Feb 212011

by Anura Guruge

As stated yesterday, all six remaining cardinal deacons from John Paul II’s (#265) momentous February 21, 2001 cardinal-creating consistory were eligible for jus optionis promotion to the order of cardinal priest as of today — now that they have achieved their 10 years as cardinal deacons. The six cardinal deacons who were eligible were: Cardinals Agostino Cacciavillan, Sergio Sebastiani, Zenon Grocholewski, Jorge María Mejía, Wally Kasper & Roberto Tucci.

On Monday, February 21, 2011, most likely by design (given its significance as the 10th anniversary), an Ordinary Public Consistory was scheduled for noon, Rome time, to canonize three previously blessed. 47 cardinals attended — including 5 of the jus optionis eligible cardinal deacons, with Wally being the exception. At the of the canonization the 5 subject cardinal deacons indicated their desire to be promoted. Wally’s request, in proxy, was conveyed by the secretary of the College of Cardinals, Archbishop Manuel Monteiro de Castro. The pope, per the norm, immediately accepted the 6 requests — promoting all 6 pro hac vice. [Again, this had been anticipated as of October.]

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, created in October 2003, is now the Protodeacon — given that Agostino Cacciavillan is now a cardinal priest.

The latest pro hac vice list is as follows:

Pro hac vice list by Anura Guruge

  3 Responses to “Latest Pro Hac Vice List; All Six 2001 Cardinal Deacons Elevated As Such Feb. 21, 2011”

  1. Dear Father,
    You said: “(this eventually could be explained by the fact that at the moment of the 1983 consistory the actual regulations which determine this were not yet in effect)”

    I have been TRYING to track this down TODAY … since it is not in Canon Law and Sixtus V edict really only said 10 years for cardinal Deacon to Cardinal Bishop.
    Thank you. Have been CRAZY busy today. Wife, kids, computer problems, tax stuff for a relative, all the updates … WITH computer problems.
    Will be gone much of the day Tuesday.
    Father, I am getting concerned that the books haven’t arrived. In the end, not a big deal. I will resend them next week — via FedEx. Thank you.

  2. Tax stuff? Is there some deadline on February 28/29? In Croatia, the last day of February is the deadline for everyone who have to or want to submit their income tax report for the previous year. I am personally not obliged by law, but I report because I am able to get some of the tax back. For years my father was able to get some 50 $ back and he regularly submitted the report, which was of course prepared by… guess whom. Sometimes I had to do it for the entire family, 4-5 people who were not obliged to report but wanted to know whether they could receive something back. The calculation itself is an easy task (there are MS Excel charts available online freely), but explaining the numbers to the family members is indeed a nightmare.

  3. Yes, I did note that Benedict is more careful with dates than JPII. Seems in general that JPII didn’t loose much time on such petty things.

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