Feb 212013

by Anura Guruge

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Feb. 20, 2013.

More Nonsense From Vatican About Changing Conclave Start Date.
What Is Happening In Rome? It Is Like They Are Drunk Or Worse …
Feb. 20, 2013.

Click to read Lombardi's fantasy ...

Click to read Lombardi’s fantasy …

I am no longer sure whether they are serious or that they are doing it as a joke on the gullible. If they are serious this is beyond a joke.

The cardinals at a general congregation decide WHEN between +15 s.v. and +20 s.v. they want to start, not before +15.

That is clearly spelled out in clause #37 and reiterated in clause #49 — and DON’T frigging tell me that clause #49 doesn’t mention resignation. I know. I pointed that out 3 years ago! Idiots all. Yes, I am sure they have read it. But, they don’t have the intellect to sort it out. That is very obvious. Yes, I am mad. Now I am off to go pay homage to the bearded one. Behave. Be nice. I will not be able to approve any comments till tonight.

  9 Responses to “More Uninformed, Ignorant, Dangerous Drivel From The Holy See Press Office!”

  1. I sometimes think Lombardi is gets beat up on by you when he is misquoted by a stupid press corps. He is RIGHT, the cardinals do set the day of the election (*BUT* between 15-20 days) – unless B16 changes things in UDG:

    37. I furthermore decree that, from the moment when the Apostolic See is lawfully vacant, the Cardinal electors who are present must wait fifteen full days for those who are absent; the College of Cardinals is also granted the faculty to defer, for serious reasons, the beginning of the election for a few days more. But when a maximum of twenty days have elapsed from the beginning of the vacancy of the See, all the Cardinal electors present are obliged to proceed to the election

    13. In one of the Congregations immediately following, the Cardinals, on the basis of a prearranged agenda, shall take the more urgent decisions regarding the beginning of the election. In other words:
    h) they shall make provision for the assignment of rooms by lot to the Cardinal electors;
    i) they shall set the day and hour of the beginning of the voting process.

    So he’s correct. He was misinterpreted (or maybe he didn’t explain it clearly but I doubt it)

  2. So many Doctors of Canon Law there in Vatican… And they let Lombardi the Man pronounce such stupid nonsense. My boss (I am an assistant professor at a university; he is a full professor) keeps saying that for getting a PhD degree one only needs to find a group of 3 people (the number may vary from 3 to 7 but let us presume the worst case) who are ready to sign that your thesis is worth of the degree. And they may be distinguished members of scientific mafia and publish your nonsense in eminent mafia journals. It seems that many canonists in Vatican obtained their degrees in exacly such mafia way. As I said, my friend, a professor at the Schoolf of Law (not my boss) has been outraged ever since this nonsense started.

  3. I rather would say that the ,Vatican Information Service´ here cited is spreading some disinformation…in fact, during today´s briefing Lombardi told the journalists there present that ,somebody in quite a confidential manner stated that the conclave most probably will begin March 11´. Then he continued that even if the pope will issue a motu proprio which would enable an anticipated commencement of the conclave the only institution having the competence to decide is the so called ,Cardinals´ General Congregation´ which for the first time will take place after the official beginning of the Sede Vacante. It is more than obvious that VIS maimed this communication by omitting that Lombardi all this said under the condition that there could be an amendment to UDG concerning a reform of the there given terms ( until now 15 to 20 days) and we all know that the cardinals at any rate are bound to observe the given provisions…be it the actual or a revised version of UDG.

  4. Given the recent resignation of XVI, I am sure they will be changing the rules to account for it, as he is possibly opening up a whole new window for popes to resign.

  5. One cardinal elector has opted not to attend, so we are now at 116 electors.

    Indonesian cardinal says poor eyesight will keep him from conclave

    from National Catholic Reporter: Conclave 2013 by Pam Cohen
    Catholic News Service Vatican City
    Conclave 2013
    At least one of the 117 cardinals eligible to elect a new pope will not come to Rome because of illness.
    Indonesian Cardinal Julius Darmaatmadja, the 78-year-old retired archbishop of Jakarta, told the Rome-based AsiaNews agency Thursday that his health and particularly the “progressive deterioration” of his eyesight led to his decision not to travel to Rome.

  6. David,
    I try to protect you from all these people who complain that YOU DON’T read before you comment. What can I say.
    That wasn’t the damn press corp. That was VIS. So that was him. No misquoting.
    David, for my sake, PLEASE read stuff carefully, check the references, take a nap and then comment. OK? Thanks. Cheers. Anura

  7. Dr. Marko,
    I am gob-smacked. Why are they doing this. There is ZERO reason. In 2005 no comments about UDG. In 1978, Poor Villot was driven to distraction trying to house 110+ electors and 100 conclavist. No discussions. Amazing. I think Lombardi has lost it. Really gone mental. Thanks. Anura

  8. Amazing. They are all incompetent. Thanks. How are YOU? Keeping well? I was out all day. Lovely Boston. Home of O’Malley. I had invited him for lunch. He stood me up? Thanks. Cheers. Anura

  9. He sure. Not just to resign, BUT for people to call for his resignation! That is the real crime. He humanized that ‘2,000’ year old office. But, what can you expect from a German? Maybe if they had a bunker at the Vatican rather than Castel Saint’Angelo thinks might have come out differently. Thanks. Cheers. Anura

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