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Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

   by Anura Guruge

Refer to the ‘Consistory‘ TAB right at the top, above the banner ((↑)), for all the pertinent ‘consistory’-related links, which include those for the February 18, 2012 cardinal creating consistory.

Seems like déjà vu, all over again, in some ways. Louis, way back in July 2011, as I keep on pointing out of late, mooted the possibility of a February 2012 consistory — though others pined for one in November 2011 or a year later in 2012. On December 29, 2011, I correctly stated it would be on Saturday, February 18, 2012, as opposed to the Sunday that some were also talking about.

In that same post I postulated that the pope, once again, will exceed the 120 limit. As far as I know I was the first to anticipate that. But, I, restrained as ever, thought he would not go beyond 122. As far as I can see he, viz. Benedict XVI (#266), will be at 125 barring deaths. I said this in 2010 and I will say it again. To me, when a pope, so audaciously goes over the 120 limit, it strikes me that he is playing God — or at least has privileged information from God as to the timetable as to when people, including the pope, are supposed to be dying. Per my trusty Excel spreadsheet, barring deaths of electors, it will be July 26, 2012, before we get back to the regulation 120. Yes, I know that the cardinals can sort it out as to how they will handle a conclave if there are more than 120 electors and I have written extensively about the possible options. But, I would take this, at face value, that the pope knows for SURE, because he has checked with his superior, that he will be in office until at least the end of July. That is cool. That fits in with my other theory that this pope still has some legs left.

That he announced the list 43 days ahead of the consistory seems curious. A month ahead had been the norm. Is there a significance here?

That there are no new cardinals from the Philippines does not surprise me in the slightest! Check my comment to ‘Dom’, from the Philippines, on December 15, 2011. I told him that they would be lucky if they got one. Well, they were not lucky. The Tanned One, last time around, was an aberration because he was the ‘Tanned Ratzinger’. That creation didn’t mean that this pope and his curia were going to dole out red hats to any ol’ Asian. Come on. Be realistic. Ditto for Africa.

I am amused that for the second time in a row the Vice Camerlengo, who cannot be a cardinal, has been made a cardinal. It is not a big deal and in a few months the pope will appoint a new, non-cardinal V.C. as happened in 2011. I would take this as yet another sign that the pope knows, for sure, that he has a fair amount of time left on the clock. So all those predicting an early conclave should take a breather. The pope knows.

7 of the 18 electors, 39%, are Italian. C’est la vie.

2 for the U.S.A. — as should be (given the ‘rain making’ done by the U.S.), with one the Archbishop of NYC (who was rumored, till recently, to be the surprise choice as the new spokesperson for Nutrisystems).

I will start creating my spreadsheet entries that will give me much more insights. So … stay tuned.

  2 Responses to “My Initial Take On The Now Official February 18, 2012 Cardinal Creating Consistory”

  1. Anura, how do you think this batch of new cardinals effects the papabili list and do you see anyone created in this consistory as papable?

  2. Father,
    As I told you late last night, I was gone all day till just now. DI event at UNH. It was good. It was fun. Lots of kids. Kids had a ball. That is what counts.
    I had been MEANING to ask YOU this! I haven’t had a chance to even REALLY look at the list! Yesterday was crazy. I only started around 1pm and took my customary 4 hours off, in the middle, for dinner etc. But, I did 8 posts — 1 on papam. Four were yours, weren’t they? Today, I left at 8am. So I haven’t looked at the list! There should be one or two if we look carefully. Probably both Italian.
    Please have a look. E-mail me if you have any thoughts. I am going start working on spreadsheet shortly. That WILL focus my mind.
    Thanks for all the HELP yesterday. Cheers,

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