Mar 082011

by Anura Guruge

Please consult if you are not familiar with this issue:
Italian Cardinal Priest Crescenzio Sepe Not Getting Due Precedence. Feb. 14, 2011 post.
2/ Follow-Up To Feb. 14 Cardinal Sepe Precedence Post. Feb. 17, 2011 post.
3/ February 21, 2001, John Paul II Cardinal Creating Consistory — The 10 Year Anniversary. Feb. 21, 2011 post.
4/ Latest Pro Hac Vice List; All Six 2001 Cardinal Deacons Elevated As Such Feb. 21, 2011. Feb. 21, 2011 post.

As shown in post 3/ (above), Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe was created a cardinal deacon at the February 21, 2001 consistory along with Cardinals Agostino Cacciavillan, Sergio Sebastiani, Zenon Grocholewski, Jorge María Mejía, Wally Kasper & Roberto Tucci who were also created cardinal deacons at that time.

As is also shown in that post, Cardinal Sepe was promoted to the order of Cardinal Priest, by Pope Benedict XVI (#266), in May 20, 2006 when he was appointed the Archbishop of Naples. As discussed in post 2/ (above) this type of promotion, though perfectly valid, is not covered in Canon Law. Though common sense and logic would dictate the precedence with such a promotion, I am willing to readily admit that Sepe’s precedence in this scenario can fall into a gray area — UNTIL February 21, 2011.

On February 21, 2011 (as shown in post 4/ (above)), the six remaining cardinal deacons from the 2001 consistory, per their just options right, all received promotion to the order of cardinal priest. At that point their precedence was backdated, per Canon Law, as if they had been created Cardinal Priests at the 2001 consistory. Precedence was thus in the order that they were named, as shown in the list in 3/ (above).

Per any measure Cardinal Sepe, at a MINIMUM, should now appear in precedence, between Cardinal Grocholewski and Mejía.

The meticulous Gabriel Chow in his outstanding shows this precedence, which is what it should be: gives Cardinal Sepe due precedence

Despite numerous attempts to have it rectified ‘The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church‘ continues to list Sepe BELOW Cardinal Tucci! That does not make any sense. By any measure Cardinal Sepe has been a Cardinal Priest for longer than Cardinal Tucci. To say he has less precedence defies common sense.

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