Oct 012011

by Anura Guruge

Anura Guruge cardinal creating consistory cartoon

Dear Father John, who never tires of trying to stay ahead of the game when it comes to cardinalabili and papabili, sent me an e-mail early this morning saying that a Roman ‘rag’ (the same one that got conclave protocols all wrong) was again stoking the fires with rumors about a potential cardinal creating consistory on this years ‘Feast of Christ the King.‘ They might be in Rome, within spitting distance of the throne, while I sit in faraway New Hampshire, BUT I at least know the Feast days for 2011 and the pope’s travel itinerary for 2011.

The ‘Feast of Christ the King,‘ which is always celebrated on a Sunday, prior to November 27, yet again falls on November 20, 2011 — as it did last year (which is when we had the last cardinal creating consistory).

Well, as I ALREADY pointed out way back in July (because I just know this stuff), the pope will be waking up in Benin, Africa that morning.

Yes, I grant you, you could still have a cardinal creating consistory on that day, either late in the evening or better still in the balmy climate of Benin. But, this is Benedict XVI. 84 years old. In 150 days he will overtake John Paul II to become the 6th oldest pope since 1400. He gets confused conferring paliums. ‘They’ are not going to stress the pope by having a cardinal creating consistory in November, especially not November 20.

Yes, they could cancel the trip. That is unlikely too.

The Next Pope 2011 Book by Anura GurugeWhat we said on July 23, 2011 about the possible dates for the next cardinal consistory still hold, better than ever. So just please read that.


Those of you who have ‘The Next Pope 2011‘ should now know the identities of both Father John and Father Anthony. They both consented (maybe even wanted) to be identified in the book. Father Anthony’s name appears, I think, 4 times since the front cover picture of the interior of St. Peter’s was taken by the good father when he was in Rome for the November 2010 consistory. [Yes, he gave me permission to use them.]

  12 Responses to “Next Cardinal Creating Consistory — November 2011 Will Be Tight!”

  1. Do you want current cardinalabili lists or should they wait until February?

  2. Andrea Tornielli said that in 2012 can be 25 man consistory.


  3. Send me what you have. We can refine and update it as we go along. Plus, whenever I get a list from you, it gets Father John fired up and possibly even Darien.
    Thanks. Cheers.

  4. Thank YOU. This reads so much better in Polish. Tornielli should think about writing in Polish. That way, maybe, he can excuse his frequent errors by saying that he didn’t mean to say it as such. Thank you.

  5. I know YOU find this impossible to believe, BUT I really do know what I am talking about most of the time.

  6. Tornielli is too parochial. All he looks at in a consistory is the Italians getting red hats. They don’t like to wait over there to become Princes. Sorry, but Turin and Florence can wait one more consistory. The poor Philippines has all taxation and no representation!! His article seems to reduce the Universal Church to Rome and Italy, very pre-Vatican II.

    And, I write this as a proud person of Italian descent.

  7. Dear Father,
    As ever, much appreciated.
    Your possible Nov. 8, 2011 consistory. Wouldn’t that require, per recent norms, for them to announce the list NEXT Saturday. If that was the case wouldn’t we have seen much more ‘chatter’?
    All the best. Have a great Sunday.
    We are off to the circus … no, no … we are not going to the Vatican to see the pope.
    We are off for our annual visit to the Barnum and Bailey/Ringling Brothers circus. We go to the last show. Within 30 minutes of the show finishing they parade the elephants and horses down the main street of Manchester to their special railway trucks. That alone is a spectacle.
    Thank you.

  8. I don’t think I mention a Nov. 8 consistory . . . I agree very much with you . . . I would be SHOCKED if a Nov. consistory were announced. (Unless, as I suggested, it was only for the Curial Boys . . . wouldn’t that make a good title for a Hollywood movie . . . The Curial Boys . . . Ha!)

  9. Dear My Guruge,

    May i try to present my full list of cardinalbilli including three possible terms of consistory, or you are against this? I know, i have had one mistake on my ” 6 the best list”, but I wasn’t able to predict someone’s death

  10. NO, no, no. PLEASE submit your list. As you might see I publish any list that looks ‘OK.’ Your list of 6 was fine. No problem. PLEASE … go ahead.

  11. If the Pope announce a consistory this year (November) can the red hat be awarded to the archbishop-elect of Manila even without the formal installation yet? I know for sure the Philippines will get 2 red hat (hopefully in the next consistory) for Manila and Cebu. But I dont know who will be the 3rd one if any as mentioned by Fr. John. Who will be that lucky one?

    The Pope is a theologian so he appoints people like him! In Cebu, there is Jose Palma, a theologian and just recently in Manila, Luis Antonio Tagle!

  12. Formal installation should not be an impediment. The pope can create any priest a cardinal, and Tagle is already a bishop. So that would NOT be an issue, if the pope wants to create him.
    It is October 15 in Rome right now. If there were to be a November consistory we would have heard a LOT of chatter by now — given that the pope traditionally announces the names a month ahead (though he does not have to).
    BIGGEST impediment is that the pope is going to be in Africa.
    I think you can forget about a consistory this year, UNLESS the pope decides to give the Filipinos a HUGE Christmas present and reintroduces the notion of ‘Christmas’ consistories — the week before Christmas. The last of these was in 1959! See the list at the bottom.
    I agree with Father John. We are now looking at a Oct/Nov 2012 consistory — and don’t get your hopes up on 2 creations. Space will still be tight.
    All the best. Cheers,

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