Sep 152010

Kasper’s ‘foot-in-mouth’ disease, even worse than ‘mad cow’

77 year old German Kasper says that arriving at London’s Heathrow Airport is like landing in a ‘third world’ country!

Here is the BBC write-up << click here >>

That was a STUPID, STUPID comment. Unworthy of a schoolboy let alone someone purporting to be a Prince of the Church.

You should be ashamed. The Pope should be ashamed. The pope should apologize. All Catholics should be cringing.

Pulling out of the trip … doesn’t say much about your moral fortitude. I guess you must suffer from back pain.

Well, Kasper, YOU ever heard of the stories about British and American pilots getting snooty instructions from arrogant German air traffic controllers and responding along the line of: “Yea, I have flown to Germany before. But it was a few years ago and we didn’t bother to land.”

There is a LOT I would like to say, BUT, I would just say that Kasper, YOU violate Canon 378 ¬ß 1. That Canon states … that to be suitable to be a Bishop … you need to have SOME WISDOM.

Yep, wisdom.

We all make mistakes, but I hope to God, that when I am 77 I have a little more wisdom than this.

What a disgrace.

Shaking his head in despair and shock, a VERY UPSET,
Anura Guruge

P.S., In case you didn’t realize I am an out and out, very proud, Brit.

  10 Responses to “The German Kasper Embarrasses The Pope (and Hopefully the Church)”

  1. Well “Kasper” does mean clown or buffoon in German, so what do you expect? ūüôā

    About the health related excuse for pulling out of the trip, Germans also have a very ironic saying: “Wer’s glaubt wird selig!”, meaning literally “whoever believes that will get saved”, which is of course bastardized from Mark 16:16 to equate faith and gullibility.

    Which leads me to the substance of Kasperl’s statement. I do not think Brits are any more neo-atheistic than Germans, who are not exactly known for their piety or abundance of religious faith. Maybe Kasper spent too much time in curial isolation.

    That said, Walter Kasper has been known for his ecumenical outreach and word against anti-semitism. It is probably this work that contributed to Ft. John deeming him papable, even though he is already pushing 80.

  2. No cringing from this Catholic. I agree with every word he said. Though I was never a great fan of his, too much of a “Tabletista” for me . He has gone up in my estimation.
    You have been seduced by a media driven storm of indignation. Anyone living in this once-great country knows exactly what he is talking about.
    Ken Purdie

  3. That it is a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY?
    Thanks. Let me start having nightmares. Britain, that gave the world so much … a 3rd world country. Oh, dear.
    Winston and William must be churning in their graves.
    Cheers, Ken.
    P.S., Ken, the media can’t seduce me. You have to be very alluring, and very female to stand even a stand of seducing … though I will admit that I have succumbed a few times. Yes, a really, really smashing female reporter MIGHT be able to seduce me, though I am now a really good boy … but NEVER the impersonal media. So give me a break. [[ laugh ]]

  4. I will need to see the comments in full context. It appears they were taken out of context to fit the desires of the author of the article.

    In 2005, I had hoped to see either Kasper or Danneels emerge. “Kasper, the Friendly Pope” was the sign I had hoped to carry. Last week, my image of Danneels fell drastically in his handling of the nephew of the auxiliary bishop who was sexually abused by episcopal uncle. However, I am not abandoning Kasper on the testimony of this article. Kasper is an accomplished theologian whose books, The God of Jesus Christ and Jesus, The Christ, were a rich source of my theological training. I continue to read his other works, especially those dealing with ecclesiology. He has a great understanding of leadership and the needs of the church. He went toe to toe with Ratzinger in a highly publicized issue of America Magazine on ecclesiology. He is a theologian and churchman in the Spirit of the Second Vatican Council. I believe if a conclave where held in 2010, he would be a candidate. I feel his chances will greatly diminish in 2011.

    I am standing by Kasper and quoting our present Secretary of State and former 1st Lady, “This is a vast right-wing conspiracy!”

