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Archbishop Angelo Amato who appears in both lists as a front-runner.

[Revised, updated and further enhanced as of  Saturday, September 18, 2010. Now includes ages. In reality the 11th revision of Father John’s list.]

Given that I do track cardinal creating consistory data, it seems only fair that I also try to provide some insight as to those likely to be created as the new cardinals.

In mid-June, following a heads-up e-mail from Italy, I did provide a link to an Italian cardinalabi list — albeit one published as of January 2010. This list, by a lay Italian (or at least that is what he claims), living in the north of Italy in the picturesque foothills east of Milano, looks very credible. I know that he spends a lot of time, daily, 7 days a week, checking this stuff. I also like that he tips the Archbishop from my Sri Lanka (née Ceylon),  Albert Malcolm Ranjith Patabendige Don, as a tier two possibility — though I will also be the first to contend that there are other countries with a better claim to a cardinal.

This list is by Father John, who just a few days ago gave us his papabili 2010 list. It was inevitable that I would have to ask him to send me a cardinalabi list — if nothing else to show that we in the US also have a good handle on what can transpire in Rome, despite the physical distance. [We are already, within 72 hours, on the 4th revision of his list! There has been considerable interest and e-mail comments. Hence, the updates.]

Whereas my ‘source’ in Northern Italy insists that he is lay, Father John is not. I know him well and can readily contact him. So his bona fides are good.

I am glad to see that there is considerable overlap and consensus between the two lists, though as with the papabili lists the rankings are different. That is good. Shows independent thought — something I am very partial too.

That U.S. Archbishop, now serving as a curialist, Raymond Leo Burke, is a top pick on both lists is interesting and encouraging. I had an e-mail, from an American, a few days ago about Archbishop Burke. He wanted to know whether I would consider him a papabile once he became a cardinal — this person too, totally convinced, that the cardinalate is a given. I am still sticking to my guns, as I have since late 2008. I do not think the next pope will be from the US, Germany or Poland and that he will have a beard. I also think that the election of President Obama diminished the possibility that the next pope will be black — on the rationale that we now already have a major world leader who is black. When I told a few people about the Burke e-mail, I was surprised by some of the comments I received. WOW. It would appear that he was not a popular bishop in the US!

Please click to get Father John's UPDATED Cardinalabili list as a 3 page, <500KB PDF

The Cardinalabili List
Since there are 75 names on the latest list I made it into a 3-page, (less than 500KB) PDF.

Please click << here >> or on the image to get the PDF.

As you will see from Father John’s comments, this is meant to be a living list — in that he will update it as events change, e.g., as existing cardinals turn 80, thus, opening up elector slots.

Please feel free to comment. I will forward comment and e-mails to Father John. We ‘chat’ anyway on a fairly regular basis. All feedback is welcome.

Thank you. Enjoy.


  60 Responses to “Possible New Cardinals, Cardinals To Be — Cardinalabili (by Father John)”

  1. Brazil, Mexico, and Philippines were poorly treated for several centuries ago under Portugal and Spain and until this time the people the countries mentioned are poorly treated. So then the selection of new members in the college of cardinals is of “Money Matters”?

    Filipino Bishops strongly supports the program that the Vatican issued long before the Vatican II. The Filipino people cannot dictate bishops to become more conservative. They have their own will to decide on what to do in leading their own dioceses. As far as I know the Catholic Church in the country was given autonomy by the Vatican II to use local dialects in the Mass because of several dialects in the Philippines and now they wants us here to use again Latin? Vatican should applaud the Catholic Hierarchy in the country because of the campaign against Reproductive Health Bill. Maybe they should watch in the TV Stations in the country in order for them to be enlightened that Filipino Bishops are not sleeping. Other countries have more percentage of youth who engage in pre-marital sex than that of Philippines.

    Several years ago former president Arroyo went to Vatican for an audience to Pope Benedict and she present to the latter that death penalty was abolished in the country. Divorce and same sex-marraige is not allowed in the Filipino society unlike in other countries in the world.

    Maybe the reason why the Catholic population in the country decreases because of lack of pastoral care of the Pope. The number of priests also decreases because there is no motivation from the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI is seriously considering appointing more Filipino bishops than cardinals in the Philippines, according to the country’s ambassador to the Holy See. I can’t imagine He can do so. For several time He was invited to visit Philippines and other catholic countries but He prioritized Britain and US. So when will the Pope want to be close to the catholic Filipinos? Or He doesn’t care?

    We will wait until 2012 of at least 2 or maybe 3 cardinals.

  2. So then the Pope said that He supported the using of condoms as means of protection from AIDS.

    Filipinos can say that now to the the Holy Father that Philippines should not be poorly treated because of the proposed Reproductive Health Bill.

    You know His statement weakened the morale of the Catholic Bishops in the Philippines. These bishops spent most of their time, effort, and spiritual teachings to sustain the stand of the Church against the artificial method of birth control but now the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church made an unexpected statement. Who is lesser conservative the Filipino bishops or those there in the Vatican?

    Maybe the Pope will consider the difficult works of the Bishops from Philippines. Among the group of bishops in the world, Philippines has the best initiative in supporting the campaign of the Church against artificial birth methods but then the Pope did not credit more cardinals from Philippines.

    We expect 5 or more cardinals in the reign of Pope Benedict XVI. We hope that He will visit the country next year and spread the Pontifical Blessing. We will keep on waiting for these things to happen..

