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by Anura Guruge
The Next Pope 2011 by Anura Guruge
When I published ‘The Next Pope‘ in February 2010, I made a point of noting that I would endeavor to update the book, on a regular basis, using today’s cost-effective ‘print-on-demand’ (PoD) technology. I had always felt that PoD gave me an edge over those that had published ‘next pope’ books using conventional channels — where ‘x’ copies of a book are printed in one print run and stored in a warehouse awaiting orders.

The 2011 version has a completely new Chapter 1 with a new slate of papabili and an explanation of my current thinking; e.g., the next pope is likely to be ‘older than ‘younger’ etc.

I also added a whole new 29-page (15,632 word) appendix titled ‘Sede vacante minutiae‘. Those that have read it, which included Father John (whose full name appears in the book), Darien Clark, ‘Fitz’ et. al. said that they enjoyed this addition given that it contains a day-by-day account of what happened during the 2005 transition starting the day before John Paul II’s death.

I published this version (with expanded, unrestricted distribution) via CreateSpace — Amazon’s PoD arm. This is my third book with them. Going through CreateSpace enabled me to significantly reduce the price of the book — as much as 46%! Amazing. So, this book, though bigger, is $13.65 cheaper.

The list price for the new book, through all channels, will be US $16.00.

For readers of this blog I am providing an additional US $2.00 discount so that you can purchase it for $14.00 from CreateSpace (albeit before shipping). To get it for US $14,00 go to CreateSpace and use this Discount Code NJY2B4SE.

It will be available on Amazon (US) within the week. There are also some new pictures.



  11 Responses to “‘The Next Pope 2011’ Published and Available”

  1. Was the previous edition not with CreateSpace then?
    I have to think in four months the idea of a “next pope” in 2011 will look myopic…unless you have inside word from papal medics?

  2. Last book was published through Lightningsource (part of Ingrams) the world’s largest printer. At that time they were supposed to be the most cost effective of ‘printers/publishers’ — and such would enable me to keep the price of the book down. Yes, they were significantly cheaper than Lulu (though I also published it with Lulu because it too for ever to get Lightningsource to accept me as a client).
    I did try out CreateSpace for ‘The Next Pope’ in June 2008 — which is how this book (which I wrote over a weekend) came to be. I had learned from experience, viz. Lulu and Authorhouse, that you really can’t determine the pros and cons of a PoD ‘publisher’ until you actually publish a book with them. In June of 2008 the distribution options and trim sizes offered by CreateSpace (CS) were very limited. I think at the time (and their online store) was the only outlets. They also didn’t have LARGE trim sizes and as you know I wanted BIG page sizes so I could cram in all my tables and pictures. So, I went with Lulu (which is still the most client friendly of the outfits) and Lightningsource (after they did credit checks and ascertained that I had previously authored 8 books).
    Since 2008, CS has significantly extended their scope — mainly due to competition from Lulu. So now, in theory, they provide Extended Distribution around the world. They also started to support Letter Size books.
    I published this book with them in June. Things has got much better.
    You can’t beat them for price. They also don’t have a mandatory setup fee — though I pay the optional setup fee, which then gives me a further break on the pricing, for all of my books. Yes, I am working on a 4th book with them right now: ‘A Pup is NOT a Toy.’ Full-color, 8.25″x8.25″, 25 pages. Waiting a galley proof on that. So with luck I will have a bumper year with 4 published books. If I really push it I could have 5, but I doubt that. The only other person that I KNOW that has published 4 books in a year is my father.
    So that is the story.
    As for ‘2011’ — why would I want to parle with the pope’s earthly medics WHEN they have no say in the matter. Wouldn’t I be better off listening to what Juan’s hears in his visions?
    But, here is the beauty. For under $50 I could just do a 2012 version! That is the beauty of CS. And that is because I like to pay the optional setup fee — called the ‘Pro Plan.’ If I skip that, my cost for spinning out a 2012 issue will be $0.00 (because now that they know me they give me the option of publishing WITHOUT having to order a galley proof — though AGAIN I do).
    You really should try them and update “YOUR” ‘Next Pope’ book — though I would appreciate if you didn’t plagiarize TOO MUCH and I will HELP YOU (as is my wont, though I know that that is alien to you) to FIX all the FACTUAL ERRORS.


