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Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

   by Anura Guruge

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So far German Vatican Radio, as reported on February 9, remains the only news source claiming that the German Jesuit will indeed be created at the February 18, 2012 cardinal creating consistory as originally announced.

That he was NOT included in the post consistory roster announced yesterday, February 10, is curious. Yes, yesterday was one heck of a day for the Vatican Press Office with the leak of the supposed plot to kill Pope Benedict XVI (#266) and papabile Cardinal Angelo Scola. So it is possible that they forgot to update the roster. But, you would think they would have rectified that as the day wore on. Today is Saturday. Yes, in theory the Vatican Press Office does not work on weekends given that per them news only occurs Monday to Friday. But, I checked the online VIS News. Same roster as from yesterday:

I feel bad for Becker. There will always be a question mark as to what happened. Hopefully somebody will provide a credible explanation that clears his name. Basically from what I can see the Vatican tried QUIETLY to drop his creation with the totally BOGUS explanation that he was too ill to attend the consistory. I for one questioned that — loudly and daily (and posts on this blog get read far and wide). Now they are trying to gloss over it and create him anyway. But, the damage is done. His name has been maligned.

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