Oct 052010

by Anura Guruge

Now superseded by new version as of November 16, 2010. Please refer to that post.
This is post will be deleted in time.


That there will be a November 20, 2010 cardinal creating consistory is looking for and more likely. I want to make sure that you have ready and accurate access to all the information pertaining to it that you would ever want to know. This post, starting today, will be regularly enhanced and updated. A heads-up from Rome on October 13.

* Father John’s latest cardinalabili list (in PDF form) << click here >>

* Father John’s latest  possible new cardinal lists for Consistory 2010 (as of October 16, 2010) << click here >>

* Why a November 20, 2010 consistory is not optimum << click here >>

* Up to-date College of Cardinal statistics (by Anura Guruge) << click here >>

The lets start with an overview of how this consistory, if it does take place on November 20, 2010, stacks up:

Snapshot of the possible November 20, 2010 consistory by Anura Guruge

Snapshot of the possible November 20, 2010 consistory by Anura Guruge

Today’s demographics of the College vs. what it was at the start of the 2005 conclave.
[Yes, I have the data for the non-electors in 2005, but I don’t think it is worth my time to break it down. If anybody is interested in doing it, I will gladly send you the names and links. OK?]

Collge of Cardinal demographics today vs. what they were in 2005 by Anura Guruge

The next two charts enable you to compare Pope Benedict XVI’s cardinal creating with those of the other popes since 1900.

The third chart provides a snapshot of all 56 cardinal creating consistories held since 1900. Notice that Mondays used to be the accepted day for such consistories. The highlighted dates show patterns when it comes preferred dates.

  One Response to “Consistory 2010 Central — If There Is To Be A November 20, 2010 Cardinal Creating Consistory”

  1. I extended this scrutiny backward…Clement XII had a few Wednesday consistories in the 1730s,but from then on,the rare consistory that was not on a Monday was always on a Friday except for an all-in-pectore creation in 1770,a one-man elevation in 1817,and a creation of two (one of them in pectore) in 1838…no weekend consistories at all.

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