Nov 162010

by Anura Guruge

Analysis of the 24 who will be created cardinals at the November 20, 2010 consistory. Posted October 23, 2010.

Of course, I am preparing all sorts of new charts and analysis for the consistory. Did you expect any less?

Well, this is what struck me the MOST … and you should also seriously think about it.

I have been comparing numbers since when the Benedict XVI (#266) was elected in April 2005 and now.
[ The pre-announcement data << here >>]

Right now we are seeing a 5:1 discrepancy in the growth of non-electors and the size of the College!

Yes, between 2005 and this consistory the increase in the number of electors is just 4. Yes, just 4. There were 117 electors in total when Benedict XVI was elected.
On Saturday, November 20, 2010, barring other eventualities, we will have 121 electors — one more than the 120 limit for cardinal electors set in 1973.

But, in that same time the College has grown by 20 cardinals — this having to do with cardinals turning 80 and ceasing to be electors.

So we have achieved an increase of 4 electors … while the size of the College increased by 20.

This 120 limit, as I have already articulated, is going to become a even greater problem.

The growth of the College exceeds that of the worldwide growth of Catholics by quite a margin. I already graphed it for you.

Here is a chart of the growth of the College that clearly highlights the problem:

Growth of the College of Cardinals by Anura Guruge.

Growth of the College of Cardinals by Anura Guruge. Click to ENLARGE.

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