Feb 202013

by Anura Guruge

As is invariably the case in these matters I called it, correctly, three days ago.

I even used the correct wording, Motu Proprio.

Click to check THE POST if you, as usual, want to be sure.

Click to check THE POST if you, as usual, don’t believe me on these matters.

Don’t get it. Why the hurry? Yes, Fr. Anthony and I have both opined that a 32 day sede vacante, February 11 to March 15, 2013, will and can change conclave outcome dynamics.

There is more to this than catches the eye.

A early conclave will favor one and only one person. Thank God. That could be it. I will be delighted.

This latest announcement was the last straw when it comes to Lombardi. You can’t change the day without a papal edict. ‘Ordo‘ is always rewritten for each s.v.! It echoes the standing orders of the day.

I know you will find it hard to believe BUT I have been patient and restrained in my contempt for him till now! Yes. None of you have seen me on the war path, and never will. I am spectacular. You can see flames coming out of my years. But, I can’t take it anymore. He needs to be taken away BEFORE he does anymore damage and harm. Talk about a lose canon, firing blanks.

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  7 Responses to “Vatican Yet Again Does What I Said: Motu Proprio To Change Conclave Start. But, It Is A Bad Idea? Something Is Not Right!”

  1. Why the hurry? Enhances influence of Curia who know all of these guys. That’s why the residential Cardinals (eg Dolan) are against it – they want to use teh 15 days to meet people and solidify bonds.

    It was a silly mistake in law for the UDG provision to explain why. It was probably boiler plate left over from 1922 when they extended the sv from 9 – 15 days. But when you offer an explanation in a law, you open a loophole. So they are looking to exploit it or fill it back in depending on where they stand.

    Lombardi said B16 was working on an MP http://vaticaninsider.lastampa.it/en/the-vatican/detail/articolo/vaticano-vatican-vaticano-22499/ This should clarify it.

    Now I agree Lombardi is an idiot but from time to time we need to read the entirety of what he said. He agreed with you.

  2. I am not sure about that. I read and re-read that last sentence. It is mangled, even more so than my reading. There is NO WAY in hell that I and Lombardi would ever be in agreement, on principal! If he says white I will say black, just because I would never want to say or do like him.
    OK. The smoke has now stopped emanating from my ears about your crack about old men and bondage. I will redact my hasty, retaliatory comment. IT is a good job, that you caught me in my old age. In my youth I was such a hot head! When I worked for IBM and ITT …

  3. Try to understand it this way: IF the period of the Sede Vacante really will be reduced and consequently there will not so much time be left for ,prattiche´, then to my opinion it could be favourable for the cardinals who when voting and electing would be able to state that at this moments they really were under the Holy Spirit´s influence. On the other hand I am convinced that since February 11 the ,leading´ cardinals in the forthcoming conclave already have been in contact to elaborate a possible strategy. Maybe Fr Anthony in his reflections was right stating that in the era of Twitter and internet the main sources of information are to find on that level so that a preponed beginning of the conclave will not affect the cardinals´ attitude in an all too significant manner…Otherwise said, the greater part of the work has already been done. If however the election process itself will take more than two days then we have the proof that during the preparatory phase something did not happen as scheduled.

  4. You already answered your question. Prattiche started February 11. Leave the H.S. out all of this craziness. He (or is it a she) has already got enough grief re. resignation. The electors are usually not under the influence of the H.S. It is much more Earthly stuff! But, definitely under the influence.

  5. As for the Holy Spirit.. it depends which language you are using – only to enumerate the classical ones: In Latin the word is masculine, in Hebrew feminine and in Greek even neuter. Needless to say that there are things going on which do not have the least relation to Faith and the Holy Spirit; my intention however was to point out that after all those prattiche and other similar manipulations someone may say that the next pope´s election was due to the Holy Spirit´s assistance… In fact, all this is only politics, power, influence, manipulation and most probably bribe…and then: Habemus papam !

  6. By the way: Do you know the movie ,Habemus papam´ ?

  7. Yes, I know. Have not seen it. No movie can match the REAL DRAMA of the Vatileak, pope-resigning, Benedict XVI papacy. Even my fellow NH resident Dan Brown could NOT have written this script. Thanks.

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