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Fr. John’s 6 page Master list with explanations & notes.


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Nov 022013

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I would like to reply to your request for updating the list of cardinalabili.

In my opinion is no chance that candidates from countries such as Slovakia (last post on your webpage) and Poland, where I live, received a purple cardinal at the next consistory.

The consistory will focus on South America and Latin America, the new officials in the Vatican and on candidates from Africa and Asia (especially in countries where Christianity is developing).

As the post appeared on the chances of candidates from Slovakia, in my opinion the country that has no chance of a new cardinal, I will present the Polish chances (the most catholic country in Europe – more than 90% of population is catholic).

From all the poles only Abp. Zygmunt Zimowski has a chance. He is chairman of one of the Pontifical Council since 4.5 years, but his status is not clear. Pope Francis still has not confirmed that archbishop stay at his post. For example another Pole in Vatican, Cardinal Ryłko has got the information that he will stay at his post.

Other chances for Poland are less possible. We had four cardinal’s archdioceses – Kraków (Cracow), Warszawa (Warsaw), Wrocław (Beslavia), and before 1981 Gniezno (since 2008 again place where is title of polish primate). In Cracow and Warsaw situation is clear, archbishops have got a title of cardinal. Another situation is in two others. In Breslavia last archbishop didn’t get a title and in Gniezno the same.

Nov 012013

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Good evening, I am writing to you because I would update your list of possible cardinals.

Firstly, it is important to say that Slovakia is just the small country in the heart of Europe but is really religious, more than 66% of inhabitants are Catholics. Since 11. March 2004 we don’t have the cardinal elector in Slovakia. Now, we have 2 living cardinals, H.Em. Mons. Ján Chryzostom Cardinal Korec ( 89) and H.Em. Mons. Jozef Cardinal Tomko (89), but cardinal Korec can’t celebrate masses now because of his health. During the communism, he was in prison. So, we all in Slovakia are waiting for a new cardinal now. I think,there are more possibilities:

Firstly, H.E. Mons. Stanislav Zvolensky, Archbishop of Bratislava ( 55) – I think he is quite young but he is a member of Apostolic Signature in Vatican, it was written a lot of about him in media, also he is a head of Slovak bishop s confernce

Then, H. E. Mons. Ján Orosch, Archbishop of Trnava ( 60) – I am from Trnava too and I hope he will be chosen by pope, he is older than Mons. Zvolenský, also pope know him (http://www.abu.sk/archiv/spravy/trnavsky-arcibiskup-sa-stretol-so-svatym-otcom-frantiskom , he is the only one bishop from Slovakia who have met with Francis and his ideas and opinions are the same as pope Francis has got, he wants to resourdre the problems by praying, he understands poor and old people too. He became the Archbishop of Trnava after Robert Bezak ( 53), he was removed by Benedict XVI. but people in Trnava were not content with this solution and they don t accept Mons. Ján Orosch as a new archbishop, they said tey always have an archibshop _ Mons. Bezák. There is a big problem but Mons. Orosch thikns that everything will be good because God wants it. But Mons. Oro sch was at hospital because he had big problems with his health, I suppose because of problem with Mons. Bezák. I hope that he will health, he is really good archbishop and leader too. People in Trnava wil respect him when he became a cardinal because Mons. Bezák was not.

H. E. Mons. Bernard Bober, Archbishop of Košice ( 63)- it is not very real

H. E. Mons. Ján Babjak, Archbishop of Prešov ( 60)- greek catholic, there is about 5 % of greek catholics and they have no problems as the roman catholics with Mons. Bezák ( all catholics in Slovakia)

Oct 312013

This was easy enough to call.

Check early September 2013 posts. You will see the prediction and cardinalabili lists.

I will POST credible cardinalabili lists if you send them to me.

Not sure whether I will UPDATE the consistory statistics or Roman vacancies. Don’t have the time.

IF somebody wants to update them and send them to me, I will post them FULLY ATTRIBUTED.

I am busy frying other fish.

Check this post, on my NOW MAIN BLOG, a few minutes ago.


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