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I had a heads-up from a friend in Rome … who runs the Catholic news in 5 languages Web site ‘The Seismograph‘. Since he lives in the shadow of the Domus, I tend to give his scoops a lot of credence. He also has friends in the right places (as I have discovered).

We have a clarification. The Cappella Papale (the mass) at the Sistine, where the new cardinals will get their rings, is said to be scheduled for November 21. The consistory per se would still be on November 20.

He is hearing that the consistory will be announced in early November. We had thought October 20 … with Father John, over the weekend, even agitating that it would be announced TODAY.
[If you go look, you will see that I did not believe that it would be today.] But Oct. 27 and Nov. 6 are also getting mentioned. I like Oct. 20. Here is a new, Oct. 13 [today] link from ‘The Seismograph’. Good post describes all the steps.

It is also interesting that they are saying Sunday, November 21 rather than November 20. They specifically mention Mass.

That is significant. The last time we had a Sunday consistory was in 1923, December 30, 1923 when Pius XI (#260) created just two cardinals. Sunday consistories are rare. Monday used to be THE day … until John Paul II (#265) came along. Please see chart towards the end.

Here is the ilsismografo page … in Italian. Use Google to translate.

Here is the full article referred to by ilsismografo.

While you are at it … check this out … in France … with my other blog referenced as indefatigable. Yep, that is me. Tireless.

Anura Guruge

  7 Responses to “Mass For New Cardinals Sunday November 21. Consistory Nov. 20? Announcement in Early November?”

  1. Interesting that that article is from October 1st…perhaps plans have changed since.

  2. Feast of the Chair of Peter in February also allows combination of the consistory with the “mini-consistory” by which the cardinal-deacons created in 2001 become cardinal-priests.It seems very unlikely that a consistory would be held with only three weeks’ public notice.So if no word in the next week,don’t expect it in the next month.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Very good links.
    So it looks definite. Announcement NEXT Wednesday, Oct. 20 and consistory Nov. 20. Thank YOU.
    Gracias, gracias, gracias. Muy buenos enlaces. Así que parece definitiva. Anuncio El próximo miércoles, 20 de octubre y 20 de noviembre consistorio. Muchas Gracias. Saludos, Anura

  4. 61 cardinals (and a few current cardinalabili) turn 80 between now and the Feast of the Chair of Peter in 2017.Most recent consistories tend to occur around the Feast of the Chair of Peter (late February),Sts. Peter & Paul (late June),or Christ the King(November).I am guessing that the replacement of that aging majority of electors will be split between three consistories.Only 2015 seems unlikely as a a year since it has only 3 80th birthdays (five with Baldelli and de Paolis),but it still could be the occasion for one.It will be a busy time for prognosticating.(I ignore Tumi and Pujats as handled in the proposed consistory).

  5. I do NOT know which one YOU refer to. I see two that start ’61 cardinals’ — one minute apart. Do you mean ONE of those. Which one: first or second?

    Or is it the one where you question Dear Father John’s beliefs? Funny that. He and I have had a few discussions, off-line, on this topic.

    http://www.vatican.va, as far as I can tell, as been down for 2 hours or more.


  6. http://www.vatican.va is up and running but press.catholica.va (with the news bulletins) has been paralyzed all day.It only just changed to that name from a numeric address,that may be the trouble (their IT services having already been lambasted with regard to Archbishop Fisichella’s network access).Are you proposing to join a Pontifical Committee on Network Architecture?

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