Dec 102012

by Anura Guruge

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The Papal Apartment, the base for the Pontifical Household, is on the top floor of the prominent 4-story square building in the middle — with the screened roof garden, that being the garden frequented by many pope, even John XXIII (#262).

James Michael Harvey whose 14 years in the Pontifical Household matches that of the convicted ex-butler. Coincidence?

For the last last 6 weeks, ever since it was announced that U.S. James Michael Harvey, the then Prefect of the Pontifical Household, was to be appointed as Archpriest Of The Papal Basilica of St. Paul’s Outside-the-Walls, those that have interest in such matters have realized that there had to be a Vatileaks connection. It seems obvious. Harvey, who had been a career curialist and diplomat since 1980 (after spending a number of years studying in Rome), had been appointed Prefect of the Pontifical Household by Pope John Paul II (#265), on February 7, 1998. So he had held that post for 14 years; albeit aided and abetted for the first 6 years of that term by the self-serving ‘Above the Law’ Dziwisz, who like the new Prefect, Georg Gänswein, was the Pope’s personal secretary.

As our knowledgeable friend ‘Prosperonoted a few days ago, though he was talking on the possible future of Gänswein, what happened to Harvey, appears to be: `promoveatur ut amoveatur´ (Let him be promoted so that he can be removed). The October 24, 2012, announcement of the consistory to create 6 new cardinals went to great pains to also point out that Harvey would be appointed as Archpriest of St. Paul’s Outside-the-Walls.

Yes, it is true that of late, i.e., as of 1968, the Prefect of the of the Papal Household is not a cardinal. So, per that Harvey had to move out when he became a cardinal. But, it did not have to be in this fashion. He could have been given another post other than that of this ceremonial, relatively new title. Also there was nothing to stop the pope, all powerful, in having a cardinal run the Household.

It all boils down to how the ex-butler, Paolo Gabriele, the supposed mastermind of Vatileaks, relates to Harvey. I did find something that is rather germane and very interesting. Paolo started working at the Vatican c. 1996 as a cleaner in the Secretariat of State. He would have been around 30 years old at the time. He entered the Pontifical Household, as an assistant to the butler, in 1998. You guessed it. Harvey had become Prefect in February 1998. Harvey must have hired him! So Poor Paolo’s tenure in the fabled household mirrors that of Harvey, one-for-one. They have had to have known each other very well. They were a part of the household for 14 years. That more than anything else has to do with Harvey’s downfall.

Whether Paolo, as Butler, worked for Harvey is open to debate. Despite the wording of the title, the household ‘help’ may not come under the jurisdiction of the Prefect of the Pontifical Household. In addition to the butler and his assistant, there are also two two private secretaries: the German Georg Gaenswein and the Maltese Alfred Xuereb (both ordained priests), and four Italian consecrated nuns: Carmela, Loredana, Cristina and Rosella, who perform all the domestic duties including those of cooking, serving, cleaning and laundry. And then there is the pope’s ‘muse’ Ingrid.

The Prefect of the Pontifical Household per his brief is responsible for the Papal Chapel (Cappella Pontificia) and the Papal Family (Familia Pontificia). Most of the members of these two bodies are VIPs. So, whether the Prefect actually has direct control of the ‘help’, in particular the butler, is open to question. Most likely the butler worked directly for the pope and took ‘discipline and provisions’ from one of the secretaries (or in the case of this pope, Ingrid). But, it appears Harvey is being implicated.

So this brings up another issue. From the start the Vatican has maintained than no clerics, let alone any prelates, were involved in Vatileaks — despite all indications to the contrary. But, now we have Harvey, who just happens to be an American. Isn’t that odd. All those Europeans in the Vatican and the only cleric to be associated, if indirectly, happens to be an American.

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  1. You are never going to let the Dziwisz matter go, won’t you. :)

    Interesting speculation and a beautiful aerial photo of the Vatican.

  2. Happy holidays. I am a British bulldog. When I get my teeth into a pole I never let go. Yes, very nice aerial picture. I tried to get max. zoom on it to see if I could spot any Germans sunbathing on top. Got too pixalated. Wondered where you were. So many hooks you could have jumped on. Cheers, Anura

  3. Well I did try to post on the subject of the popemobile today – twice, but it did not work for some reason. Bugger me if I knew why.

