Nov 222010

Today, Nov. 22, 2010, two days after the latest cardinal creating consistory, 90 Year Old Spanish Cardinal Urbano Navarrete Cortés, S.J., died. He was a non-bishop cardinal. So we are now down to 3 living non-bishop cardinals.

Non-bishop cardinals post 1962 at popes and papacy.

Non-bishop cardinals post 1962 at popes and papacy. Click to ENLARGE.

  2 Responses to “Down To 3 Living Non-Bishop Cardinals.”

  1. Hi again Anura,
    I just wanted to comment that you suggested that Pope Benedict XVI was basically consigning a cardinal to death between the announcement of the 24 new cardinals and their official appointment. However, obviously we have 121 voting age cardinals at this point in time.
    Yeah, in your post you give the lead in “this last consistory, i.e., November 25, 2007, this pope did the SAME THING … and now we know how and why. Which is WHY this time around it looks unsavory”

    Then the Pope’s motives are called into question. That if there are 121 cardinals you say “what then?”, as if Benedict XVI definitely wants one of them to die. Then: “What about the Church’s stand on the sanctity of human life” this Pope is being callous with the life of a cardinal. And, ultimately “but for the Pope to play God? is that right?”

    SO, do you have any regrets of basically accusing Benedict XVI of wanting a cardinal to die… even though it didn’t happen? The Pope only has to live ’till January 26 2011 for the college to come down to 120. And, yet he was the first person to book his place for world youth day next August in Spain. Perhaps you speculated too much on the 121 cardinal thing? Just because the Pope is old doesn’t mean he’s obsessed with keeping the college below 120, or that he’d walk a thin line with the Church’s stance on the sanctity of human life. I mean, there’s no telling that Benedict doesn’t have another consistory when he’s 85 or 86, God willing.

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