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Cardinal Priest Michele Giordano turned 80, Sep. 26, 2010

Cardinal Priest Michele Giordano turned 80, Sep. 26, 2010

On September 28 , 2010, Italian Cardinal Priest Michele Giordano turned 80, thus ceasing to be a cardinal elector.

The College of Cardinals remains at 179 (as it has since May 4, 2010) though we are now down to 103 electors.

As is our wont, all the relevant postings and listings have been updated to reflect this change, in particular:

0/ The ‘College of Cardinals’ display ‘box’ on these pages.

1/ College of Cardinals demographics << here >>

2/ 6-page listing of the College of Cardinals statistics << here >>

3/ Father John’s increasingly popular Cardinalabili list, which is now in its 14th iteration … though just started a couple of months ago << here >>

There is also a new posting on the latest thinking as to when we might get the next cardinal creating consistory — November 20, 2010?

I haven’t updated the consistory data, for example << here >>, because I clearly specify when that data was compiled. I only have so much time, and I have to prioritize. SMILE.

Thanks. Enjoy.

Anura Guruge
‘The Next Pope’

  4 Responses to “Cardinal Electors Down to 103. All Lists and Posts Updated as of Sept. 26, 2010”

  1. Fr. John,

    thank you for maintaining your interesting list.
    I have a question. In the pdf you wrote that “there is a movement to diversify the college of cardinals” by appointing more “Global South” cardinals and fewer from Europe and N. America.
    Yet your list does not reflect that. 10/19, or slightly more than half of your “yellow” favorites are from Europe, which is about as much as current “Electoral College” ratio (51/101). With curial appointments it is even worse. All of your curial favorites are from Europe and N. America, with Europe having 6/7 (86%). Current curial electors, however, are about 5/6 from E+NA and 2/3 from Europe alone.

  2. Bravo.
    You know I have very exact stats:
    Aren’t we GLAD that we live in the 21st century.
    Yesterday you questioned the Holy Spirit.
    Today you question a Catholic priest.
    WOW … can’t wait for tomorrow. Who knows? You may question the pope. [[Smile]]

  3. Thank you for posting detailed stats.
    You know, I am a very questioning guy.
    I guess we will see either in November or Spring 2011 how close Fr. John got. Personally, I would count anything above 50% on “yellow” candidates and no cardinals created outside the whole list as a success.

  4. Friends (and that of course includes Dear Fr. John),
    I was just thinking this morning on my run … we need a definitive, no-caveats list of 19 that we think will get the red … in November … if there is indeed a consistory as everybody now seems to believe. Please see that link to an article in a Canadian paper I posted yesterday.
    Fr. John’s list is immaculate, but you have to go hunting for the YELLOW (and the Dear Father obviously was not fully taking into account that 1-in-10 males (and v. very few women) are color-blind).
    So what I am looking for his just 19 names.
    Then we can see how well we did.
    To make it interesting … as I had done with that papabili list comparison … is to have multiple lists of 19 … with Fr. John’s as the reference list.
    So IF YOU, Kenny, Marko B and whoever, will submit lists (and yes, yes … you can submit them anonymously … and I will just use your screen name) I will put them all together.
    That would be fun. We can see who is clairvoyant or has a mole at the Vatican.
    The STATS were updated again, yesterday.
    Being a question guy or gal is GOOD. As you may have noticed I question everything.
    Thanks & Cheers,
    P.S., We are off to the circus. Yearly event. Ringling & Barnum. Very good.

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