westminster, Bogota, and you can even squeeze in there São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Additionally, some smaller Sees like Prague and Utrecht.

    These add to the list of DUE and OVERDUE Archdiocese of Valencia, Spain; Cebu, Philippines; Toronto, Canada; Luanda, Angola; and Córdoba, Argentina. Add in some Patriarchs and various other mixtures, and you have an easy 14.

    I, know, it is genius. But that is why I get paid the big bucks!!!!

  2. I had just, and I mean just, fixed the Law ….
    As you can see, I have 3 columns to do with age. Sort order for cardinals born in the same month depends on which of those columns I sort on! Fixed it.
    I just also added another feature that YOU will love.
    This is GREAT. Thank you. Thank you. Very grateful.
    All the best.

  3. Dear Father,
    As for the BIG bucks, I am just waiting — MAYBE I should create a countdown timer for that as well — when the pope calls YOU to Rome to head up the Vatican Information Service. Red Hat, and all of the largess that goes with that, will come at the next consistory after that. But, that raises the question … will you be too modest to include YOUR name as a cardinalabili. No, I haven’t forgotten the Bishop thing. But, the pope will consecrate you, like he got JP II to consecrate Ouellet. Then the NEXT BIG question arises. Does your #1 fan start promoting you as a papabile and if so at what number. Now if you become pope, forget the BIG bucks, you could wear a Rolex, carry a platinum Amex card actually made of platinum and have a trailer with a swimming pool inside built that can be towed behind the Popemobile just in case you get the urge to do a few laps while touring Poland.
    Made my night. Thinking about your deserved progression through the ranks. All the best.
    P.S., I noticed you didn’t include any Sri Lankans in your list. Do you want to think about that.

  4. And as I said before,they could define the electorate as the youngest 120 (we’d have had the same electors since the last consistory except for Sterzinsky’s death calling one man off the bench).

  5. They could. But, they don’t. It is very naughty, haughty and irresponsible on the part of the pope — if he AGAIN exceeds the limit without saying how to deal with it. I really DO BELIEVE given that we have NEVER had this problem, that the pope, in his weekly ‘Go-To Meeting’ call with the Boss agrees on this, and it works.
    Hoping to get your list done before I leave for the circus. Busy updating the College stuff. Another retirement. I wish they would batch the damn things up … like all retirements announced on the 1st Saturday of each month, BUT that would be too sensible for the Vatican.
    Cheers. Thanks.

  6. I love the countdown!!!!!

    I love the cartoons!!!!


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