Oct 262012

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I screwed up in my last post — now deleted. I am totally distracted, beside myself, about 8 years under Romney. Rushing, which is another reason for the faux pas, to attend a farewell meeting for the always neat Dr. Mrs. Jill Biden later today.

The eligibility for conclave attendance is calculated as of the day before the sede vacante. Darien N. Clark put me right. My fault. It was in the Paul VI (#264) constitution that the 80-year cut-off was calculated as of the day of the conclave.

So there is a 14 day window of uncertainty. If the pope was not willing to risk that 2 week window, then there must be a reason.

  2 Responses to “We Won’t Have 7 Vacancies (Barring Death) Until 14 Days After Consistory.”

  1. Andrea,
    What it means is … IF pope is LIKELY to live beyond December 8, 2012, 14 days after the consistory, there would NOT be any problem creating a 7th cardinal. On Dec. 8 the electors would be down to 120.
    That he appears unwilling to even risk 14 days, when last time around he went 69 days, would indicate that there could be some doubt as to his exact health. Lets be fair. The Vatican could WITHHOLD news of the death for a few days, so even if he died, say Dec. 5, 2012, they could wait until Dec. 9 to announce it. So … why didn’t the pope make 7 new cardinals? Over to YOU. Thanks. Cheers, Anura

  2. But he did in the 3rd and 4th.

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