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Fr. John's list-of-lists of cardinalabili, i.e., possible new cardinals in November

Fr. John's list-of-lists of cardinalabili, i.e., possible new cardinals in November

Albert Malcolm Ranjith Patabendige Don, the 'Very Tanned Ratzinger'

Albert Malcolm Ranjith Patabendige Don, the 'Very Tanned Ratzinger'

I just had a call from Sri Lanka. I thought it was my aunt but it was a stranger who had found me on the Web. In Sri Lanka they think that the new cardinals are going to be announced tomorrow! They are agog. They are dressing up the elephants, digging the pits for the fire walks and erecting the ‘pandols.’ They have no doubts. They are totally convinced that the ‘Very Tanned Ratzinger,Albert Patabendige Don, will be a cardinal. They don’t care whether this would be at the expense of another country. Yes, we tend to be very partisan. But, they are also convinced that he will also not return to Sri Lanka after the consistory. The belief is that Benedict XVI will keep ‘tanned Ratzinger’ in Rome, yet again, heading up some dicastery. That doesn’t please me either. That will disrupt things in Sri Lanka, and that is not good. But as we say in Sri Lanka, c’est la vie.

Father John is also sure that the consistory announcement is imminent. He has been working feverishly (despite being under the weather).

We now have a list-of-lists of cardinalabili. This is a list of the cardinalibili with the amount of times that their names appeared on certain credible lists. Father John has tallied these numbers and ranked them.

This is wonderful. Thank you. Much appreciated.

Please click << here >> on the icon, top left, for the list — which is a 5-page Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Enjoy. Much more to come.


  21 Responses to “November 20, 2010 Cardinal Creating Consistory? Most Likely To Be Created Cardinals.”

  1. Interesting. There is a good consensus (at least 6 out of 8 lists, or 75%) for the 19 vacant spots and consensus drops significantly after that. However, some of your favorites like Fisichella (any relationship with Giancarlo I wonder?), Franklin, Nanez or de Azevedo are not getting much love from the others. Except for Fisichella, all of those are non-European.

    Anther thing I keep noticing is age. Only 2 of the 19 (and 25) are under 60 and both are 57, i.e. late 50s. Note that JP2 got his red hat at 47 (and white hat at 58, you can barely be created cardinal at that age any more) and B16 at 50. Quite a development, and I suspect it has to do with fewer young people going into priesthood overall, and among those there are even fewer brilliant people opting for priestly vocation. When discussing priest shortage, it would be fruitful to investigate the quality, and not just the quantity of prospective young priests.

  2. Excellent. Bravo. Thank you.

    Can you PLEASE send me a list of 19, best-and-final, ASAP.

    I am working on a different table. Historic data. YOU are THE EXPERT on the cardinalabili. So I am leaving this all in YOUR hands.

    Thank YOU.

  3. Very interesting observations about AGE. I had noticed that with past cardinals. Did YOU notice the correlation? Africans were made bishops and cardinals WAY EARLIER than others — probably because of limited competition. I think the same applied to JP2 — when he was in Poland. Not too much competition within the country.
    Excellent comments.
    PLEASE … when you say ‘yours’ … I hope you are talking to Fr. John, rather than me. All the cardinalabili expertise is HIS. Not something I know anything about. Papal history is my bag.
    Thank you.

  4. El Arzobispo Ñañez, de Cordoba, tiene muy pocas posibilidades de ser creado cardenal. Últimamente ha cometido errores de gobierno muy graves que han tenido repercusión nacional y en Roma. Además, el estado de la arquidiócesis de Cordoba es muy lamentable, una de las peores de la Argentina. Por otro lado, el pensamiento de Ñañez es demasiado opuesto al del Papa Benedicto XVI.

    En cambio, en el extraño caso de que ARgentina tuviera un cardenal más en este consistorio, tal vez tendría posibilidades el Arzobispo de La Plata, Mons. Hector Aguer. Desde los últimos consistorios de Juan Pablo II, había rumores de que Aguer podría ser creado cardenal. Se sabe que tiene línea directa con Roma, que es muy apreciado por el Papa por su firme posición doctrinal. Además, es conocido en Argentina por su oposición directa al Gobierno. Muchos hablan de que se convertiría en el sucesor de Bergoglio al frente de Buenos Aires.

    Resumiendo: poco probable que Argentina obtenga un nuevo cardenal en el próximo consistorio. Sin duda, Ñañez no tiene ninguna posibilidad de ser cardenal. Si alguien tuviera esta posibilidad, sería probablemente Hector Aguer.

