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by Anura Guruge

Rome Reports‘ claims to be a private and independent international TV news agency based in Rome, Italy, specializing in covering the Pope and the Vatican. With its ethnically diverse and talented team of journalists, producers, cameramen and editors, the agency instantly offers the latest news from Rome as well as a half-hour Weekly Newsprogram. Everyday broadcast stations around the world aim to keep their audiences informed on the latest from the Catholic Church.

Non-white cardinals named by Benedict XVI for the November 20, 2010 cardinal creating consistory.Last night I found a 3:13 minute video clip by them, on Google news, reporting on the 24 cardinal designates named by the pope on Wednesday, October 20 for the November 20, 2010 cardinal creating consistory.

Early in the report they use the word ‘NOTEWORTHY’ to identify just some of those named. These are ALL WHITE. So the implication is that the others, i.e., the non-whites, including the Archbishop of Sri Lanka, are not noteworthy. That is scandalous. All 24 are noteworthy by definition!

Also look carefully. None of the three black and one brown (or very tanned) archbishops are shown. That is insulting. [Yes, they show Cardinal Arinze, in passing, but he wasn’t one of those named.]

They have a video clip of Burke in his curial capacity.

Well, damn it, Ranjith Don was in Rome, working for the curia, twice, between 2001 – 2004 and 2005 – 2009. During all those years they never got a video clip of him in Rome. Yes, I understand, painfully, that we don’t come out too good in videos because of the light-balance of video cameras are optimized for light skin tones. But, to not show him, or any of the three black designates is beyond the pale.

Now do YOU understand why I blow a minor gasket when people tell me, as in the comment posted here yesterday, that color doesn’t matter. It does. Especially in Rome. I know. I used to visit Italy, at least once a year, to SKI. (What else is there to do in Italy?) They are nice enough, especially the ladies, but they notice skin color.

Yes, I know that this is not official, but it clearly reflects how Rome thinks. Yes, that upsets me.

So watch and listen CAREFULLY. Sri Lanka is not mentioned. It is just dismissed as an Asian country. Yes, neither are the three African countries with BLACK Archbishops. Naguib, the Egyptian is shown, but he is hardly tanned.

The video mentions the 121 electors … and then later on say that only 120 can participate in a conclave without bothering to explain what happens to today’s extra ’12th man.’

There closing statement about ‘any unmarried Catholic’ being eligible to be pope is DEAD WRONG. Read THE BOOK. That is a Catholic fairy tale.

I don’t have the stomach to watch this damn travesty again … but can YOU listen carefully when they state the number of cardinals created by Benedict XVI. Do they say ’60’? Please let me know. The number after the November 20 consistory will be 62.

Here is the 3:13 minute video clip. Please watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2aqT4iYzpY&feature=player_embedded

Please scroll down this blog for all the posts related to the October 20 announcement and the November 20, 2010 consistory. You might also find all the comments illuminating. Thank you.

  17 Responses to “‘Rome Reports’ News Clip Downplays Pope’s Non-White Cardinal Picks”

  1. If you’re trying to highlight which of the picks are more noteworthy,saying “they are all noteworthy” is a cop-out.So you disagree with their selections or are you actually saying none of these men are more distinguished than any of the others?

  2. Did you watch the clip.
    Comment more.
    You know that I would NEVER say that one set is more noteworthy than the other.
    Ooops. Father John is Italian. I will have to wind him up.
    Must go e-mail him.
    Keep the comments coming. Don’t blame the messenger and remember I am not charitable towards white men who tell me that skin color is not a factor. [[ smile ]]

  3. Oh Andrea,
    You are new to this blog and me.
    You still haven’t worked out my sense of humor.
    That was just to wind up people. I do that all the time.
    Sorry. LAUGH.

    So … now tell us WHAT you THINK of the Rome Report video clip as an Italian (who likes to go to the beach, no doubt to work on your tan).

  4. You are perfectly right – a report dealing with the cardinals to be of course would have to mention all of them in an equal manner. On the other hand it´s also true that there are some of them who are more distinguished than the others. But exactly in this case it´s quite absurd that they do not mention at all Patabendige Don who is even hailed now as presumable papabile. The far-reaching considerations of the message behind this report seem to be evident – the “coloured” candidates are still too exotic to be a serious option for a future conclave. So the next pope has to be at least European if not Italian – by his choice of the actual candidates (11 out of 20 or 55 % who will be able to participate in a conclave are from Europe, only three of these are not Italians !) Ratzinger prepares the way for a rather questionable continuity…

  5. Thank YOU.
    People like YOU, make all of this worthwhile.
    YOU hit the nail right on the head.
    All the best.

