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Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

   by Anura Guruge

Refer to the ‘Consistory‘ TAB right at the top, above the banner ((↑)), for all the requisite links, including those for the February 18, 2012 consistory.

The 22 named on Friday will NOT be cardinals until they are created at the February 18, 2012 consistory. I am using the word ‘new‘ and the date in the title to reflect this. So all of these named are presumptive cardinals until they are created.

The coat of arms of one of the ‘Giuseppes’, viz. Betori — from Wikipedia

1. There are two sets of new cardinals that share birthdays: February 2Vegliò & Calcagno (albeit 5 years apart) and April 19 — Alencherry & Ries (25 years apart).

2. Becker’s birthday is on April 18th, a day ahead of the April 19th birthday shared by Alencherry and Ries.

3. 7 of the 22 new cardinals were born in April; i.e., 32%.

4. 16 of the 22 new cardinals were born in the first 6-months of the year; i.e., 73%.

5. The pope, birth name ‘Joseph Alois Ratzinger‘, has chosen four (4) whose name is also ‘Joseph’ — ‘Giuseppe‘ being the Italian for ‘Joseph’. Betori, Becker, Versaldi & Bertello. [My book on ‘Pope Names‘].

6. Two of the new cardinals, Vegliò and Woelki, have the middle name ‘Maria‘.

7. 2nd consistory in a row that we have had a ‘Domencio‘, Calcagno this time and Bartolucci in 2010.

8. 2nd consistory in a row that the vice-camerlengo, who cannot be a cardinal, was created a cardinal; Abril y Castelló now and Sardi in 2010.

9. 55-year old Woelki will become the youngest in the current College.

10. Two of the new cardinals, Ries and Becker look like they will be created as, and continue as, non-bishops. That will mean that we will have 5 living non-bishop cardinals, four created by Benedict XVI (#266).

11. Grech will be but the the second cardinal, ever, from Malta — the first having been Cardinal Fabrizio Sceberras Testaferrata [1757 – 1843] who was created, in pectore, in 1816.

12.Prosper’ (which going back to the Latin really means what it says) is not a common name.

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