    Ñañez Archbishop of Cordoba, has very little chance of being made a cardinal. Lately the government has committed very serious mistakes that have national impact and Rome. In addition, the state of the archdiocese of Cordoba is very unfortunate, one of the worst in Argentina. On the other hand, the thought is too opposite Ñañez of Pope Benedict XVI. In contrast, in the rare case that Argentina had a cardinal in the consistory more, perhaps would have a chance the Archbishop of La Plata, Archbishop Hector Aguer. Since the last consistory of John Paul II, there were rumors that Aguer could be made a cardinal. Is known to have direct line to Rome, which is highly appreciated by the Pope for his strong doctrinal position. In addition, Argentina is known for its direct opposition to the Government. Many speak of that would become the successor of Bergoglio in front of Buenos Aires. In short, Argentina is unlikely to get a new cardinal at the next consistory. No doubt Ñañez has no chance of being a cardinal. If someone had this possibility, it would probably Hector Aguer.

  5. Hay que agregar, como próximo cardenal, a Mons. Mauro Piacenza, nombrado HOY por el Papa como Prefecto de la Congregación para el Clero, en sustitución del Cardenal Hummes. El hecho de que el nombramiento se haya hecho hoy (se podría haber esperado algunas semanas) muestra que Piacenza será creado cardenal próximamente. Lo da por seguro el vaticanista Tornielli al decir que “e’ ora praticamente certo che il nome dell’arcivescovo Piacenza sarà inserito nella lista dei nuovi cardinali che saranno creati a fine novembre: l’annuncio avverrà con un mese di anticipo, dopo il sinodo sul Medio Oriente”

    ENGLISH translation from Google:
    I must add, as the next cardinal, Archbishop Mauro Piacenza, appointed today by Pope as prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, Cardinal Hummes replacement. The fact that the appointment was made today (could have waited a few weeks), shows that cardinal Piacenza will soon. It is considered certain to Vatican Tornielli saying “and now virtually certain that the name of the Archbishop Piacenza will be included in the list of new cardinals to be created at the end of November will be announced one month in advance, after the synod on the Middle East.”

  6. Thank you.
    I do NOT accept future papal names as appropriate aliases. SORRY.
    Very appropriate comment. I used Google translate.
    Thank YOU.

  7. Fr. John et. al.
    My cardinalabili experts. Could you please get on this.
    One first reaction was that these two curial openings made the case for the ‘Tanned Ratzinger’ even more credible. Then these comments.
    I just finished updating the College of Cardinals stats table and the papam.wordpress.com status post.
    So … please.
    Where is this list of 19. I get e-mails … but no list. [[ smile ]]
    Thanks & Cheers

  8. Fr. John,
    I do not think Alas is too young at 51, given precedent. There have been plenty of cardinals created in their early 50s or even late 40s, current Pope being one of them.

    thanks. Good point about Poland not having too many candidates due to communist persecution. However, that does not apply to Germany, and B16 was 50. I still hold to the systemic change in the nature of clergy in the developed world as an explanation.

    P.S.: Future Pope alias?

  9. ‘Future pope alias’!

    This goes back to OUR discussions about anonymity. [[ smile, and yes, I did get YOUR e-mail. Thank you. ]]

    On this blog and on papam, I often get people using aliases … such as YOU do. [[ smile ]]

    In general, I do not accept pretentious, ‘inappropriate’ names. So if somebody claims to be a pope from the past … I ask them to change their name … because as far as I know (and I could, as ever be wrong) … they don’t have e-mail and the Web in heaven (THANK GOD). So unless their e-mail ends in ‘.hv’ and comes with built-in harp music … I dismiss it as a fake. That is OK … right?

    I then had somebody claiming to be Savonarola. Well though there are always huge gaps in my knowledge base, I do know that Savonarola is toast!

    Today, it was papal name with the NEXT ORDINAL! For all my faults, I will not tolerate total insubordination like that.


    I need to go track down Fr. John. Haven’t heard from him in 24 hours. AWOL. He better be working on that list of 19.

    Thanks & Cheers

  10. Just to interject into this. Something I had noticed and BOTH of you could please check and verify. [By the way, where the heck is ‘student’ Andrew when we need him to check numbers.]

    African clergy appear to get promoted to bishops and when appropriate get created MUCH EARLIER than those from other continents. Go check.

