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by Anura Guruge

For the list of 24 names announced for the Saturday, November 20, 2010 consistory, in the order announced.
For the TRIVIA on the 24 cardinal designates named.
Consistory Central for November 20, 2010 cardinal creating consistory.
Scroll down the blog for many posts related to this announcement including latest papabile. Check the comments.

The 24 cardinal designates named by Benedict XVI (#266) on October 20, 2010, ordered by age.
[Key: ‘AgeY’ & ‘AgeM’ =age in years and months as of November 20, 2010. ‘AgeCr’ = age when created. ‘Stat.’ = status; A=Archbishop, Ap=Archpriest, C=curial, E=Emeritus (retired) and O=other]

Anura Guruge table of the 24 new cardinals that will be created at the November 20, 2010 consistory by Pope Benedict XVI.
Analysis of ages, geography and occupation by Anura Guruge

Anura Guruge analysis of the 24 new cardinals that will be created by pope Benedict XVI at the November 20, 2010 consistory.

  14 Responses to “November 20, 2010 Consistory, Analysis Of The 24 Named Cardinal Designates”

  1. I thought you would have corrected “Wuerl” and the flip-flopping of Pasinya’s name by now…is “Ranjith” a personal or a family name?

  2. Fixed it, just now. You might have to clear your browser’s cache. Thank you. You are the first to tell me. So ‘Wuerl’ is fixed.
    I am going per Salvador. And I checked spelling. I think I am OK.
    Patabendige Don’s name is a total mystery to me. ‘Albert Malcolm Ranjith’ are all GIVEN names … ‘first names’. ‘Patabendige’ must be his ‘village’ name — as in name of village of ancestors. So ‘Don’ must be his last name — though that is STRANGE.
    I had some uncles, with names such as ‘Don Alick’ — but you can see that ‘Don’ is used in the Sicilian form. But, my family is mainly Buddhist … but in Ceylon it is difficult to make a clear distinction. Lot of inter-marriage across religions.

    Though I refuse to use it, and made sure that it did not appear in the birth certificates of my 4 American kids, I have a ‘village’ and ‘family’ name too: Weihena Palliya. My father and his father (and most likely his father) had those same names too. So starting with my grandfather (a village postman, made a JP by the British just before they left): SWP, AWP & AWP.

    THANKS and cheers.

  3. Your father appears in old almanac catalogues of ambassadors as “Anada W.P. Guruge”,so now I know what the W.P. are for..but are Palliya and Guruge both family names then?
    In any case,”Laurent” is not a family name,it is the Archbishop of Kinshasa’s given name…”Monsengwe” is a designation as nephew of a traditional chief,and “Pasinya” his family.You have it reversed.
    Was your grandfather made a JP under the 1931 or 1946 constitution then,if before the 1948?

  4. Just ‘Guruge’ is the real family name. I think ‘Palliya’ is also a village name.
    I would THINK … my grandfather was made a JP per the 1946 … two years prior to Independence. He wore traditional. So no trousers. Sarong. As a JP they gave him a sword, hat with plume, and a long jacket. He had a photograph taken of him in that regalia, then promptly sold it! Very interesting man. Lived to his 90s. Didn’t drive. Never owned a car. Walked everywhere. Even when 90. In 1983 we visited. We were staying at a hotel. He came to see us. He had walked. Probably about 4 miles. He died walking. They found him dead on the side of the road. He instituted another curious family trait, which I am ALREADY committed to adhere, though I am not sure about my father, though he claims he will. We donate our bodies to medicine. I am having a small argument with my donor hospital. I have, what I think is a simple and logical request — and now you know my humor you will appreciate it. I want my skeleton preserved and hung up in an orthopedic office. [Why real skeletons used to come from India, until India banned it in the 1940s. So I want to resurrect the the custom. Plus, I joke … the kids can come and shake my hand.]
    Quick story … must go. Writing up the 2006 IAU vote. Nearly as exciting as conclave.
    The schools take-over, as Biden would have said: ‘was a ******* BIG deal.’ Flushed with the success Mrs. B & and my father tried their hands at other schemes. Banks takeover. [Can’t remember. I think partial success.] Newspaper takeover! I was v. young, but remember getting involved in debates about this, pros and cons. I think it happened but fell apart … so similar. No, papers were not nationalized in the end. Then the crowning glory. A BUDDHIST calendar system. Gregory would have been in awe. Sunday, Monday etc. Christian. 78% Buddhist country then. Full moon, each month, is significant. So a phases of the moon based system. We called it the ‘P’ system for ‘Poya’ — the full-moon day. So P = ‘Sunday’, P+1, P+2 etc. It was a riot. Everything had to be changed. Here is a kicker. Sometimes you could get 8 day weeks, so 6 days of school. How do you account for that day. Do you go P+4, P+5, P+1 timetable or do you need a special timetable for the occasional P+6 days. All of this got thrashed out. Much of it at our house. People pouring our charts. We used it for at least one year.
    Colombo was a HUGE shipping port in those days. Ships stopped coming. Captains never knew whether it was a weekend or not.
    And to NOW think that this Buddhist country has a papabile!
    And that my father is more excited about that that most!

