Nov 052011

The towering U.S. Embassy to the Holy See in Rome

Anura Guruge

Yesterday, 85% Catholic Ireland, exasperated by the Vatican’s ongoing callousness to the Catholic clergy sex abuse crime spree decided to close its embassy to the Holy See.

Yesterday also happened to be the day that The Fugitive from Boston (a.k.a. as the capital of Ireland), the BIGGEST culprit in this horrendous sex abuse spree, turned 80 and ceased to be a cardinal elector, though he was allowed, per the Vatican’s indifference to this ‘rape of the innocent children‘, to participate in the 2005 conclave.

Well, yesterday, on the heels of the momentous (and brave) decision by the Irish, the Vatican again set out to THUMB their bulbous NOSE at all the poor suffering victims and the civilized world at large.

They arranged a gala dinner party to fete the life of The Fugitive!

They even made sure that all of Boston’s Catholic prelates would be in Rome on that day.

This is beyond the pale. This was a deliberate, calculated slap in the face to all of victims of Boston. The Vatican has yet again demonstrated, with vengeance, that it cares not one iota about all of the abuse committed around the world. All of the law suits, even at the International Criminal Court, means noting to them. They really do believe that they are above the law.

The U.S. should, at once, close down their embassy to the Holy See. If Ireland can do it, it should be a no-brainer for the U.S.

At best, only 25% of Americans are Catholic. That number could be even less now following the fallout from the sex abuse rampage. Church attendance is down. Churches are being closed. There is a shortage of priests.

Ireland claimed that it was costing them upwards of US $2 million per year to keep open the Holy See embassy. It must cost the US more. So, this would fit in nicely with the current call for cuts in government expenditure.

Having an embassy to the Holy See is a very recent phenomenon. It only began in 1984. Yes, there was a well known ulterior motive for establishing diplomatic relations with the Holy See at that stage. The Holy See, with its network of agents behind the iron curtain, was a valuable ally to the US during the Cold War. At other times, per the ‘lets turn a blind eye politics of International diplomacy’, the pope (despite his role as an opponent of communism) could try to act as an intermediary between the U.S. and Moscow. Those days are history. The Cold War is over.

President Obama, in 2009, ran afoul when trying to appoint an ambassador to the Holy See BECAUSE the Vatican wanted to dictate terms.

Yesterday’s blatant insult, should be considered the last straw. Close the embassy. That will at least vindicate the thousands of abused U.S. victims of the Catholic Church.

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