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by Anura Guruge

For the list of 24 names announced for the Saturday, November 20, 2010 consistory, in the order announced.
Consistory Central for November 20, 2010 cardinal creating consistory.
Scroll down the blog for many posts related to this announcement including latest papabile. Check the comments.

  • Two of the named were born on New Year’s day, January 1 — albeit 8 years apart; Estepa Llaurens (in 1926) and Vela Chiriboga (in 1934).
    [When created they will be the only cardinals born on that special day.]
  • Five of the named [21%] are born in September, though none on the same day or year, the years ranging from 1934 to 1953. These five being: Sardi (1), Piacenza (15), De Paolis (19), Marx (21) & Mazombwe (24).
    [When these 5 join the ranks, we will have 23 cardinals born in September. But, those born in March pip this by 3. April as well as May only have 10.]
  • Two of the named have the first name ‘Paolo‘, viz. Romeo & Sardi.
    [When they become cardinals, we will have 6 cardinals who are ‘Paul‘, but only three who are ‘Peter‘.]
  • When Amato, the first named, becomes a cardinal deacon we will have 5 angels in the College, Sodano the oldest and Comastri the youngest.
  • German Reinhard Marx, dob: Sept. 21, 1953, will become the youngest cardinal, 453 days younger than the hitherto youngest, Hungarian Peter Erdö, dob: June 25, 1952.

  16 Responses to “November 20, 2010 Consistory’s Presumptive Cardinals — The Trivia”

  1. Marx would thus be expected to break the oldest-youngest-cardinal mark on February 17,2012…while I expect another consistory in 2012 it probably will not be at that point (only 12 electoral seats open) with more 80th birthdays each month that year.Dew,Razanakolona,Eijk,Collins,Coccopalmerio and the next Secretary of State would seem good bets then.

  2. I thought I was the only one who wasted time figuring out useless data . . . no wonder we get along!

  3. Late September birthdays are consistent with New Year’s bacchanalia influenced conception. Make of that what you will…
    Louis, regarding the list (Dew,Razanakolona,Eijk,Collins,Coccopalmerio), am I seeing the genesis of the next cardinabili list even before the current cardinals elect have been given the red hat?

    With this you made up for your earlier remark about ‘color doesn’t matter’. I am STILL going to BLAST YOU for that.
    I was thinking along the same lines.
    Can YOU elaborate.
    I was thinking along giving it up for Lent …
    Can you please elaborate. So Christmas time is a good time to procreate?
    I am still going to BLAST YOU. You just earned some BROWNIE points … that in reality only us Browns can dish out.

  5. Told you. We were separated at birth. I am just bummed that YOU got all the looks.

  6. Louis,
    Please send UPDATED oldest-youngest.
    Yes, I have at least 3 e-mails from you to post.
    I was out much of the day. Now I have to go to a BONFIRE. Yep, we will celebrate the cardinal presumptive from SL. No, we are not burning any effigies.
    I will TRY to catch up over the next 2 days.

  7. I’ll add Marx to the list of youngest cardinals as of the consistory,I’ve never sent you my chronology of oldest cardinals.

    Citizen of Dis,
    I started my cardinalabili file between the 1998 and 2001 consistories,whenever a consistory is announced I clear out those who were selected and am left with the start of the file for the next consistory.If you want to be on my email list for updates of it let me know.

  8. Louis, this is was my first “clearing out” and I am looking at Feb. 2012 as well. I would imagine about 20 hats by that time. I am looking at Dolan, Nichols, Tempesta, Betori, Palma, Fisichella, Franklin, Lwanga, Cocco, Veglia, Gomez (of Columbia), Sierra, Collins . . . . OOOPPPPPS, getting ahead of myself!!!

  9. If the 2012 consistory is that February it would still be ahead of Egan’s 80th birthday (and Mahony’s 75th,with the handover to HIS Gomez following,is late that month).I agree that passing over Dolan twice would be unlikely,but they may wait some months.Dew and Razanakolona have been waiting a long time!

  10. I guess we need to see how many die under 80 before Feb. 2012. November 2012 looks like a healthy time to call it as well. Will take the number to 22 with Rio less than a month shy of predecessor turning 80. Also, Benedict’s health will be a factor. If he begins to go down hill, he may call one just to make sure some slots are filled and favors are granted. If many more curials are named before than, the list could get even more clogged than it is right now. There really seems to be a big backup that I never noticed before and this consistory really didn’t do much to alleviate it.

  11. If a consistory is not called on in Feb 2012, the Philippines will be without a Cardinal elector. I think that is a disgrace that the number 3 most Catholic Country in the world, would not a single vote in the election of the next Pope if Benedict dies after August 10, 2012 and before the next consistory which will need to see the elevation of at least 2 Filipinos. Additionally, many South and Central American Country’s are facing the same thing. I believe that was the greatest flaw of the 2010 class. It will leave many countries lacking in representation in the college over the next two years. I need time to reflect on what message Benedict is sending with the creation of these men over and above the many who could have been there in their place. (Of course, I have my theories!!!)

  12. Not every country will be able to have a cardinal,there are too many countries!
    Cardinal Bertone is about 5 weeks from turning 76,and less than a year from finishing his formal quinquennium as Secretary of State.Anyone named Secretary of State will go straight to the top of the following consistory if not already a cardinal.So a cardinalabili list has to keep that spot in mind.

  13. Agree, but will he not go with an existing — even though he doesn’t have to. What about Don? [[ I can be too cute .. right? ]]

    Shouldn’t you have also added, whoever named will also make the papabili lists — if under 75, not American nor German.

    Thanks. This is good.


  14. He went with an existing cardinal the only time he made the appointment.Aside from John XXIII’s filling the vacancy,and the arguable case of Pacelli (Cardinal December 1929,Secretary of State early 1930),John Paul II’s two elevations of Pro-Secretaries who were not yet Cardinals were the only times that has happened since Merry Del Val in 1903.

  15. Sodano stepped down as Secretary in September 2006 (though Bertone’s announcement was announced months before) and did not turn 80 until November 2007.Levada I’ve assumed would be a one-termer but his quinquennium was up in May.He turns 75 next June.

  16. Louis,
    I haven’t the energy, the time or the inclination.
    But, could you, please explain to these folks, including Darien and Fr. John who insist on including Yanks in the papabili list (in the case of Fr. John, even if they have beards), why the chances of the next pope coming from the USA is extremely unlikely.
    You only need 41 votes to block any contender, there is enough votes in just Africa and Latin America to make this happen, ad infinitum, even without any French, German, Italian, Polish or Asian votes.
    Do these people really think that the French like them? Freedom Fries.
    Amazing. Cheers.

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