    Yes, sunbathing Germans. You know (ok perhaps you don’t but it’s true) how much German women love sunbathing topless (although that’s a common European thing anyway). Ingrid might be too old to gawk at but maybe there are some younger nuns in the Papal household …

  4. Sorry about that. NOT my doing. I haven’t touched any of the settings. As for your statement in the first line, you have to admit that that is a very Catholic practice and I hope you are not offended if I politely decline.
    Yes, very familiar with the German habits of sunbathing. Lots of them go to Sri Lanka for what the locals call the 3 ‘Ss’: Sun, Sea and S…
    When it stopped you from leaving a comment … what did it [i.e., WordPress] say or do?
    Thanks. Cheers, Anura

  5. Well I said “bugger me if I knew why” which is supposed to state how strongly I felt that I had no idea. But now I think I know what might be going on, so I am relieved that you politely declined. :)

    When it stopped me from leaving the comment it did nothing. Just went back to the post page but did not register the submission (it displays the comment but with a note that it is awaiting moderation). However, it still somehow received the comment because when I tried to submit it again it said it was a dupe. So I had some hope it worked anyhow but when you approved my comment in this thread only I knew I had a problem …

    The reason I now think it denied it is because I wanted to post a link which it did not like for some reason (even though links used to work well). Even when I changed to just posting the URL as text without the HTML tags it would not work. But when I removed the link completely it worked. Weird.

    P.S.: I think I need to visit Sri Lanka one of these days. 😉

  6. Como Prefeito da Cas Pontificia Monsenhor Georg Gaenswein tem que tomar mais cuidado com os empregados leigos que estao a servico do Papa.
    O que aconteceu foi uma situacao muito comum que acontece quando temos empregados domesticos em casa quando nao sao de confianca.

    No Brasil esses Empregados Domesticos podem ser muito perigosos. Sao os principais informantes para as casas serem assaltadas e outros tipos de crimes etc.

    Tive uma vizinha que dentro da casa comecou a sumir as joias e quando a policia foi investigar era a Empregada Domestica que trabalhava ja a varios anos e arranjou um amante que exigia dinheiro dela.
    Uma outra conhecida a empregada nao apareceu durante 1 mes e ela colocou um anuncio no jornal aconselhada pelos advogados. Mais tarde a Empregada Domestica a processou por nao ter pago pelos servicos do mes que estava desaparecida…que a inocentou na justica pois ela tinha o registro do anuncio que colocou no jornal….
    Casos onde os Empregados se tornam amantes dos Patroes e os estorquem para nao serem denunciados ao outro conjuge.!!!!!
    Abrem as portas para os Patroes serem assassinados ou assaltados!!!!

    Tem ate aquela velha historia do filme de crime em que se “descobre que o culpado e o Mordomo”.

    Ja vi varios Castelos na Europa onde os Aristocratas evitavam o contato com os Empregados Domesticos pois sao conhecidos pela sua tendencia a traicao. Inclusive no pais de origem do Monsenhor Gaenswein na Alemanha Em Potsdam em um dos Castelos que o rei da Prussia, Frederico II, construiu onde os aposentos dos Empregados Domesticos ficavam do outro lado de uma praca e a comida era trazida com carvao em baixo para nao esfriar no seu trajeto!

    Outros Castelos com portas falsas nas salas de estar onde os Empregados entravam discretamente para servir as refeicoes e se retirarem…..

    Ou entao o Vaticano tem que contratar um Mordomo muito mais caro com formacao especial inglesa que tem como lema ter descricao sobre a vida de seus chefes.
    As Prefect of the Pontifical Cas Monsignor Georg Gaenswein have to be more careful with lay employees who are in the service of the Pope.
    Whatever happened was a very common situation that happens when we gear at home when employees are not reliable.

    In Brazil these domestic workers can be very dangerous. Sao key informants be mugged for homes and other types of crimes etc.

    I had a neighbor who inside the house began to fade jewels and when the police went to investigate was the maid who worked in several years and already got a lover who demanded her money.
    known Another maid not appeared for 1 month and she put an advertisement in the newspaper advised by lawyers. Later the maid sued for not having paid for the services of the month that was missing … that cleared in justice because she was the record that put the announcement in the newspaper ….
    Cases where employees become lovers and bosses to estorquem not being reported to the other spouse.!!!
    They open the doors to the bosses being murdered or robbed!!

    It has up to that old story of the crime film in which “finds the culprit and Butler.”

    I’ve watched several castles in Europe where the aristocrats avoided contact with domestic employees as are known for their tendency to treason. Even in the country of origin of Monsignor Gaenswein In Potsdam in Germany at one of the castles which the king of Prussia, Frederick II, built where domestic servants quarters were on the other side of a plaza and food was brought down with coal to not cool in your path!

    Other Castles with false doors in the living rooms where Employee entered discreetly to serve meals and retire …..

    Or the Vatican then have to hire a butler much more expensive with English special formation which has as its motto Tues description about the life of their bosses.

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