Nov 202010

by Anura Guruge

Please refer to the November 20, 2010 Cardinal Creating Consistory ‘master post’ of Nov. 17, 2010 and the links listed there. Also scroll down for pre-consistory posts.

The symbloic image chosen by the Vatican for this consistory.

The symbloic image chosen by the Vatican for this consistory. See below.

Of the 24 created: one was an Oriental Rites Cardinal Bishop, 10 were cardinal priests [one with a pro hac vice title] and the other 13 were cardinal deacons.

One new title, viz. S. Corbiniano, and one new deaconary, viz. S. Paolo alle Tre Fontane, were established.

The establishment of the two new ‘properties’ and the pro hac vice assignment appear to have been for symbolic reasons. There were 13 vacant titles for cardinal priests and 20 vacant deaconries for cardinal deacons prior to the consistory.

Italian Cardinal Paolo Romeo is Sicilian by birth and is the Archbishop of Palermo [the ‘capital’ of Sicily]. He was assigned the deaconry, S. Maria Odigitria dei Siciliani elevated pro hac vice to a title. As apparent from the name, this is a Roman church with significance to Sicilians. It was first established as a deaconry in 1973 as S. Maria d’Itria ai Tritone. It got its Sicilian name in 1977.

S. Corbiniano, established as a new title for German Cardinal Marx has a German connection. It is named after a 8th century Bavarian missionary.

S. Paolo alle Tre Fontane, established as a deaconry for Italian Cardinal Piacenza, is a very historic church that is said to mark the site of St. Paul’s martyrdom. It is possible that the archbishop expressed an interest in this church or it was given to him to reflect his post as the Prefect, Congregation for the Clergy.

The full list of titles and deaconcries are as follows:

Anura Guruge list of titles and deaconries assigned at the November 20, 2010 cardinal creating consistory.

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Comment on the ‘symbolic image’ for this consistory by Austrian Orthodox priest, ‘Father Peter’:
‘It´s really amazing – the symbolic image is a a so called “sakkos” which originally was the main cermonial garment of the Byzantine emperors, nowadays it is the main part of the liturgical vestments of Orthodox bishops. The Greek inscription means “The Transfiguration (of Christ)” which is also shown by the embroidery depicting the Icon of this main feast.’

  One Response to “Titles (One Pro Hac Vice) and Deaconries Assigned at the November 20, 2010 Cardinal Creating Consistory.”

  1. WOW. What would I do WITHOUT YOU!
    As you might be able to imagine, I am working like crazy. Updating this, checking that, producing another table.
    I could see it was a vestment, BUT I couldn’t research it.


    Well, do YOU think it is a symbolic reaching out to the Orthodox? [Did you see that comment I posted for you about the Russian church and the Vatican?

    Lots of symbolic things in this consistory. Pretty clever with the Roman ‘properties’. They created more DEACONS than I expected.

    Please share more INSIGHTS with us. You knowledge is invaluable to us.

    Thank YOU. All the best.

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