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by Anura Guruge

The next pope is also likely to be over 75, possibly even a non-elector. December 6, 2010 post.
Some very alluring 75+ potential papabili. December 7, 2010 post.
Next pope is extremely unlikely to be an American. November 20, 2010 post.
Papal election dynamics — the unsaid & even subliminal factors. November 1, 2010 post.

Anura Guruge — Papabili 2011: current thinking. January 4, 2011 post.
2011 by Father Anthony. January 6, 2011 post.
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, papabili. January 11,
2011 post.
Anura Guruge — Papabili 2011: working the permutations. January 20, 2011 post.
Sean’s non-curial, with clean hands papabili 2011 list. January 26, 2011 post.

Attempt to summarize where we stand as to papabili 2011 as of the end of February 2011, based on the posts listed above.

Papabili 2010 2011 Summary by Anura GurugeThank you. Enjoy. Anura

  14 Responses to “Papabili 2011 (The Next Pope) Snap Shot”

  1. If they pick a Latin American,it will NOT be a shameless boat-rocker like Hummes or Rodriguez Maradiaga.The late Lucas Moreira Neves was more the prototype of a papabile Latin American.

  2. Louis,
    Refresh my failing memory. I kind of was under the impression that you didn’t do papabili and your passion was cardinalabili.
    MY Latin American pick is very much a part of the union, My Lord, Cardinal Marc Ouellet … and I hope to God that when elected he opts to become Marcellus III (#267).

  3. Can I please tell the world YOUR full name and e-mail address?
    That you are from Wisconsin is fairly well known since you have mentioned it many times.
    Thank you.

  4. OH so, can we PLEASE go back to your prior comment, so full of bravado …
    Your words: ‘I have no idea what you are trying to imply but I guarantee you that I have not done any snipping/sniping or anything else “anonymously”. ‘

    So … I can’t publish your name? OK. You want to remain anonymous and continue to snipe at ME and the POPES. OK?

    I would kindly ask you to refrain from COMMENTING on this blog, until the world can know WHO you are. Only fair

    Thanks. Cheers.

  5. I recall Father John asking for my contact info before his departure,I gather Anura never provided it to him.

    Sixtus Sextus has a nice ring,even if those who accuse him of cursing them will say “Sixtus Sextus hexed us”.

    What marks Rodriguez Maradiaga out as a non-starter for me is the interview in which he proposed moving the Holy See from Rome to Barcelona…I can not imagine trading St. John’s and St. Peter’s for Gaudi’s gaudy bunch of okra.

  6. I think Mauro Piacenza fit as a papabile. He is current prefect Congegation for Clerygy and he is under 75. I think it enough for recomendation. I think actual cardinals born before 1936 have small chance to be pope, because I think Benedict look at good form and he can celebrate his 90 or 95 birthsday.

  7. Agreed. I think he has been considered a second-tier papabile. But, maybe you are right, he is getting stronger … his age and influential post in curia helping. Yes, a lot of attractive, ~75 year old Italian candidates this time around. I am with those that think that this pope will live to see 93. That will make him the oldest pope since 1400. So a long way to go … which is why I am not spending much time looking at papabili. Many of the current candidates and possibly even I will be long gone before we see the next conclave. Thank you. All the best.

  8. Why not Cardinal Farina?

  9. Good question. What makes him stand out in your eyes? Seems to be more qualified Italians about.

  10. I think he is very learned and he seems very holy for me just like the late Eugene Cardinal Tissserant and like our present Holy Father.

  11. I said it before. I think Benedict will have long, happy life, then I put my eye on cardinals born after 1935.
    Farina fits, but that will mean current pope should be dead in 20 months.
    Maybe Lance suggesting that Farina can be elected around his 85th birthsday, maybe its possible.
    Lance I suggested Ce for pope.

  12. Good point BUT there are a lot of very credible, other candidates — many with much better visibility and credentials. Not sure ‘holiness’ per se will be that important a characteristic when choosing the next pope since all cardinals, by definition, think of themselves and their peers as holy (and holier than thou).

  13. Wow, YOU are only giving the pope, Benedict XVI, another 7 years? By current standards that is pretty close to blasphemous! Even I am rooting for 93+ — oldest pope since 1400, overtaking Leo XIII. Just 3 days ago ‘Andrew’ talked about the possibility of a centenarian pope. His brother is close to 90, and other than for failed eyesight, is doing fine — living in style, with diplomatic immunity and all, at Castel Gandolfo.
    Ce would be a great choice if not for the fact that he is so young … to be pope in the 21st century.
    P.S., I have been toying with an idea for a novel. You know that some world leaders have body doubles — with the doubles having surgically created faces (and possibly even the same finger prints). What happens if we get a pope with a few body doubles. The original pope’s entourage could this way keep a papacy going for a long time. Who could contest it? Is it POSSIBLE that this pope, for security reasons, already has a body double? Stranger things have happened at the Vatican.

  14. Cardinal Ce was the oldest elector in 2005 and will soon be 86!

    If the LDS can run things in the name of invisible nonagenarians why can’t the Catholics?

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