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Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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So the question is whether Benedict XVI (#266) is ‘Peter the Roman’?

Note, that ‘Peter the Roman‘ is a figurative term such as the use of the word ‘Babylon‘ to refer to Rome in the Book of Revelations. Lets face it, ‘Peter the Roman’ is not exactly a valid papal name (though, yes, a pope with his near infinite and absolute powers could opt to be known as such). Plus, please note, that the prophecies are already out of sequence! Furthermore, even the so called experts agree that they can’t predict when this last prophecy will kick in. That it will apply to the next pope is a fallacy. Basically, there is no indication as to which papacy it will apply, especially given the sequencing errors at the start.

Let us read the prophecy again:

The two (2) keywords are ‘tribulations‘ and ‘destroyed‘. Lets see what ‘tribulations’ mean:

From dictionary.com

Lets face it, however much the Vatican tries to sugarcoat it this has been an incredible period of tribulation for the pope. Period. It doesn’t matter whether the pope visits Milan or Lord Ouellet lights up Dublin. The headlines continue to scream: Vatileaks, sex abuse, Gotti Tedeschi, Ms. Emanuela Orlandi, Enrico De Pedis and U.S. nuns.

It sure looks like THIS POPE, Benedict XVI (#266), is feeding his flock through many tribulations.

Then turn to the financial mess in Europe. Spain is ready to implode. Italy is next. Sure sounds like the walls could come crashing down on Rome.

So, give it some thought. ‘Peter the Roman’ might already be in the Vatican. Period.

  One Response to “Is ‘Peter The Roman’ Prophecy Already In Play?”

  1. Hey Anu
    I couldn’t login to reply at your website but here is an email. But if you can post it that would be nice. Thanks Anu

    Anyway, it doesn’t sound like a profound spiritual experience but rather a subjective/reflective thought Anu, the kind of thoughts people normally get when their outside in a stress free environment like nature. I know such an experience can be a little foreign to a statistician and researcher (haha) but I’d just call it a subjective thought and connection which I think is a step in the right direction toward seeing the possibility.

    Many Popes have gone through many ups and downs, trials and tribulations throughout their Papal service but the St. Malachy prophecy is a significant and unique period during which an ultimatum has been proclaimed which is a global setting of “extreme” tribulation headed toward “judgement”. The latter in itself relates automatically to the high probability of it relating to the book of revelations. So I take the benefit of the doubt into consideration as it is probable.

    The “feeding” is Eucharistic related, manna from heaven to sustain us spiritually and even physically through the tribulations as the state of the world in tribulation will be more of a survival situation.

    My website http://www.JRCarri.com has a link button called “Time Line of Events” within which I comment and compare the Sister Lucia and St Malachy prophecy and make an interpretation and possibility to my spiritual recognition of the cardinal as “Peter it is you Peter” which I can not deny but is concrete fact to me. SO I hope that you at least for a moment believe that it may be possible but just wait and see if it is so. This is my best effort in interpreting and relating it to others.

    Juan R. Carrillo
    M.Ed. in Counseling/
    M.A. in Public Admin

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