    Relax Anura! This is an effort to make him look bad. I don’t think the Pope was so anxious to have him on the trip. Would you rather have him said that? I am sure the 3rd world comment was taken out of context and has much to do with the ethnic diversity in London, which I am sure is similar to NY in the number of 3rd world country citizens who have (legally or illegally) immigrated there.

  5. Dear Fr.,
    Yet again, THE man of compromise.
    If you do a Google on ‘Kasper’ you will get 1,400 ‘articles.’
    I think even the Tablet took exception to what he said.
    Takes LOT to get me riled — in my old age. But this statement about my dear Britain from a German … hit a nerve. Yes, I would be the first to agree that I wouldn’t have got as riled as this if it was said by a French cardinal or one from Nigeria.
    A German calling the UK a 3rd world country.
    Dear Father, maybe be has forgotten his history. Maybe I need to go check. He is about the same age as the pope. So was he TOO a conscripted at 14.
    I will bit my tongue.
    Thanks, Father.

  6. From the newspaper I used to read, at home, every week day (though it didn’t have a ‘Page 3’ and its coverage of cricket was poor):

    The Sun, with its famous Page 3, had this to say, as only a British tabloid can:

    I am glad others feel the same way as me. For a few hours, up here in the sticks, I felt that I was carrying the banner all on my own.

    Hail Britannia, and never forget, as dear Winston once said … the special relationship between the US and UK.

    Watch this. It will restore your faith in humanity:

    P.S., Have I mentioned that I am a very proud Brit.

  7. It is not good if what he says offends people. I am sure he did not intend it. He is a good man and very much a friend to the Brits and to everyone else, that is why I wanted him as “Kasper the Friendly Pope.” I will be looking in the days ahead for more info on this. I read about 20 articles in a few languages. Very diverse opinions. It would be so uncharacteristic of him.

  8. this denigration of a £20M host shows the narcissist overbearing expectations of arrant preening princely Bishops

  9. Excuse me. I have zero respect for “the church” or the whole religious crowd regardless of their religious or ethnic background. But I have been to a few airports in a number of countries, and I can tell you that Heathrow is the worst. Have never been treated worse, have never been so put out as a traveler. And it is a terribly depressing and shabby place. What a dumpy representation of England! Rather than getting mad at someone telling the truth, why not get mad at whoever let Heathrow fall into the condition that it is. 3rd world is putting it kindly. There are many clean modern airports in the 3rd world that put Heathrow to shame.

  10. Gordon (if that is your real name),
    Thank you for your comment. As somebody who used to live in Terminals # 2 & #3 at Heathrow (even in the days when it was ‘Thiefrow’) that being the extent of how much I traveled, let me apologize for the distress you have experienced at one of the world’s busiest International airports.
    Gordon, there are other European airports. So PLEASE don’t bother to fly through Heathrow. That is OK. That is the BEAUTY of choice. You do NOT have to fly into or via Heathrow. OK?
    Kasper, as Lombardi’s sad remarks clearly confirmed, was NOT speaking about Heathrow airport. If he was just speaking about the airport I would have cut you slack.
    Kasper, as Lombardi confirmed, was speaking about the multi-racial diversity of Britain.
    I suggest that you don’t go there with ME.
    I posted this,, Sept. 3, CELEBRATING our multi-ethnicity, integration and tolerance.
    IF you haven’t worked it out, I am NOT WHITE. But, I am also a very proud, loyal and patriotic Brit. In all my years in Britain, starting as a 15 year old, on my own with no family, I never experienced any overt racism. Yes, I had problems at school. Hill Hill. Same school attended by Dennis Thacher — though he was a few years older than me. But, much of that was the usual bullying.
    I am NOT going to cut any slack to an ex-Nazi youth (same as the pope) disparaging my beloved country BECAUSE we are multi-racial.
    Gordon, I noticed your e-mail doesn’t work. WOW.
    I am impressed. So did you set it up just to submit this post? What a guy (but you could be anybody …)
    Well, like I said … thanks for the post. In future PLEASE avoid Britain and fly through Germany. You would be so much happier and so would I.
    Thanks and Cheers

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