Nov 202010

by Anura Guruge

1/ Titles and deaconries assigned at the November 20, 2010 cardinal creating consistory. Click << here >>.
2/ CONSISTORY CENTRAL for the November 20, 2010 consistory. Click << here >>.
3/ June 26, 2010 post on ‘vacancies’.

At the November 20, 2010 consistory, 24 cardinals in total were created:
a/ One (1) Oriental Rites Cardinal Bishop who does not get assigned a Roman ‘property’.
b/ Ten (10) Cardinal Priests, each assigned a Titular (Title) church in Rome.
c/ Thirteen (13) Cardinal Deacons, each assigned a Deaconry in Rome.

One cardinal, viz. Sicilian Cardinal Romeo was assigned a deaconry with a Sicilian connection as a title, pro hac vice.

The pope, per his prerogative also established one new title and one new deaconry.

Prior to the consistory, there were 143 cardinal priests and 27 cardinal deacons.
[In addition, Cardinal Sodano held another title in commendam, though he, as the Dean of the College, also has the titles for Albano and Ostia. Yes, he has three ‘properties’. All other cardinals, excluding the Oriental Rites Patriarchs who are assigned none, only have one Roman ‘property.’]
Prior to this consistory there were 141 titles and 63 Roman deaconries that could be assigned to the cardinals.

Of the 143 cardinal priests, 16 held pro hac vice titles. Therefore, only 127 of the 141 available titles were required — leaving 14 ‘vacant’ — BUT, Cardinal Sodano had one of those. So, vacant titles were 13.

16 of the 63 deaconries were being used pro hac vice. That left 47 deaconries — and we had 27 cardinal deacons. So, vacant deaconries were 20.

Total of 33 ‘properties.’

The pope added, one new title and one new deaconry.
Available titles at consistory = 13 + 1 = 14.

Available deaconries at consistory = 20 + 1 = 21.

Ten (10) cardinal priests created, but one with a pro hac vice. So, only 9 titles used.

Thirteen (13) cardinal deacons created. Plus, one pro hac vice. So, total of 14 deaconries assigned.

Post-consistory:  AVAILABLE TITLES = 5. AVAILABLE DEACONRIES = 7. (Total 12).

The 6 cardinal deacons eligible for jus optionis promotion to cardinal priest, as of February 21, 2011, for having been cardinals since 2001, can all be promoted pro hac vice, if need be.

The current pro hac vice assignments are as follows:

Pro hac vice title assignment as compiled by Anura Guruge.

Pro hac vice title assignment as compiled by Anura Guruge. Click to ENLARGE.

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