Apr 232011

Leo XIII filmed by American Mutoscope and Biography Company from the Web site: www.thispublicaddress.com/depression/timeline.html

by Anura Guruge

1/ First pope to appear on film: Leo XIII (#257), [1878 – 1903] in 1896.

2/ First pope to make a radio broadcast: Pius XI (#260), [1922 – 1939] c. 1931.

3/ First pope to have a ‘full-length’ movie made about him: Pius XII (#261), [1939 – 1958], in 1942 the movie called ‘Pastor Angelus‘ (angelic shepard) per the Malachy prophecy for that papacy.

4/ First pope to speak on TV: Pius XII (#261), [1939 – 1958].

5/ TV cameras first allowed into the Vatican: 1961 to film a day in the life of John XXIII (#262).

6/ First pope to fly in an airplane (when pope): Paul VI (#263), [1963 – 1978].

7/ First pope to use the Internet: John Paul II (#265), [1978-2005]

8/ First pope to do a question-and-answer (Q&A) on TV: Benedict XVI (#266), [2005 ->] on Good Friday, April 23, 2011

9/ First pope to make a call to space (at least to talk with other humans): Benedict XVI (#266), [2005 ->] on May 4, 2011 to two Italian astronauts on the International Space Station.

Benedict XVI's first TV Q&A. Click for article and video from the U.K. 'The Telegraph'. The pope famously admits he has no answer to suffering.

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