    Another feather to the hat! I am proud of your achievement.

  4. You are, as ever, too kind. All these feathers in my hat just does not seem to help me. BUT, thank YOU.
    I will send YOU a copy, customs permitting, IF YOU promise me, on a bible, that you will take it to the diocese and make them get it over to your ‘other’ cardinal in Rome. He is #1 this time with a glowing write-up.
    Actually, thinking about it, shouldn’t YOUR CHAMBER buy a couple of copies since this is a great endorsement of Canada.
    Hasn’t appeared on Amazon as yet. I am bummed. Usually I can get on Amazon within 24 hours.
    P.S., Have you watched the 1st test highlights? I am ONLY at day 2 (so don’t tell me the scores or results) BUT I am lost for words.

  5. has been around for a while,if I publish a book of any type I expect to consult it.My next-pope musings seem more tailored to a website.

  6. Louis,
    It still amazes me, that after ‘two years’ of banter, you still miss my ‘humor’ and ‘asides’ — while I will confess that I too sometime fail to see yours.

    But, by YOUR BOOK, I was, of course, referring to … this … given that I assume you had the presence of mind to ask your buddy Francis for his Word files before he went to spend time with all the saintly popes.

    I will have to STUDY ‘booksandtales’ in more detail. At first look some columns didn’t make sense. PLUS, I do NOT use any services. I produce my OWN camera-ready (actually laser printer ready) PDFs for the interior and cover. BUT, for my latest children’s book, ‘A Pup Is NOT a Toy,’ I cheated and used the CS online cover creator. Creating custom size PDFs for the cover is a hassle — especially in my old age. My wife and I did the new cover, using the online creator, in 40 minutes. That was worth it for me. It will do.

    You really should have a blog. Cheers.

  7. I do my “serious” writing on a manual typewriter…If I were to emit processed words in anything more sophisticated than pico,I don’t know if Kedit (my ’80s-’90s favorite text processor) has been formatted for FreeBSD,I haven’t tried firing up my DOS box with WordPerfect 6.2 in years.Nor do I know who is executor of Frank’s literary estate.

    Note that the chart at BooksandTales has both links to the companies themselves and to pages analyzing their services in more detail.The danger sign she sees at CreateSpace is that they can modify the contract in any way they choose without notice.

  8. Louis,
    As you KNOW, I have checked out most of your work that is on display on the Web — oldest, pillars etc. etc.
    From what I have seen, your BEST WORK, indubitably, have been the COMMENTS you leave on THIS BLOG and the cardinalabili stuff that I have FORMATTED and published for you.
    That said, I do appreciate that YOU, more than anyone else I currently know of, has a ‘story’ inside you that you want to tell.
    I hope you are TYPING it out.
    I will publish it for you, obviously in your name etc. You probably have never heard of this technology but we have something called ‘OCR.’ [Talking of which, given that I got my degrees from PROPER UNIVERSITIES, I had to write a research dissertation for my 1st degree and that was on Character Recognition (and I was but just 20)]. So I can convert your pico to Word document, which I can then format to a proper book. So, send me your manuscript.
    As for CS and others … they can all pull the rug from underneath you. From my 3 years with CS all I have seen is them making changes that actually benefit US the clients. They have actually worked out that they can make more money that way.
    AuthorHouse is the pits. I regret using them. They are just sharks, bottom feeding ones at that. But, my father, 83, still loves them.

  9. I’ll be getting my copy as soon as my paycheck hits on Wednesday. Can’t wait to read the whole thing.

  10. That would be great. How is the new job? Great I hope.

  11. Darien,
    Please use CreateSpace and that discount code. It is Amazon in disguise so online shopping is safe with them. Thanks.
    CreateSpace and use this Discount Code NJY2B4SE.

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