Mar 142013

by Anura Guruge

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I just don’t get it. The craziness and weirdness continues, post conclave, unabetted.

I am on the whole delighted with the new pope. Seems like a very decent, caring, humble man.

Not like the previous dandy who was all fancy dress and little substance.

That he did not wear a Mozzetta or stole when he made his first appearance endeared him, for life, with me. If you recall, and you can check it up, I continually and constantly railed against a vain pope who looked like a bad caricature of a newly-rich, white Rapper dripping gold!

I noticed today that he wore his OLD iron cross. Thank God.
This is a real, genuine, caring, modest man. A good pope.

No million dollar gold cross. Thank God.

If a pope think he needs a gold cross to make his mark, it shows that he is quite shallow. That is how I think. I never met him, but from what I have heard (and no, I have never read the Bible), Jesus never dripped gold. So why does a pope have to drip gold?

This pope is good. That he only has one lung was NEWS to me. Gets me worried.

But, this popes apparent OBSESSION with living predecessor is just plain WRONG.

It is dangerous.

Already he is giving the IMPRESSION that he is seeking APPROVAL from the ex-pope.

That is crazy. This has to stop.

The ex-pope is history – and history will not be kind to him.

Francis is the present and future.

This constant, ‘let me check with Benedict XVI’, makes him look like he is but Sostituto Pope!

When I heard that he planned to motor down to Gandolfo first thing this morning to seek blessing from Ratzinger (and the shadow pope) I was aghast.

It appears that some sanity prevailed. But, they are still talking about him going down this weekend.

The mountain does not go to Gandolfo.
Gandolfo comes, on HIS KNEES, to the mountain.

This pope better not pay obsequience to the ex. Not that is matters to me. I am not Catholic. But that would be just wrong.

The ex has to pay obsequience to Francis, but I doubt that that will happen.

So, here we go.

Joint rule by 2 popes.

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