    Though not as pronounced, this was also true for some of the Eastern Bloc countries. Hence, a very young pope!

    From what I can see, there is nothing sinister. Just a smaller pool of eligible candidates for promotion. Please look and comment.

    Thanks & Cheers,

  11. ¿Puedes poner, en mis comentarios anteriores, el nombre de “Gregorio”? Gracias.

  12. Anura,

    I doubt very much that Malcolm will be in Rome after the consistory. The reason for this unlikely scenario is that the Archdiocese of Colombo has a leadership crisis, with the Auxiliary Bishop almost defunct, and no one has been groomed to take over in the event Malcolm is called to serve in the Vatican. It was this same leadership crisis that brought him to Colombo (of course there were other reasons which I have explained on the blog).

    I predict that he will serve Colombo at least for another two years, as Cardinal Archbishop. Besides right now the Pope seems to have all filled up all Curia positions.

  13. And Malcolm will set one more record at his elevation; In Colombo, he will be the first Diocesan to become Cardinal

  14. Kenny,
    All good points.
    I am fascinated that Malcolm Don did NOT make Fr. John’s top 19 even though Fr. John had warmed up to him, quite a bit, in the last 2 weeks.
    You will note that I had expressed surprise BOTH that he was considered a top tier cardinalabili AS WELL AS that he would be taken away from Colombo.
    So lets wait and see.
    Even if he is made a cardinal, my feeling is that he will, as you say, stay on in Colombo — unless, of course, they want me to step in and fill the breach. [[ smile ]]
    It is the folks in Ceylon who are convinced: 1/ that he will be created & 2/ that he will immediately move to Vatican City.
    Thanks & Cheers
    Yes, I know I owe you an email. Crazy busy.

  15. Cardinal Cooray (1901-1988) was Archbishop of Colombo from 1947 to 1976,and elevated to the College in 1965,so there is no precedent for an Archbishop there to be elevated with anything close to promptness.Some were saying that Albert Malcolm Ranjith Patabendige Don (I don’t know the practices there well enough to be confident of an abbreviation’s correctness) was sent to Colombo to pave the way for an immediate red hat,but I don’t see that.(Still,expect two consistories in the next three years and probably two more in the following three).

    The consistory of 1850 is interesting…Pius IX named a number of elderly men who died without actually getting their red hats or installed in titles,something of a prefiguring of the recent naming of over-80 cardinals on a quasi-honorary basis.

  16. Hi Anura and Others
    What Ever Fr.John Mention in the list Archbishop Malcom Ranjith 100% Sure to promoted as a Cardinal
    mind you he is just 66 years and colombo is too small for him
    any way what ever Fr.John Say he will be a Cradinal
    Sri-Lanka needs a Cardinal as There are Blessed Joseph Vass and Beatification Prosess Started On
    Former Cardinal Coory

  17. Don’t get it. The VERY TANNED one isn’t on the Top 19 list but then creeps in, surreptitiously, into the 2nd ‘hedging our bets’ list.

    The way I see it, ALL 14 MPs should be in the Top 19 list … but they are NOT.

    Very strange. This is why, I have stayed out of the cardinalabili game.

    You noticed when I did the papabili, I didn’t hedge my bets with a list of 179 papabili …. naming every cardinal as MP, NP, DP, GP, AP, BP, CP, P, P1, P2, Pie etc.

    OK, OK, OK. I am teasing. I know it is hard. But, come on. Can’t we have a firm 19?

    Thanks. Cheers.

  18. From what I can see, Patabendige’s credentials for cardinalate have NOTHING to do with the Archdiocese of Colombo or Sri Lanka. It has ALL to do with his noted BROWN NOSE.


  19. Samantha,
    I will check with MY FATHER (who is still extremely well connected at the HIGHEST echelons of the government), but what will the MAJORITY Sinhala-Buddhist make of Ranjith Dom’s ‘promotion’ if it happens. What were his politics during the ‘conflict’? I know, mainly from e-mails that I got, that the SL catholic church APPEARED to FAVOR the ‘other side’.

  20. Anura
    Dont ever forget that we are a Minority in srilanka who ever the goverment we have to be with them
    so i dont say that appered to favor the otherside everybody knew otherside won”t win { fonseka} so lets see the 1st Cardinal from srilanka CARDINAL Malcom Ranjith after 35 YEARS
    what ever it happen all in gods hands

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