  5. Re. Archbishop of Kinshasa … my fault. I knew Laurent was his first name. Got the columns mixed up. What happens when I do this stuff on the 3rd shift.

    THANKS. Fixed it. Cheers.

  6. Thank God, I thought I was the only one who messed up these names!!!

  7. Told you, separated at birth.
    ‘Typos’ really is my middle name.
    BUT, you are on the hook to PROOF Chapter 1.
    But, I have a dilemma. I did THANK some people by name, such as Salvador, Father Nay (I kid you not), Gabriel Chow etc. So, do I thank you by name … if so your cover is blown.
    It will only take Louis 20 minutes or so, if he sees me thanking a ‘Father John S…..’ to put two and two together. OK. Maybe 25 minutes. [OK, OK, Louis, I am pulling your leg.]
    Thanks. Cheers.

  8. Dear Father,
    Isn’t ‘Looking for logic in Rome’ the same as the ‘Demilitarized military zone’ — an oxymoron?
    Thanks. Cheers.

  9. As I have said before,Aparecida is a very peculiar see.It is the site of a special national shrine,and it was built under the supervision of Cardinal Vasconcellos Motta,who was then Archbishop of Sao Paulo,was named apostolic administrator the newly created Aparecida in 1958,then full Archbishop in 1964 before giving up the much more populous see of Sao Paulo and effectively “retiring to” being Archbishop of Aparecida,where he died in office at the age of 92.Subsequently,it was used to transfer Cardinal Lorscheider out of the more populous see of Fortaleza,perhaps as discipline for his relative liberalism.
    Damasceno Assis as an individual probably was elevated because he is the President of CELAM,the great international grouping of Latin American bishops’ conferences.

  10. There’s a four-or-five-year term,not sure if they ever get reelected.It’s not a matter of rotation through jobs,a First Vice President has no particular chance of being the next President.(Carlos Aguiar Retes,the relatively young bishop of a large Mexican see,was recently FVP but was not chosen as President,though he has lately become an archbishop).Three out of four Archbishops of Aparecida have been Cardinals but this one is the first one not to have been a Cardinal when he became Archbishop of Aparecida.

  11. Bartolucci was a screw-up. My fault.
    We count curial different. But, I will check. I checked. You can see who I have as curial in the chart above. I do not count Archpriest or Major Penitentiary as curial. Never have. But, I make that clear. You can see that they are not given ‘C’. East Europe was a cut-and-paste screw up. FIXED. THANKS.
    Thank YOU.

  12. How is the Apostolic Penitentiary not curial?

  13. Geee, Louis,
    Thanks for waiting this long to point it out.
    And I had hired you as my fact checker and typo corrector.
    It is OK.
    All fixed.
    Must go back to trying to describe hydrostatic equilibrium in language that a 10 year old (or Father John) can understand.
    I nearly e-mailed you night. Was going stir crazy. Could not find a single reliable reference (other than from Father John) that mentioned VOLUME in addition to Mass when it comes to surface gravity of a celestial body.
    Cheers. Raining like crazy up here.

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