Jun 212011

by Anura Guruge

Bl. John Paul II Relics, Post May 1, 2011 Beatification post — May 02, 2011

While composing the above post, I went ahead and requested a remnants from a Bl. John Paul II (#255) cassocks (many or all provided by Dziwisz), per #1 of the classes of relics available.  This would be an ex indumentis (from the clothing) Second-Class relic. I followed the instructions supplied by the Vicariate of Rome and requested it via e-mail (without enclosing a donation) using this supplied e-mail address: postulazione.segreteria@vicariatusurbis.org.

It arrived today. It was postmarked [by machine, without stamps], Vatican City, June 15.

It was a 3.125″ x 5.5″ prayer card. It took me awhile to spot the relic. It is a small circular insert on the pope’s right shoulder. It is neat.

Anura Guruge Bl. John Paul II relic

This is what is on the reverse. I am a bit disappointed with the ink smear from the printing that you can see right down the middle. You would think that they would get this ‘right.’ C’est la vie.

Back of Anura Guruge's Bl. John Paul II relic

These letters came with the relic.

Yes, I checked. There are similar, but not identical, relics on ebay. Some are as much as $190. There was one for $3.75 + $1 shipping. I just bought it. My son might like it.

I know that some of you, based on this post, also requested relics. You will probably get yours.

This was neat. All the best. Anura

  4 Responses to “I Did Get A Bl. John Paul II ex indumentis (from the clothing) Relic”

  1. Why isn’t it considered desecration of a relic to tear it into tiny pieces to sell relics to lots of people?

  2. Yes, I want also to have a Relic of Blessed Pope John Paul II. How i can have it?

  3. Please use information provided here. So you have to contact the The Vicariate of Rome.
    These steps will ensure success.
    1/ Pray, ardently, to Bl. John Paul II, five times a day, facing Krakow.
    2/ When you e-mail the Vicariate mention my name.
    3/ Send as much money as you can, via PayPal, to the Vicariate — since that always, guaranteed, does miracles.
    That should work. The prayer is key. If that doesn’t work, just buy one on eBay.
    Hope this helps. Thanks. Cheers.
    P.S., You can always try sending a letter to John Magee in Ireland … with at least US $15 in cash and a self-addressed envelope. IF he has the decency (which I doubt) to mail the envelope back to you …. YOU have a very special relic, a relic ‘touched’ by 3 popes. You could most likely sell that on ebay for US $12 or directly to a gullible cardinal for $1,200.

  4. father is free sorry i have no money i pray to daint paul2 every day plz send the relic

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