Mar 092013


by Anura Guruge

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The utter stupidity of this statement in turn infuriates and amuses me. Where do they find these reporters? Have they always been this naive, gullible and uniformed or is this a recent phenomenon indued by the good living in Rome. I heard one idiot, say categorically, this morning, and I think it was ABC News, that this will be the 25th conclave that will be held at the Sistine. My poor, long suffering wife now has to wash all our bed clothes — I chocked on the coffee I was drinking, propped up in bed, and drenched the sheets.

I guess it is because I eat and drink this stuff on a daily basis.

The Roman cardinals will want OUT before the ides.

The cardinals are the most Machiavellian bunch of aging, white, conservative men that you could get into one room. You don’t become a cardinal because of your good looks — my cardinal from Sri Lanka, the ‘tanned one’, of course and obviously, the one exception (that proves the rule). You get to be a cardinal because you managed through savviness to clamor over the backs of all your peers. Today’s cardinals are more politic than any professional politician. They are the acknowledged masters of the game. They will not divulge anything that might endanger their carefully crafted plans.

There is no way that those that have the votes will indicate that they have the votes. They will play dumb. They will play the underdog. They want to pull out the 77 votes out of the hat. But, this is where it gets fascinating. The cardinals do know that there are hidden, secret voting blocs that they do not know about. So yes they are constantly trying to infiltrate each others secret blocs — but often unsuccessfully.

We have already been told that ‘Roly PolySodano, of the 3 titles, is trying to be the pope maker. Of course the Lord Bertone crowd is not going to tolerate that. That there is no love lost between Lord Bertone and Michelin man is an open secret. And to amusingly compound this, the ‘out-of-control’, too much testosterone US contingent is DEMANDING curial reform (though some of them are actually high ranking curialist). Well that really has to go down well among the Roman curialist.

I am sure that there is a ‘Roman’ camp with 77 – 79 votes. They will not divulge that. So, don’t pay too much attention to the ‘no front runner’ claim. Remember that according to the Catholics Mittens was going to win, until he lost!

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