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q.v. June 18, 2010 post ‘The oldest pope. Benedict XVI, the current pope, is the 8th oldest (as of 1400)’

Today, July 19, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI (#266) leapfrogs over Gregory XIII (#227) to become the 7th oldest pope — albeit as of 1400 (dates prior to that being too unreliable for meaningful comparisons).

When he turned 83 on April 16, 2010, just 3 days ahead of his 5th anniversary as pope, he became the 10th oldest pope (as of 1400).

But, the three popes that had died in their 83rd year did so fairly soon after that birthday, with Gregory XIII living the longest of the three at 83 years, 3 months and 3 days (total of 30,409 days).

As of July 19, 2010, the current pope, Benedict XVI is 30,410 days old.

Here is the latest chart, as of July 19, 2010:

As mentioned in my June 18, 2010 post, the pope is now in a berth that he is no doubt very comfortable and familiar with — right next to his long-term mentor and predecessor, John Paul II (#265).

Benedict will not overtake John Paul II until 2012, February 29, 2012 to be precise — a leap-year day no less. [Note that John Paul II lived exactly 31,000 days. Is that a coincidence?]

Given his current hearty constitution (despite the stresses he faces) and modern health care, it would appear that he would go even further, challenging the two popes who died in their 85th year. He would sail past Innocent XII (#243) at the end of October 2012. By the start of 2013 he could be in the 4th oldest spot. He could probably even aspire for the higher slots!

As this juncture, I was (as is my wont) curious whether there had been instances where successive popes ended up close to each other in terms of their final age.

There have been three instances, as of 1400:

1/ Pius VI (#251) and Pius VII (#252) — both when 81.

2/ Gregory XII (#206) and Innocent VII (#205) — both when 69.

3/ Leo XI (#233) and Paul V (#234) — the former at 69 and Paul at 68.

As discussed earlier, it is possible that the current, ever so familiar ‘adjacency’ between Benedict and John Paul will cease to be down the road … with Benedict enjoying prolonged longevity.

I will, if I am still around, keep on updating these numbers and charts so that YOU can stay on top of this.

Thank you.

Anura Guruge

  13 Responses to “Pope Benedict XVI Becomes The 7th Oldest Pope”

  1. Thank YOU. I have added your excellent blog to our list of recommended links. All the best. Keep up the good work.

  2. […] tornou-se, no último dia 19 de julho, o sétimo Pontífice mais idoso dos últimos 600 anos. A notícia, difundida pelo blog Popes-and-papacy.com, foi replicada por diversos sites web e agências de notícias, que ressaltaram esta particular […]

  3. Bento XVI é o Papa do meu coração. Além de longa vida é, pelo que sei, o único que escreverá um livro para crianças. Isso é lindo demais! Quando ele foi eleito comentei com um amigo sacerdote, este papa poderia escrever em sua primeira encíclica sobre a CARIDADE, qual não foi minha surpresa…rsrs ele escreveu: DEUS CARITA EST! Que Nossa Senhora e São José o proteja. Abraço a todos.

  4. This is a very good observation and i have taught all the catechism students about the matter which is contained in the site. I am 1 and half year 30 years old priest and more interested to know about pope and the writings of Pope Benedict XVI please keep in touch with me this young, poor priest through the mail So best wishes and assures my prayers for you Anura G
    with love
    Fr. antony vellappallil India

  5. Dear Father,
    Given that Web research is my forte, I found news of your ordination in December 2008. So you started off as a deacon.
    Father, are you from around Cochin? I have been there LONG time ago, before you were born … around 1965.
    I am from Sri Lanka, but I left in 1967 when I was 14.
    I would be honored to keep in touch with you. PLEASE contribute and comment OFTEN.
    Thank you, Father,

  6. Found this very interesting. I am 5 months younger than the pope and pray that he will be granted a long life for the good of the church.

    I have been a deacon for 26 years and am planning to go work in Africa in January of 2011 God willing.

  7. That is excellent. My father will be 82 in December. He is still very active and travels extensively.
    As I had mentioned in my post, with his current health (albeit subject to lots of stress) and modern medical care this pope even has the chance of becoming the oldest pope … since 1400. I need to go do some checking, IF I EVER GET THE TIME, to see what the speculated ages are for some of the early popes. I could be wrong (as ever), but somewhere in the back of my mind I remember that one of them might have lived beyond 95.
    All the best for your planned work in Africa. Any idea what country it would be or do you plan to work in multiple countries.
    PLEASE stay in touch. I can always do with some ‘professional’ help with my work.
    Thank you. Best wishes.

  8. An interesting and fun chart. Thank you. One small quibble: is it right to call John Paul II Benedict’s “mentor”? There doesn’t seem much evidence for that kind of relationship between the two men. The then-Joseph Ratzinger was already a substantial figure when he began working for the pope and despite his respect for the office and for the man, does not seem to have become a disciple of John Paul II’s in any way.

  9. […] records became more reliable. Blogger and author Anura Guruge reported this milestone at his site Popes and the Papacy. There, he includes a chart showing the 83-year-old Benedict in the No. 7 slot, having overtaken […]

  10. You might want to check the latest post … which I just completed, as your comment came in. The 10 oldest popes to be elected. Keep up the good work in your forums.
    Thank you.

  11. Thank you very for making us be aware of how good is the Lord to His people. It is also a good piece of information to most of us who would like to know the history of the Catholic Church. I am teaching in the seminary and hoping when we commence a new academic year to disclose this information to my stedents.

    Thanks and God bless.

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