    Thank you.

  3. You know I am totally supportive and in favor.
    We need to see how this ‘condom’ issue pans out. Still early days.
    I assume we will not see another cardinal creating consistory for 18 months — minimum. So the pope better have plans to create 2 or 3 Filipino cardinals at that one.
    All the best. Thanks.

  4. I hope He will do so. Filipino bishops are so busy in preparing arguements about the reproductive health bill that the members of the congress is pushing to become a law. Maybe the Pope and the Vatican officials should reinforce the bishops in their campaign. This is the hottest issue that our country is facing. I think they can’t succeed if the Hierarchy in the Vatican will not act on this matter.

    If the Pope has the plan to visit Philippines, I suggest He should go one the first quarter of 2011. The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas which is under the direct authority of the Pope, will have celebrate its 400th foundation on april 28, 2011. This is the best reason why He should visit the country and along with that He can encourage the legislators to abandon the plan to pass the reproductive health bill.

    The Pope can add the number of cardinals whenever He wishes. If He will do it while He’s here the people will surely admire Him.


  5. Please consider the names of these filipino bishops in the next set of possible cardinals next consistory.

    Angel Lagdameo, 70 years old, archbishop of jaro
    -Former president of Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines
    -His archdiocese has not given a cardinal since then.
    -It is better if He will be the first.

    Socrates Villegas, 50 years old, archbishop of lingayen-dagupan
    -He is the personal aide of Jaime Cardinal Sin
    -The best successor of Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales for the archdiocese of manila

    Jose Palma, 60 years old , archbishop-elect of cebu
    -Former priest and rector of St. Vincent Ferrer Seminary and St. Josepn Regional Seminary,
    Archdiocese of Jaro
    -Surely he will be a cardinal since his predeccessors are cardinals


  6. Did you see this?

    I think this is the consolation prize for not getting any cardinals this time around. Thanks, but no cigar.

    All the best.

  7. I think the statement of the Pope did not satisfy the Filipino people. If He really commends the Catholic Church in the country He should include Filipinos in the list last November consistory.

    Filipinos will be happier if the Pope will give Philippines a Papal State visit or a surprise like making some Filipino Bishops as cardinals while He’s here. I hope He will make this possible on the April or May 2011.


  8. Very interesting idea. While obviously the pope can do just about anything, I am not sure whether there has ever been the creation of a new cardinal ‘on-the-fly,’ i.e., by ‘surprise’ OUTSIDE of the papal residence.
    I did a quick check … looked at my list (right at the bottom HERE) … and ran through some possibilities in my mind. Yes, OF COURSE, we have had many instances when popes have just created one or two cardinals. Pius XII (#261) was noted for his parsimony when it came to creating cardinals. [Plus, until the swashbuckling, Good John came along in 1958, all the popes, without exception, had been very good ‘doobies’ and had never EXCEEDED the max. 70 limit for the College specified by Sixtus V (#228) in 1586. There was none of the cuteness introduced by John Paul II and now emulated by his protege of saying … ‘Ah, I will make the College 73 or 85 because these guys are getting old and should be dropping off at a fairly steady rate’. So the popes were very circumspect as to the numbers they created, though Pius XII definitely had SOME issue because he really seemed to have a problem creating cardinals.]
    But, also as many will immediately point out to US, until John Paul II came along it was not customary to popes to gad about the world in jets … kissing tarmacs.
    So the ONLY popes that could have created a cardinal (or two or three) outside of the papal residence would have been the last two popes — and by papal residence what I am trying to do is include Viterbo, Naples, Avignon etc. And I am sure if I go and look through the lists in the Middle Ages there COULD have been some cardinals created in Germany when a pope was visiting the Imperial Court.
    But … bottom line.
    There has not been any ‘on-the-fly’ creations … in a very long-time, IF ANY.
    Yes, I have advocated Virtual Consistories for JUST such situations … and to avoid the pope having to BREAK THE RULES (which is always unbecoming even if you wear the White).
    Again, the popes can do anything, as Benedict XVI (#266), just proved, when he exceeded the 120 limit.
    So, the CONVENTION that cardinal creation requires a prior announcement (as in wedding banns, though there is no specific time limit) and a QUORUM of other cardinals (again with no numbers specified) could be waived or modified.
    There is always a small army in red (willing to shed their blood for the Church) that travels with the pope … though this pope, unlike his predecessor, does not have hulking Paul Casimir Marcinkus as a personal bodyguard, at his side, on all overseas trips.
    So, IN THEORY he could create a cardinal in Manila — out of the blue.
    He could also have done so in the UK to great effect … rather than just beatify a long dead cardinal.

    But, we can wait in hope. Thank YOU. All the best.

  9. Next year is the Year of the Youth and the Filipino youth will be working hard for the success of the celebration. Maybe the Pope can insert a week Papal visit in the country. I hope He will be available in 2011.

    Please inform us if there is a confirm date of Pope Benedict’s visit in the Philippines.


  10. The pope already has 4 trips planned for next year. One is to Croatia and I am hoping our friend Marko may even get to meet him.
    Here is the list.
    Nothing for the Philippines yet but it can be added … though as with US Presidential Visits, I gather, that both sides need at least 4 months of concerted work to sort out logistics and security.
    Yes, I will keep an eye out for all of you.

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