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Pius X (#258), on May 29, 1954, was the last pope, to date, to be canonized.

Prior to Pius X, it had been Pius V (#226) in May 1712242 years separating these two canonizations. You have to go back another 399 years from Pius V, to May 1313,  for the previous pope to canonized, that being Celestine V (#193), the ‘God-Father’ of today’s papal conclaves.

The table below charts the time-line for the Pius X canonization, which took close to 40 years, and shows how the time taken for his canonization process compares with those of others:

Pius X canonization time-line, compared to those of others, by Anura Guruge

Pius X canonization time-line, compared to those of others, by Anura Guruge

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The canonization of Pius V took considerably longer, while that of Celestine V, in the 14th century, took less than half the time. As far as I am concerned, Celestine deserved to be canonized, if nothing else, for institutionalizing papal conclaves — in the ardent hope that they would expedite papal election. His piety, he having been a well known hermit monk, is also beyond reproach. It is thus rather unfortunate that there is a belief that his canonization was due to imperial coercion by Philip IV of France — who apparently wanted Celestine canonized so as to disparage Celestine successor Boniface VIII (#194)!

The beatification/canonization processes of John Paul II (#265) and Mother Teresa of Calcutta were ‘fast tracked’ — i.e., the 5 year waiting period prior to the process being initiated was waived by a pope. Mother Teresa’s beatification, in 2003, did occur very quickly. It is possible that she could gain her sainthood in less time than it took Celestine.

It is interesting to note that Pius X and John XXIII (#262) were beatified in more or less the same time. However, Pius canonization occurred very soon after that.

Study the table. It is interesting. Hope you like it.

Thank you.

  4 Responses to “Pius X Canonization Time-line; A Baseline Reference”

  1. The date you have for Pius X’s beatification is not correct. While looking at your table, I recalled reading somewhere that Pius had been beatified in 1951, not ’52. So I took a look at Wikipedia (not the world’s best source, but the only one immediately available). Here’s what it says:

    “Pope Pius XII officially approved the two miracles on 11 February 1951; and on 4 March, Pius XII, in his De Tuto, declared that the Church could continue in the beatification of the Venerable Pope Pius X. His beatification took place on 3 June 1951 at St. Peter’s before 23 cardinals, hundreds of bishops and archbishops, and a crowd of 100,000 faithful. During his beatification decree, Pius XII referred to Pius X as ‘Pope of the Eucharist’, in honor of Pius X’s expansion of the rite to children.

    Following his beatification, on 17 February 1952, Pius X’s body was transferred from its tomb to the Vatican basilica and placed under the altar of the chapel of the Presentation. The pontiff’s body lies within a glass and bronze-work sarcophagus for the faithful to see.”

    The date you show, 17 February 1952, is the date he was transferred from his tomb to the glass/bronze sarcophagus. He was actually beatified in June 3, 1951.

  2. Sorry. My error. THANKS. I fixed it.
    I use a dual monitor set up. So I typically READ stuff, say WikiPedia on the left-hand screen, while typing it in on the right-hand screen.
    Switching between screens, my eyes must have picked up ‘Following his beatification, on 17 February 1952, Pius X’s ….’ and used it in error.
    I will fix it in BOTH posts.
    THANKS. Much appreciated. All the best.

  3. Ok, good. Yeh, I think whoever wrote the Wikipedia article could’ve worded that sentence better.

  4. Thanks for spotting that Mark.
    Yes, the structure of that sentence misled me, BUT, in the end, still my fault.
    I am kind of getting worried. I think it is old age. I am making too many careless errors. Typos, yes. But, I used to be much more careful with ‘facts,’ though the TYPO problem did impact dates.
    I am hoping that it is just ‘the pressure if off’ syndrome. Writing ‘The Next Pope’ was a HUGE task. I expended a LOT of mental energy. I wanted to make sure that IF it was the last book I ever wrote … which it could be … that it would stand the test of time.
    Once it was done … I feel a huge burden off my shoulders. I think that is why I am being more careless.
    Did you get ‘The Next Pope’? Was it Rev. 1, August 2010? What did YOU think?
    All the best. Thanks again.

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