Oct 252012

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With thanks AGAIN to our friend ‘Andrea B.’ from Tuscany who helps me on a near daily basis.

What about the faithful, ever immaculate, always impressive, very Italian, Lord Bertone who deserves to be Pope?

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  2 Responses to “Non-Italian Consistory In November 2012 To Mitigate ‘Italian Wars’ At Forthcoming Conclave?”

  1. In his article Rodari poses indeed very good questions so that one may ask if among the presumable contenders will be really any ,Italian wars´ during the next election of a pope. However, it is true that actually 25 % of those who are entitled to participate in a conclave are of Italian origin (29 out of 116) – procentually this is even more than in the 1978 conclaves (in August there were 26 out of 111, altogether 23,4 % and in October 25 out of 111, altogether 22,5 % Italians). Despite all those facts I am in no way sure that their seeming predominance will result in the election of an Italian pope. As far as it is possible to evaluate the scenario I would think that in fact there are only two Italian cardinals who may have realistic chances to be eventually considered as Pope Ratzinger´s successor – Angelo Scola and Gianfranco Ravasi. As for all the others, including Antonelli and ,Lord´ Bertone (even if he seems to be so papabile and immaculate ;-)) especially when they are officials of the Roman Curia it may be quite difficult for them to be considered as candidates. Ravasi in particular could be attractive to his fellow cardinals: Even if he is working in the Curia he by no means is to be considered as a typical representant of the Vatican bureaucracy thus being an intellectual who possesses even the abilities to be a ,people person´.
    On the other hand one may ask if the final solution for a forthcoming conclave to avoid any ,Italian wars´ would not be once again the election of a ,papa straniero´, a pope who is not Italian – maybe this time coming from the Americas (Ouellet, Rodriguez Maradiaga or Bergoglio) ? Certainly the Italians are the largest national group within the College of Cardinals which however does not mean that they will vote in a ,homogenous´ way concerning national interests, this is rather a matter of their own doctrinal convictions and personal standpoints (As for the conclave of 2005 I am quite sure that if Martini got any votes they basically did not come from his Italian colleagues).
    Concerning the composition of the College after November 24 there are only a few ,cosmetic adjustments´ which in no way will correspond to the real circumstances of Roman Catholicism in today´s world: No doubts that Benedict XVI favours an Euro-centered Church – after the consistory of the then 120 electors still 62 of them will come from Europe so in this consequence one may conclude also the future pope should one again be European and so for leading representants of Roman Catholicism at first sight it may also be evident that at the given moment the only Europeans who actually seem to have realistic chances to inherit the papal throne are the Italians. Goodness knows… 😉

  2. Given that God already deemed it fit to have Mormon Mitt Romney, who is NOT A CHRISTIAN (per Benedict), elected President of the U.S. of A., I think it will be very appropriate that per the ‘Peter the Roman’ malarkey $20K Dolan is elected Pope so that this whole sorry mess will come to and END. To me the End of Times has already arrived with the Mormon’s election.

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