Aug 302010

Now retired curialist, French Cardinal Priest Paul Poupard turned 80 on Monday, August 30, 2010.

The College continues at 179, though we are now down to 106 electors.

All of the relevant postings and listings have been updated to reflect this change, in particular:

0/ The ‘College of Cardinals’ display ‘box’ on these pages.

College of Cardinals demographics << here >>

6-page listing of the College of Cardinals statistics << here >>

3/ Father John’s increasingly popular Cardinalabili list, which has also been enhanced (ages of the prelates included) and scrubbed to eradicate the gremlin typos << here >>

I haven’t updated the consistory data, for example << here >>, because I clearly specify when that data was compiled. I only have so much time, and I have to prioritize. SMILE.

Thanks. Enjoy.


  10 Responses to “Lists Updated To Reflect French Cardinal Paul Poupard Ceasing To Be A Cardinal Elector”

  1. ¡Felicitaciones por el sitio web!

    Tengo dos preguntas. Espero que puedas comprender español.

    1) ¿Qué opinas del Cardenal Antonio Cañizares, anteriormente Arzobispo de Toledo y actualmente Prefecto de la Congregación para el Culto Divino y la Disciplina de los Sacramentos? ¿Lo consideras papable o no? ¿Por qué?

    2) Uno de mis “favoriti” es el Cardenal Marc Ouellet, anteriormente Arzobispo de Quebec y actualmente Prefecto de la Congregación para los Obispos. ¿No es un obstáculo el hecho de que sea Prefecto de la Congregación para los Obispos, un dicasterio tan importante pero cuyo Prefecto normalmente tiene un perfil tan bajo?


  2. Thank you.
    I have NO Spanish. I struggle enough with English — which is my SECOND language.
    Yes, I got a few words: felicitation, opinion etc.
    I think you are asking me about Cardinals Cañizares and Ouellet.
    Yes, I know how to use online translators. I will do that later today.
    Many thanks.
    All the best.

  3. Muchas gracias.

    Aproximadamente, dado que yo no se inglés, las preguntas serían:

    1) What do you think of Cardinal Antonio Canizares, formerly Archbishop of Toledo and now Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments? Do you consider papabile or not? Why?

    2) One of my “favoriti” is the Cardinal Marc Ouellet, formerly Archbishop of Quebec and now Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops. But,,, is the post of Prefect of the Congregation for Bishopsan “obstacle” to be elevated to the Supreme Pontificate? I say this because the Prefect of Bishops, although it is a very important position, usually has a very low profile.

    Espero que esto te ayude a entender mis preguntas. GRACIAS!

  4. THANK YOU for the English translation. I just accessed your comment to have Google translate it for me … when I received YOUR translation.
    Thank you.
    I need to think about BOTH your questions.
    Very interesting observation about the Head of the Congregation for Bishops. Important position. Low profile. I just did a quick check and I think I had checked it before. None of the heads of this Congregation were elected pope. But, a couple of notable pababile, Cardinal Baggio and Confalonieri. So is that the fate for Cardinal Ouellet too? Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
    PLEASE let me think.
    Thank you. All the best.

  5. ¡Muchas gracias! Esperaré tu respuesta.

  6. Hi Francesco,
    Antonio Cañizares Llovera, the ‘Little Ratzinger.’ Very interesting. In December 2008 when I first compiled my papabili list he had just started at the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.
    Now he has been there for over 18 months.
    Spain. Could get the Latin American vote if the chances of a pope from the Americas fails. Would also get the now 4 Spanish votes (assuming he doesn’t vote for himself, though he can).
    Obviously, has very similar ‘traditional’ views to the current pope. Is that good and bad?
    It worked for this pope. The electors wanted somebody who would carry on John Paul II’s agenda.
    So ‘Little Ratzinger’? He is young. A very bad picture of him at my friend’s Salvador Miranda’s Cardinals Web site. Makes him look 80!
    I like it.
    So TWO BIG questions: Non-Italian European pope and will be an extension to the current pope.
    I will do more work. THANK YOU. Keep well.
    It is my 57 birthday in a few minutes. Already 57 where I was born … Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

  7. ¡Muchas gracias! ¡Y feliz cumpleaños!

    Muy interesante tu visión sobre el Cardenal Cañizares. Esperaré la del Cardenal Ouellet.

    Mientras tanto, te señalo esta noticia del vaticanista Tosatti:

  8. Thank you. You are very kind.
    Also THANK YOU for the link from Tosatti. A consistory in November 2010 and another next year. WOW!
    Yes, stay tuned.
    More to follow. I was gone most of the day. Went to an amusement park with the family.
    All the best.

  9. Personalmente pienso que el Cardenal Ouellet es mucho más papable que el Cardenal Cañizares. También tiene una proyección internacional mucho más grande. Mi única duda es la referida al cargo de Prefecto de la Congregación para los Obispos.

  10. I agree.
    [But, this is funny. You comment in Spanish and I reply in English and all is well. Reminds me of talking with my grandfather, father’s father, in Ceylon, Sri Lanka, in 1983. Our mother tongue in Sinhalese (with a FEW Portuguese words). But, I left when I was 14, in 1967, and since then never really lived with any Sinhalese speaking people. Spoke English with my parents … plus I didn’t live with them past 1968. So come 1983, English (rather badly and with a heavy accent) was the only language I could really speak. But, I could understand Sinhalese without any problems. Just couldn’t speak it. My grandfather, who must have been in his early 80s by then, knew English. He had been a village postman, under the British, and had to learn English. The British made him a J.P. before they left in 1948, and even gave him a fancy uniform with a sword! But, he didn’t like to talk English — especially given that my then wife, who was with me, was British. So he spoke to me in Sinhalese. I answered in English. This went on without a hitch for hours. People came to watch. So our ‘conversation’ reminds me of this … Spanish English.]
    I agree with you. I too think Cardinal Ouellet stands a very good chance … even with his new post at the Congregation for Bishops. Remember, I had him at #3 in Dec. 2008! [[ smile ]]
    LOT depends whether the electors are willing to go outside of Europe. They haven’t done that in a VERY LONG time!
    That is why Cardenal Cañizares could be a papabile. European from Spain. I think enough time has passed since the last Spanish pope for most people to forgive his behavior. [[ smile ]] Cardenal Cañizares seems to be very different to a Borgia.
    PLEASE keep reading and commenting (in Spanish). The Google translator has worked well.
    THANK you.

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