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One of our avid readers from New York City sent me a link to this video over the weekend … after I had answered his question about the ‘Ordo Exsequiarum Romani Pontificis‘ book, that can be clearly seen in this video.

Over the years, thanks to the readership, I have watched various ‘conclave’ related videos on YouTube. This, however, in terms of picture quality is the best.

I can’t vouch for the Italian, BUT the English subtitles are not always ACCURATE. PLEASE be aware of that. I will list the three most egregious that I spotted … and I will confess that I watched it, despite its beauty, in a ‘hurry.’ But, I will go back and watch it again, and again.

Here is the YouTube << link >>.

If you are wondering, what ‘Ordo Exsequiarum Romani Pontificis‘ is all about, I spelled it all out in pages 77-79 of my ‘The Next Pope.‘ Here is the lead up from page 77:

Page 77 of The Next Pope book by Anura Guruge talking about Ordo Exsequiarum Romani Pontificis

The errors that I noticed and can still remember:
1/ The General Congregations start PRIOR to the funeral and continue after the funeral. [Page 68 onwards … in ‘The Next Pope’]

2/ When the ‘All Out,Extra Omnes is announced, two (2) non-cardinals STILL remain within the Sistine … per the norms! [Page 181 … in ‘The Next Pope’] You clearly see, the easily recognizable then Master of Papal Liturgical Ceremonies, Piero Marini, closing the door. [Pictures of Piero Marini on pages 193 and 210 of ‘The Next Pope’] The electors now listen to the second homily, delivered by a ‘renowned’ cleric. [Page 181]. The Master of Papal Liturgical Ceremonies and the cleric leave the Sistine AFTER the homily. That is when the conclave proper, with just the cardinal electors occupying the Sistine begins. [Page 181]. So Extra Omnes is a bit of a red herring.

  3 Responses to “YouTube Video Showing 2005 General Congregations, Funeral and Start of Conclave”

  1. Greetings!

    I was able to watch part 1 of the video. it has 3 parts right. However towards the end of the video there was a scene in which the actual conclave was filmed. And I saw one name being written was Cardinal Rampolla. Now Cardinal Rampolla was one of the papabili during the 1903 conclave that elected Pope Pius X. Now my question is is that scene authentic. I mean was it a real conclave. Or is it just part of a later movie with actors playing as cardinals. Thanks =)

  2. Dom,
    As I said, I watched Part I, in a ‘hurry’ … BUT I think I caught what they said … about the black & white footage at the END. It was from (and I think this is what it said ‘an excellent’) MOVIE that was made … So a movie. Reenactment. Not real. NO CAMERAS … ever. That much we know.
    Do you have my book? I talk about Cardinal Rampolla a lot. Quite a cardinal.
    Thank you, Dom.

  3. Ah ok thanks for the clarification =)

    As for your book I asked a few weeks ago in one of the bookstores here. They sais it’s not yet available. I was also able to read some parts of it in Amazon and Google books. I will ask again within this week if it is already available here. I have been quite interested in the papacy since I think 1993 and i have even bought some books about popes but they are not as comprehensive as your book. Sadly I cant find them anymore but it’s ok. your book is the most updated version =)

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