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by Anura Guruge

Last pope to resign, Pope Gregory XII (#266) On July 4, 1415 — resignation post.

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There is an IRONIC error. Does not cater for resignations. I cover it in the book. Get the book. It will let you enjoy the sede vacante and conclave knowing all the lore, laws, protocols and trivia.


Still 100% valid. Nothing out-of-date. Has Ouellet as #1, Bertone as #2. You will NOT find more details of conclave history, lore, protocols and law in any other book.

This is so ironic. Can only happen at the Vatican.

Universi Dominici Gregis, John Paul II’s (#265) February 22, 1996, Apostolic Constitution that will govern this sede vacante and the conclave, though it talks about resignations being permitted, forgets to include that in the all important Clause #49.

I flagged it 3 years ago. There is even a post here on all of the other inconsistencies. The good news is that the Holy See Press Office has 2 copies of the book, and the book is more accurate than the Constitution! There are more copies at the Vatican. Lord Ouellet (papabile #1.5) has one too.

News media, as is to be expected, is wrong. 15 full days after Feb. 28. Funeral is immaterial.

Barring deaths it will be 117 cardinal electors. 80 year cut off is as of February 27, 2013. The day before the start of the sede vacante.

I do know Universi Dominici Gregis by heart. I have read it, word by word, over 60 times.

  9 Responses to “Conclave WILL start 15 Full Days After Resignation. Yes, There Is An Inconsistency In The Apostolic Constitution. But, I Flagged It Years Ago. So They Know.”

  1. Yes, the conclave should start on Friday, March 15 (the Ides of March!). It may finish on March 16 or March 17. The new pope could be installed on the Feast of St. Joseph (March 19).
    Glad to be back!

  2. Welcome back, with open arms. having YOU back might be the BEST thing that happened because of this resignation.
    Ides of March.
    So do you think Lord Bertone will fall to the ground going: ‘Et to Scola’!
    I had thought March 18 the LATEST. This will be another quick conclave, BUT they might decide to spend a day playing cards in the Sistine to make it look like they earned their keep. Plus good for the business in Rome. All those tourists to be housed, fed not to mention the booze and entertainment.
    Thanks. Cheers, Anura

  3. Since Pius X only one conclave in Lent (1939, and that one in early Lent). I checked the weekdays of coronations/installations. All on a Sundays save John XXIII. John was elected on October 28, a Tuesday. The following Sunday was November 2. November 2 is All Souls Day, but according to the calendar valid in 1958 the All Souls Day was allways transferred to November 3 if November 2 was a Sunday. It seems John did not want to be crowned on All Saints Day or the “odd” Sunday between All Saints and All Souls. Thus, the coronation was on November 4, a Tuesday (St Charles Borromeo).
    If the conclave ends on March 16, I expect Sunday, March 17 to be a bit too early. I think the installation will be held before Palm Sunday. I find St. Joseph the most appropriate date.

  4. I’m guessing the conclave will start on the 15th, and, going by recent conclaves seeing it ending on the 16th, on or under 5 ballots. I think the first vote will be taken on the afternoon of the 15th, and, since the cardinals will have been together for a longer period than usual will get down to business in the first ballot. We’ll see Angela Scola (Paul VII)on the balcony on that Saturday night (16th). This way they can do the installation on Saint Patricks day and party hard. Dolan’s bringing the beer.

  5. PLEASE do not guess. Conclave will start on March 15. Yes, Mord Bertone can delay it till the 20th BUT he would have had enough by then. Cardinals are already pouring into Rome so that they can be in front of the cameras. Plus, Opus Dei and KofC will be in Rome with their suitcases full of money, buying votes. They will want to get as much of that as possible. Opus Dei and KofC are the real king makers in papal election. IF you know anybody high up, they will confirm. This is why it will be another ultra-conservative, WHITE pope. Opus Dei, though NYC based, will not support a U.S. pope. For a start most of them can’t even say ‘I will scratch you back when you take off the hair shirt’ in Latin. Cheers.

  6. ok I shouldn’t have used the word guess. But Scola will be pope

  7. “The new pope could be installed on the Feast of St. Joseph (March 19).”

    In these times of the unexpected, there is perhaps at least the possibility, however remote, that there is a papal coronation, rather than installation…

  8. Paul VII?
    Because Paul VI was an archbishop of Milan? I think Paul VI is not popular with traditional catholic for being too liberal and with liberal catholics for being too traditional.
    Of course, names like John, Paul and Benedict can always reference to John the Baptist, St. Paul and St. Benedict. Leo and Gregory have paragon predecessors, the first popes of that name who are Doctors of the Church.
    Pius XIII is not likely, although a reference to St. Pius X can always be made.
    Clement makes no strong evocations like Pius (XII), but the last Clement (XIV) supressed the Jesuit order. Clement is my personal emotional favorite (I simply like the sound of the name: Clemens Quintus Decimus)
    My guess:
    1. Leo XIV 50% (always favorable Leo I. the Doctor, and very esteemed last pope of that name, Leo XIII; would imply social engagement)
    2. Gregory XVII 30% (not so favorable last Gregory, who was against building railway in the Papal State, but Gregory I. the Great, another Doctor stands as the strong reference)
    3. John XXIV. 10%
    4. other names 10%

  9. Dr. Marko,
    I can buy that.
    Within the Church, ‘Paul VI’ has a reputation! Enough said. You know.
    Leo is possible. ‘Lion’, arrogant, connotation.
    Gregory yes. CLEMENT, that is what we need CLEMENT.
    Thanks, mate.

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