  6. I am glad that you think that way.
    How is your Latin? Can I just say QED? Thanks. All the best.

  7. A little bird from Rome just informed me, Rome Reports is funded by Opus Dei.
    So …
    If I suddenly stop posting … then you will all know.
    So, juts to be on the safe side, and to make sure, I have no regrets, I have to say … it has been a great pleasure interacting with you all.

  8. Anura,

    Even though the channel may broadcast what is says, in reality, it cannot be generalized to that of the thinking of the church. Other than Arinze, the present Prefect for the Congregation for the Evangelization of the Peoples, Cardinal Ivan Dias is an Asian, and obviously Malcolm who held curia positions.

    In addition, previously we had Cardinal Lourduswamy, as Perfect for the Congregation of the Oriental Churches.

    However I also believe that African and Asians are shunned for top Vatican jobs. I assume that is due to a lack of speaking Italian and perhaps even Latin.

  9. Kenny,
    There have been a fair number of Africans who have held senior curial posts. [Where is Louis TODAY? He could rattle off the names.] We had Gantin, who went onto become Dean, etc.

    Funny … that about Latin. I would think Asians and Africans, older than 60, probably have better Latin than most … since they would have been taught it at school. They had just stopped teaching Latin when I entered the school system … I am still a tad younger than 60.

    Thanks, Kenny. Cheers.

  10. Please explain why the election of any male catholic by a conclave is a “fairy tale”.
    Have you never read Hadrian VII by Frederick Baron Corvo?
    Regards Patrick

  11. Have you read MY book?

  12. OK, the answer.
    Whether it can be somebody other than Roam clergy [i.e., cardinals … hence the Roman/suburban titles/deaconries] is ALL based on the famous 1059 bull. There has not been a single change to this by a pope.
    [[Canon #3 from the 1179 Third Lateran set the criteria for choosing a bishop — leaving it open that a layman could be made a bishop in one go.]]

    1059 basically said, if you can’t find a Roman cleric you can look for one in ANOTHER CHURCH. Then thanks to 1179 a layman could be made a bishop … if need be … in one swell swoop. So, you could take any layman, married or otherwise, Catholic or otherwise, and make them into a bishop and then pope.

    So the FAIRY tale is the CAVEAT that you have to be unmarried and Catholic. We have had married popes. [Check the book, plus #1 was married. Right? You knew that? Right?] There is nothing that says he needed to be Catholic to begin with. So that is the FAIRY TALE.

    It is any male who is willing to become a Catholic and pope … IF you want to strictly go by 1059 and 1179. But, as ever, people add their own interpretations. Obama could be elected pope.


  13. Only a little remark concerning the knowledge of languages by Asian and African cardinals: Gantin and Lourdusamy lived in the Curia for about 20 to 30 years, for them Italian and Latin were everyday things. Actually Dias and Peter Turkson are said to be polyglots – they speak at least four or five languages fluently…

  14. I believe that. If anything, it would be the ‘young’ Americans who would have issues with Latin … though I assume they teach you Latin in seminary … or did they phase that out after Vatican II. Father John?
    Thanks. Cheers.

  15. I gather that,the apostolic constitution Veterum Sapientia notwithstanding,those who reform in the name of its author avoid compliance with it as much as they can.
    With Arinze,Wako,and now Sarah,the College will include three Africans who all were at one time the youngest bishop in the world.

  16. As we are on the topic of coverage of the consistory and as for the pictures of the new cardinal, the below link catholic press photo has more pictures of Malcolm Ranjith than anyone!!! What does Rome think now??? LOL!


  17. CatholicPressPhoto, now run by the daughter of the founder (from some 30 years ago), is a very nice outfit. I was going to use pictures from them in my next pope book.
    Last few years, in early December they send me their Christmas card, with permission to post in on a blog:

    Yes, I knew they would good pictures. Plus, the Vatican itself. They have a fleet of photographers.

    Well, to re-phrase an old adage, ‘Rome has spoken, the case is now IN THE OPEN’

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